A Firefox extension that allows users to add feeds from remote websites.
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ownCloud News Firefox Feeds

A Firefox extension that allows users to add feeds to the ownCloud News App while navigating the web.


The add-on is pre-alpha and does not yet have a functional UI. The add-on currently consists of a widget that will add the current page's feed to the ownCloud News App. The add-on will only successfully make a request if the user has ownCloud password information saved in the Firefox add-on preferences manager. It will fail if the authorization details are incorrect, or if the current page does not contain a valid RSS feed.


The app can be run with the add-on SDK (1.15) in the following manner:

  • Clone this repository and navigate to its directory
  • Activate the mozilla add-on SDK environment:
source path/to/sdk/environment/bin/activate
  • Run the extension:
cfx run

This should use the SDK to launch a new instance of Firefox. The SDK should automatically choose a template and Firefox binary to use.

  • Input your ownCloud installation location and ownCloud credentials in your Firefox extension preferences. You can find extension preferences by navigating to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions, locating the News App extension, and then clicking the "Preferences" button.