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A simple personal project to try out React.
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Costello is a simple personal project.

I coded it to try and learn about React. I used Materialize to design the app and Browserify & Babel combo to compile/bundle the application's JavaScript source file (app.js). The build system is provided by Gulp.

Note: the app is tested with only Google Chrome Version 52.0.2743.82 (64-bit).

Components visualization

React components

Install & development

If you want to build the app just follow these steps.

  • Get the source: git clone
  • Install the dependencies: npm install


To build the production ready version: npm run-script build

All of the minified code with the dependencies will be in the build directory just open the index.html to try out.


If you want to develop the app use this command: npm run-script watch

It will generate src/bundle.js which is the bundled version of the app JavaScript files. Just open src/index.html and if you make a change in the source JavaScript files then refresh the browser (sorry no hot reload) and you will see the changes.



The MIT License (MIT)

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