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Yo9GAG is a Yo app written in Node.js and using Redis as a DB backend.
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Yo9GAG is a Yo app written in Node.js and using Redis as a DB backend.

Just Yo is the simplest and most efficient (zero) communication tool in the world.

What it does

  • When you Yo the app it will Yo back to you with a random 9GAG link from the hot top 100.
  • If you subscribed to the app (if you ever Yo'd to it) it will Yo you (with the link) when a 9GAG post reaches at least 40k votes.

Get it started

If you want to use the application with your Yo account, just Yo YONINEGAG and that will make you a subscriber.

How it works

The application is basically a Node.js express webserver (server.js) which runs on a free Heroku dyno. When somebody Yo the app receives a callback (webhook) and Yo a random link from a redis list. This list stores the current top 100 hot 9GAG links. There is script (uploader.js) which runs at every X minutes by the Heroku Scheduler and uploads the current top 100 hot 9GAG links to redis using the InfiniGAG API. Also this script detects that a 9GAG post has at least 40k votes and if yes it Yo all to the subscribers. The app uses the YoJS to communicate with the Yo API.


The MIT License (MIT)

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