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A simple command line utility to launch NW.js apps during development.
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A simple command line utility to easily launch NW.js apps during development. A single call to nwjr opens your app right from the command line, with minimal, one-time setup. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

When starting development on an NW.js app, follow the instructions below as step 1. It is meant to be a replacement for all of this, regardless of platform.

Currently only tested on Windows and Mac. If you have verified that it works on Linux, please contact me @Antrikshy. PRs with fixes are welcome. When Linux compatibility is confirmed, this message will disappear.

Contact: @Antrikshy for any bugs or suggestions.


nwjr is an alternative to downloading NW.js and running it manually.

Install using

npm install nwjr -g

nwjr requires a one-time setup. It needs to be fed NW.js executable files that it will then use to run your app. Head over to and download NW.js for your platform. Unpack it (from the .zip or .tar.gz that it comes in) and run the setup command

nwjr -s /path/to/unpacked/folder

The folder in this argument should be the one that now contains the executables. Once nwjr accepts the NW.js files, you are free to delete the folder.


After completing setup, you can run

nwjr /path/to/app

Simply pass in the path to your app's folder, which contains the package.json. This means that you can also navigate to your app's directory and run nwjr ..

Update NW.js

You can update to newer versions of NW.js by simply downloading the newer version, unpacking it and running the setup script again.


Feel free to contribute to this project. Even the smallest of contributions are appreciated. Things to consider:

  • Make error messages more verbose (for ex. "Either that directory does not exist, or it's missing appropriate NW.js files." can be split into two error checks).
  • Add automated downloading and unpacking of executables (using supplied URL?).


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