appimaged is a daemon that monitors the system and integrates AppImages.
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appimaged is an optional daemon that watches locations like ~/bin and ~/Downloads for AppImages and if it detects some, registers them with the system, so that they show up in the menu, have their icons show up, MIME types associated, etc. It also unregisters AppImages again from the system if they are deleted. Optionally you can use a sandbox if you like: If the firejail sandbox is installed, it runs the AppImages with it.


A precompiled version can be found in the last successful Travis CI build, you can get it with:

wget ""
chmod a+x appimaged-x86_64.AppImage

Usage in a nutshell:

./appimaged-x86_64.AppImage --install

Or, if you are on a deb-based system:

# Download the .deb file from
sudo dpkg -i appimaged_*.deb
systemctl --user add-wants appimaged
systemctl --user start appimaged

Monitored directories

appimaged will register the AppImages in with your system from the following places:

  • $HOME/Downloads (or its localized equivalent, as determined by G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD in glib)
  • $HOME/.local/bin
  • $HOME/bin
  • $HOME/Applications
  • /Applications
  • /isodevice/Applications
  • /isofrom/Applications
  • /run/initramfs/isoscan/Applications
  • /run/archiso/img_dev/Applications
  • /lib/live/mount/findiso/Applications
  • /opt
  • /usr/local/bin


  appimaged [OPTION...] 

Help Options:
  -h, --help          Show help options

Application Options:
  -v, --verbose       Be verbose
  -i, --install       Install this appimaged instance to $HOME
  -u, --uninstall     Uninstall an appimaged instance from $HOME
  --version           Show version number

Run appimaged -v for increased verbosity.

NOTE: It may be necessary to restart (or xkill) dash, nautilus, to recognize new directories that didn't exist prior to the first run of appimaged. Alternatively, it should be sufficient to log out of the session and log in again after having run appimaged once.

Use AppImageUpdate with appimaged

If you have AppImageUpdate on your $PATH, then it can also do this neat trick:

screenshot from 2016-10-15 16-37-05

Download AppImageUpdate from and put on your $PATH:

sudo mv "Downloads/AppImageUpdate-*.AppImage" /usr/local/bin/AppImageUpdate
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/AppImageUpdate


appimaged is built using CMake.

You can build appimaged as follows:

git clone --recursive
cd appimaged/
mkdir build/
cd build/
cmake ..