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React Starter project with OCAP JS SDK integrated
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OCAP DApp starter template with @arcblock/ocap-js integrated, bootstrapped using create-react-app.



1. Use as custom react-scripts

Make sure you have npm v6+ installed.

npx create-react-app my-ocap-app --scripts-version @arcblock/react-scripts
cd my-ocap-app
yarn start

2. Use as starter template

git clone
cd ocap-react-starter
yarn serve

If you are from China, use a mirror npm registry maybe better: yarn --registry=

OCAP SDK Usage Example

OCAP SDK Documentation

Other OCAP Tools

Other Libraries Included


We recommend deploying your project to

  1. create an account at
  2. install zeit cli: npm install -g now
  3. login through zeit-cli, now login
  4. change your domain alias in
  5. run npm run deploy

Congratulations, your project is online.

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