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Note: Due to the recent announcement regarding the HGC 2019 season, this repository is being archived for the time being. Originally, this project was intended to be one piece of many leading in an application to analyze Heroes of the Storm gameplay. We'll leave the concept page up and now open to the public for the time being

In the near future, we may release the work we've done so far on that concept as a set of public projects, but we'll need to do some re-organizing beforehand. Special thanks to Gillyweed and Dreadnaught for initial feedback on the concept and to all the community devs we've discussed this with!

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This project is an interface to access the Blizzard provided parsing scripts. The supported heroprotocol arguments are exposed as methods, such as heroprotocol.gameevents(). See usage.

Releases for this project closely mirror Heroes of the Storm patches with ReleaseHawk. New patches to Blizzard/heroprotocol are automatically downloaded with a corresponding PR. A short time later, we publish a new version of heroprotocol-node to NPM.


Sample execution:

const heroprotocol = require('heroprotocol');

//`includeStats` is a boolean flag for the --stats argument
//Each method returns a promise, resolving to the JSON report requested
const report = await heroprotocol.gameevents('path/to/replay'[, includeStats])


  • python must be accessible from the CLI.
  • NodeJS >= 8 is required


npm i --save heroprotocol-node


yarn add heroprotocol-node


Each report method accepts two arguments:

  • path:String Path of the replay file to be used.
  • includeStats:Boolean defaults to false. Set to true to add the --stats argument.

Note: There is currently an open issue with --stats not returning data.

Supported methods:

gameevents(path[, includeStats])

print all game events including coordinates

messageevents(path[, includeStats])

print message events such as ping events

trackerevents(path[, includeStats])

print tracker events such as units killed, game stat events, score result event

attributeevents(path[, includeStats])

print attribute events, a table of attrid, namespace, and attribute values

header(path[, includeStats])

print protocol header including HotS build and elapsedGameLoops

details(path[, includeStats])

print protocol details, e.g. teamId, player names and chosen heroes, player region, game result, observer status

initdata(path[, includeStats])

print protocol initdata, e.g. interface settings for every player

run(option:String, path:String[, includeStats:Boolean])

underlying function which executes the script with passed option


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