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This is very flexible and will change, but here's the idea

v2.0 - First public release with installer

  • Newly re-designed interface for clearer moves
  • OS-dependent display for consistency
  • existing PoMoCo 1.0 functions
  • Robust Serial connection
    • intelligently queries the OS for serial ports
    • capable of auto-sorting serial ports based on likelihood of servotor32
    • auto-detect when connection dropped
    • auto-connect button
    • offer multiple connection options
  • report servotor32 firmware version
  • arduino move code generator
  • console window built-in - redirects stdout
  • servo offset calibration wizard


Requiring servotor32 V2.1 firmware:


  • keyboard bindings for moves
  • Built-in live-scripting window
  • moved robot definitions to folder-based system
  • cli-only mode for headless (raspberry pi!)
  • interchange is robust to modules being missing



  • dynamic orientation based on linalg
  • gamepad interface


  • ROS integration (investigating feasibility)
  • conversion of basic python logic to move files to arduino code (investigating feasibility)
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