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World of Warcraft (WoW): A simple web account creator for TrinityCore, written in PHP and using Twitter Bootstrap for design.
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|                                   SARFTCD                                   |
|              Simple Account Registrator For TrinityCore Developers          |

Project repository:

~License: GNU GPLv3
          See file COPYING or

~How to use: Just config it.
             Config is top of the file sarftcd.php

    - PHP 5.2.10-2 & Apache/2.2.12 & TC 9004580ee6af00 (2012.09.27.)
    - PHP 5.3.10-1 & Apache/2.2.22 & TC 9004580ee6af00 (2012.09.27.)

    - Twitter Bootstrap, for the nice and clear design
    - zClip (jQuery ZeroClipboard), for copy-to-clipboard support
    - jQuery, used by zClip (addon)
    - HTML5 Shiv, HTML5 support for IE < 9
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