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@EricWittmann EricWittmann released this Nov 21, 2019 · 20 commits to master since this release

This represents the official release of Apicurio Studio, version 0.2.44.Final.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • #981 Saving Api Changes Problem while Collaborating
  • #967 Editor: Problem with undo/redo + multiple commands
  • #962 Adding basic support for GraphQL files
  • #955 Added initial support for AsyncAPI in Apicurio Studio
  • #954 Users who are not API creators cannot edit the API, and the edited content disappears.
  • #950 Upgrade to Keycloak 7
  • #930 UI: Activity item not handled (RenameResponseDefinitionCommand_30)
  • #921 Environment Var "APICURIO_SHARE_FOR_EVERYONE" doesn't work good enough
  • #916 Cannot read property 'org' of undefined if only one organization and one repository exist when publishing code to GitHub
  • #901 Edit Validation Profile: version #s not displaying properly
  • #893 Data type not created when null value is passed in example
  • #833 Upgrade to Keycloak 7

For more information, please see the Apicurio Studio's official project site:

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