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Documentation and Thread Template



Maintainers are asked to follow the guidelines mentioned below and for the thread template. Always take at least two reserved posts! Be respectful to users. If any fuss is created report us before doing anything.

Guidelines for Existing maintainer here.

Adding Official Support

If you wish to maintain your device officially then read maintainer requirement mentioned below and make sure that you qualify before moving further or else you will be rejected. If you fulfill the criteria mentioned below, fill out this form and wait for our response

Maintainer Requirements

  • Must be familiar with Github and have intermediate knowledge of it
  • Must be able to Push/Pull and review changes on Gerrit
  • Must be doing Unofficial build for at least 2-3 month before applying
  • Must own the device
  • Must have an XDA-thread for their current builds. If not, a link must be provided where they are providing support to users
  • Device tree should not have any Kang and proper authorship of commits should be maintained

Important Links: