Get a precise idea of your mobile user connectivity with Google Analytics
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Instead of reading this documentation have a look at the video :

Send to Google Analytics how many Android Chrome mobile users use your website in WIFI / 4G / 3G Fast / 3G SLOW / 2G.

Send to GA the Time to first byte / Time to fist paint / Loadtime of the first landing other page views (with cache) will be ignored.

This code uses the netinfo API ( only available in Android + Chrome >= 59 ), so this will not track all your mobile sessions but you can extrapolate those numbers to have a good idea of the connectivity used across your website.

Mobile emulation with chrome dev tool will not fire the code only available in Android + Chrome >= 59 For debugging purposes please use the remote USB debugger.

How this works ?

  • When the mobile user loads the landing page we check if we can detect his connection type.
  • If we have his connection type we send to GA an event
  • We save the loading Time to first byte / Time to fist paint / Loadtime by sending it to GA via the User timing API
  • We put a cookie on the user's browser so we don't send the loading time for the next pages ( with browser caching )

What's 3G / 4G ... ?

I grouped the "similar connections' as follow :

3G Slow

Onsite Setup

Copy paste the content of the build/GaMobileConnectionType.min.js just after the ga('send','pageview') function

	(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

	ga('create', 'UA-45800571-1', 'auto');
	ga('send', 'pageview');

	// Paste the content of build/GaMobileConnectionType.min.js here    

Google Analytics Setup

Add a new Goal ( event tracking )

  • Go to Admin -> View -> Goal
  • Create a new custom goal.
  • Give a name to your custom goal
  • Select event
  • Only add the category connectivity

add goal demo

Create custom segments


wifi segment


4G segment

Do the same with other connection types ( 2G / 3G / H + ) ( check the table for all the labels' names)

Analyze your data

Use the custom segement to filter your data.

Here I can see the split of my users based on the location and connectivity



Can I use this with Google Tag manager ?

Take a look a this video and how to setup the tag with GTM :

Setup in GTM these DataLayer variables :




Add a trigger :

With a trigger type of customEvent set the eventName as connectivityDetected

Add two tags :

New tag -> tag configuration -> universal analytics

Set track type as event and put as category the variables previously created in the data layer :


NB: Put non-interaction event as true

As a trigger select the trigger connectivityDetected that we created.

Add a second tag

Add a custom HTML tag and copy / paste the content of this file :

Put all pages as a trigger.

As you fire an custom event, will this impact my bounce rate ?

No ! Because we fire a 'non-interaction event' more info here

Can I load the script in Async ?

Yes !


If you are a simple user you can't stop reading here.

To setup a dev environement

npm install

To build

grunt watch

To run the tests

npm test