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Arc realtime framework for C/C++ and JavaScript.
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Clone this repository rather than "Download ZIP" or else you will lack submodule dependencies!

Arc must be compiled using gcc with -std=c11 -fms-extensions.

Refer to the API documentation.

Arc is a lightweight application framework for realtime apps, games, simulations, and rich user experiences, based on a powerful configuration / data-driven, SOC architecture.

Arc has been produced using several languages / environments, maximising flexibility. It ties it into nearly any timing, input, or rendering approach / engine. It has been tested in conjunction with Android, Windows, Linux, GLFW, EGL, OpenGL, WebGL, GSAP, ENet, and in terms of language/platform, Java, ActionScript, JS (current) and C (current).

Arc separates your application into Model, View and Controller aspects, clarifying purpose in code while gameloop-based architecture remains undisturbed. A simple, powerful configurative approach lets you set up your realtime MVC application structure in minutes, and provides ongoing value through its capacity to include nested configurations in the appropriate App, Controller or View, so that all configuration resides in one location - application structure can be seen at a glance. Other benefits include data-informed logic design, runtime recoupling (Ctrls, Views), easy code review due to good separation of concerns, and coding up new Views without touching existing Ctrl logic.

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