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#GitHub-Tools GitHub pull status commit status notification command line and/or Team City driven application.



##Command Line Argument Options


  • -ro=RepositoryOwner - Owner is either a user or organization.
  • -rn=RepostioryName - Repository name.
  • -sha=2e84e6446df300cd572930869c5ed2be8ee1f614 - Latest commit sha reference in pull.
  • -sha=%build.vcs.number% - Using the Team City variable parameter.
  • -github=github - Maven ~/.m2/settings.xml GitHub server id.
  • -teamcity=teamcity-gonevertical - Maven ~/.m2/settings.xml Team City server id.
  • -returnurl= - Return url link for the the status link.
  • -returnurl=%teamcity.serverUrl% - Using the Team City variable parameter.

###Mandatory OR Use either -buildid OR -status:

  • -buildid=299 - Team City Build Id. This calls the rest api to check the status of the build.
  • - Using the Team City variable parameter.
  • -status=pending
  • -status=error
  • -status=failed
  • -status=success


  • -help - display the argument options.
  • -skipcomment=true - Adding a commit message is on by default. Turn it off and on with this.

###Maven Settings Two servers have to be added to use this applicaiton. Change the server id to your desire as long as it is matched in the command line options.

  • -github=github example:

  • -teamcity=teamcity-gonevertical example:


##Thanks to