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Open Words

Open Words is a port of William Whitaker's original Ada code to Python for future maintenance and improvement.

Find the original Whitaker's Words written in Ada at, thoughtfully documented and maintained by dsanson. More information about William Whitaker and the Words program is available there.


To use the dictionary lookup from Latin to English, use the Parse class as follows:

from open_words.parse import Parse

parser = Parse()
parser.parse_line('Sunt geminae Somni portae')
>>>> [{'defs': [{'orth': ['sunt'], 'senses': ['to be, exist', 'also used to form verb perfect passive tenses with NOM PERF PPL'], 'infls': [{'form': {'form': 'PRES ACTIVE IND 3 P'}, 'ending': '', 'pos': 'verb'}]}], 'word': 'sunt'}, {'defs': [{'orth': ['gemin', 'gemin'], 'senses': ['twins (pl.)'], 'infls': [{'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'nominative', 'gender': 'neuter'}, 'ending': 'a', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'vocative', 'gender': 'neuter'}, 'ending': 'a', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'accusative', 'gender': 'neuter'}, 'ending': 'a', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'voice': 'active', 'person': 2, 'tense': 'present', 'mood': 'imperative', 'number': 'singular'}, 'ending': 'a', 'pos': 'verb'}]}], 'word': 'geminae'}, {'defs': [{'orth': ['somnius', 'somni'], 'senses': ['dream, vision', 'fantasy, day-dream'], 'infls': [{'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'nominative', 'gender': ''}, 'ending': '', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'vocative', 'gender': ''}, 'ending': '', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': ''}, 'ending': '', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'vocative', 'gender': 'masculine'}, 'ending': '', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': 'masculine'}, 'ending': '', 'pos': 'noun'}]}, {'orth': ['somnos', 'somni'], 'senses': ['sleep'], 'infls': [{'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': ''}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'locative', 'gender': ''}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'nominative', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'vocative', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': 'neuter'}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': 'masculine'}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'i', 'pos': 'noun'}]}], 'word': 'somni'}, {'defs': [{'orth': ['porta', 'portae'], 'senses': ['gate, entrance', 'city gates', 'door', 'avenue', 'goal (soccer)'], 'infls': [{'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'genitive', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'ae', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'locative', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'ae', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'singular', 'declension': 'dative', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'ae', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'nominative', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'ae', 'pos': 'noun'}, {'form': {'number': 'plural', 'declension': 'vocative', 'gender': 'C'}, 'ending': 'ae', 'pos': 'noun'}]}], 'word': 'portae'}]


Nomenclature and organization for the project follows the original architecture from Whitaker. Please reference issues on this repository for current development goals.

Morphological information

For more information related to the morphological data contained in the files in the repository, please reference the original code of Whitaker's Words and the manner in which Whitaker used to build the significant .LAT and .GEN files mentioned in the README here: