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Library to manage the clipboard on Windows for BennuGD.
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Library to manage the clipboard on Windows for BennuGD.

This is a dll to access to the content of the clipboard and copy it over a string or the other way, copying a string content over the clipboard.

This library have 2 functions:

-- str = CLIPBOARD_READ(); --> Return the content of the clipboard over a string or a error message (now in english!) in the cases of empty or non valid content (eg: a file).

-- CLIPBOARD_WRITE(str); --> Copy the content of a string over the clipboard.

Caution, if you want to see the correct visualization of spanish characters is necesary a font file with CP850 codification. This library does a conversion "on the fly" of the special characters for spanish like (áéíóú,...), but this should not affect to english strings, but carefull if you are working in other languages.

I attach the .dll and a little example program inside the zip file.

It example need a FNT file with CP850 to work.

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