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@ApolloZhu ApolloZhu released this Sep 30, 2018 · 149 commits to master since this release

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I'm tired of typing this. I'll add auto update in the next release.

  • AppleScript execution error will now show up in a less scary way (if it needs to)
  • Fixed code that determines whether dark mode should be turned on or not (#18)Error -1751 used to happen, and only happened, when app launches (the first time). After Googling when people get this OSStatus, I realized it's caused by race condition between the Scheduler and ScreenBrightnessObserver. These two wasn't really working together in the first place; sometimes you'll see dark mode been turned on, then immediately turned off. Now dark mode will be holistically determined on launch (instead of letting them compete).

Mac App Store? Status: In Review

I think folks in the App Review Board are having a hard time composing their reply. They have time, but we don't. Therefore, I'll let them check if this new version that doesn't "escape sandbox" works or not instead.

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