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A.I.-based flying conditions forecast for paragliding
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Paraglidable is an A.I.-based flying conditions forecasting program for paragliding.
You can find it live here:

This repository contains:

  • Scripts for setting and training the neural network, downloading +10 days forecasts data from third parties and running a prediction in /neural_network/
  • Program for generating the map tiles from a prediction in /tiler/
  • Complete web site in /www/


The easiest way to start playing with Paraglidable is to use Docker. I will only provide support for this workflow. But you can also check the Dockerfile and install dependencies on your own.

The main dependencies are:


git clone

docker build -t paraglidable Paraglidable/docker/
docker run -it -p 8001:80 -p 8888:8888 -v $(pwd)/Paraglidable:/workspaces/Paraglidable paraglidable

cd /workspaces/Paraglidable/scripts/
python             # Download training weather and flights data (200MB)
python  # Download elevation data (260MB)
python # Download background tiles (facultative) (180MB)
sh                   # Build the C++ tiler

You're all set!


  • /neural_network/ run a new training
  • /neural_network/ run +10 days forecast and generate tiles
  • /scripts/ start Apache server to visualize the forecast on the local website


Neural Network

You can find the neural network description here: neural network documentation


Contributions on any subject are welcome by doing a pull request from a fork!


License: GPL v3

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