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This app was created in the context of a homework for my last year of high-school on a medicine/informatics centered school. It takes files (with a specific format) via drag'n'drop and plots their data in a chart.

It is based on the same, self-made view managing system I made for a different school project.

Parsing the file

Files are allways constructed like this:

Art: <examination type>
Patient/in: PID |<HL7 Patient data>
Datum     Uhrzeit     Systole     Diastole    Puls
<<repeating measurements>>
<date>    <time>      <systole>   <diastole>  <puls>

The data is read into a nested data structure:

            <list>  masurements
            <Patient>   patient
            <String>       type
             /               \
            /                 \
           /                   \
      [Patient]            [Measurement]
  <String>     FName      <String>   date
  <String>     LName      <String>   time
  <String>        ID      <Long> unixTime
  <String> Insurance      <int>  diastole
  <String>   station      <int>   systole
                          <int>     pulse

The reader returns a readerResult object. Here are the most important methods:

- `boolean: success()` true when the file was successful read
- `String: getError()` returns a human readable error message (or `null`)
- `Examination: getResult()` returns the read examination
- `int: getLinesSkipped()` returns the number of lines that were skipped due to parsing errors
- `int: getLinesRead()` return the number of successfully read **measurements**


When starting up, you are greeted by a dark "drop file here" field, which is also clickable for an "open file" dialog:

drop page

Upon submitting a file, the View changes to a large graph:

the graph

On the top right is a hamburger icon which extends the side-nav which contains all the other details.

The "X" on the top left get's you back to the drop page. Errors are displayed at the bottom and range from "Error: Wrong Filetype" to these warnings.

The warnings are generated because I purpousfully "corrupted" one of the two files.

Maybe-features / development possibilities

  • Details in the graph when hovering over points
  • Better resizeablility
  • A persistent error log
  • Viewing multiple files / file history
  • General persistency for patients etc... Would need a database... So probably not gonna happen


A JavaFX program to take a files as input and output their measurements as graphs




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