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Implements functionality for dealing with AppImage files
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This library is part of the AppImage project. It implements functionality for dealing with AppImage files. It is written in C++ and is using Boost.


libappimage is available in the following distributions:


As a user, you normally do not need to deal with this library. Tools that use it (like the optional appimaged daemon) usually come with a bundled copy of it.

API documentation

As a developer interested in using libappimage in your projects, please find the API documentation here: Please note that if you are using libappimage in your project, we recommend bundling your private copy or linking statically to it, since the versions provided by distributions may be outdated.


If for some reason you need to do a local development build, on a deb-based system (tested on Ubuntu xenial) do:

sudo apt-get -y install automake cmake libtool libcairo-dev libfuse-dev git
git clone
cd ./libappimage/
mkdir build
cmake .. -DBUILD_TESTING:bool=False
sudo make install
cd ..


Your contributions are welcome.

If you make or suggest changes to this code, please test that the resulting executables (like the appimaged daemon) are still working properly.

If you have questions, AppImage developers are on #AppImage on

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