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Welcome to phpWebSite!

Build Status

phpWebSite comes with its own set of Pear files. Most of the time you should just use the files included with distribution.

After installation you will need to install some content modules.

  1. Login and go to the Administration tab.
  2. Click on Boost.
  3. Click on Other Modules
  4. Install any of the modules included. We recommend you try them all.

Remember after you install to restrict your directory permissions.

These directories should always be writable and executable by Apache:

  • files/
  • images/
  • logs/

Additional permission suggestions:

  • logs/ should NOT be world readable
  • setup/ should be moved or made unreadable AFTER an installation
  • convert/ should be removed after converting

Before updating the core, make sure to make a copy of your config/core directory or some of your settings could get overwritten.

If you are upgrading, the only file you must keep in your config/core directory is language.php.

phpWebSite uses UTF-8 character encoding. Some older database versions of MySQL (pre 4.1) do not support it.


phpWebSite can now be run in a Vagrant Box!

  1. Install VirtualBox and Vagrant as per instructions for your platform
  2. Create a new Vagrant Box called 'centos64' from the URL on Linux or Mac, this is done like so: vagrant box add centos64
  3. vagrant up!


phpWebSite includes the free version of Flowplayer. Commercial web sites are required to purchase a contract from Flowplayer. Please read more at

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