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Wpull is a Wget-compatible (or remake/clone/replacement/alternative) web downloader and crawler.

A dog pulling a box via a harness.

Notable Features:

  • Written in Python: lightweight, modifiable, robust, & scriptable
  • Graceful stopping; on-disk database resume
  • youtube-dl integration (experimental)


Wpull uses Python 3.

Once Python is installed, download Wpull from PyPI using pip:

pip3 install wpull

For detailed installation instructions and potential caveats, please see

Example Commands

To download the About page of


To archive a website:

wpull billy.blogsite.example \
    --warc-file blogsite-billy \
    --no-check-certificate \
    --no-robots --user-agent "InconspiuousWebBrowser/1.0" \
    --wait 0.5 --random-wait --waitretry 600 \
    --page-requisites --recursive --level inf \
    --span-hosts-allow linked-pages,page-requisites \
    --escaped-fragment --strip-session-id \
    --sitemaps \
    --reject-regex "/login\.php" \
    --tries 3 --retry-connrefused --retry-dns-error \
    --timeout 60 --session-timeout 21600 \
    --delete-after --database blogsite-billy.db \
    --quiet --output-file blogsite-billy.log

To see all options:

wpull --help


Documentation is located at Please have a look at it before using Wpull's advanced features.


Need help? Please see our Help page which contains frequently asked questions and support information.

The issue tracker is located at


Travis CI build status Coveralls report

Contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated.


Copyright 2013-2016 by Christopher Foo and others. License GPL v3.

This project contains third-party source code licensed under different terms:

  • wpull.backport.logging
  • wpull.thirdparty.robotexclusionrulesparser
  • wpull.thirdparty.dammit

We would like to acknowledge the authors of GNU Wget as Wpull uses algorithms from Wget.

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