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*Mission Planner 1.3.68 - 15-6-2019
ConfigFirmware: fix copter fw upload
Drivers: add nxp
LogBrowse: add ironpython graph processing with fallback
LogBrowse: add more mavgraphs and parser
mavcmd: add do_gripper for rover #2157
7zip: add
httpserver: fix mavlink
*Mission Planner 1.3.67 - 11-6-2019
ThemeManager: more html
ConfigMotorTest: allow negative % #1911
FlightData: fix units on QV and speedup prompt
FlightPlanner: fix alt units #2158
netdxf: fix textstyle file path
Add the distance of DISTANCE_SENSOR to CurrentState (#2151)
Download: add custom chunksize support
Update: add github dns check (china)
ConfigFirmware: change to use manifest
Firmware: update urls for china
Firmware: fix usbscan on windows 7
Download: exception fix
MAVLink generator update
srtm: add useragent to requests
ImageLabel: add default event
APFirmware: add rel type filters
MAVLinkInterface: prevent exception when log enabled but no rlog
ConfigUAVCAN: disable screen if CAN_SLCAN_TIMOUT param doesnt exist
MyButton: revert to default
CurrentState: check for invalid numbers on gps_raw_int
temp: add baro edit
FlightData: ensure armed state is consistant
PointLatLngAlt: fix json convert issue
MAVLink: update
MyButton: add default event
temp: add mavlink packet decode from hex string (debuging)
APFirmware: change root object name
Extension: add textwrap
Mock: add
MAVLinkInterface: fix div by 0 when 0 params
MavlinkMessagePlugin: add example
Xamarin: move files
MAVLINK: update
MyButton: formating
FlightPlanner: default land to 0 alt
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: rename fields
LogBrowse: add Events
Firmware: add trial
Cube: update logo
APFirmware: initial
Mavlinklog: use frame #2146
Utilities.Drawing: update
MyButton: fix designer
Log: filter for bin and BIN
Xamarin: update
Drawing: Update
Extensions: ignore errors on ToJSON
MainV2: change min size
CurrentState: add battery 3-8
SB: add detection method
Wizard: remove
Xamarin: test controls
Ardupilot: remove maps dependancy
Utilities.Drawing: add missing
String: cleanup and set default lang
Xamarin: test
MAVFtp: add all cmds
Updater: sign and link project to signed exe
MAVFtp: update
Drivers: update name
Corridor (GRID) direction fix (#2129)
Makes corridor generator (in GRID) aware of StartFrom setting.
Change the layout of the battery failsafe view
Allow capacity based trigger to be disabled
Drivers: fixed name of Pixhawk6
BoardDetect: add blanked VID's to detection
MyButton: ensure focus changes on click
FlightData: improve forced arm message
PluginLoader: exclude more files
Capture: fix webcam capture
SB: force theme
*Mission Planner 1.3.66 - 25-4-2019
SkiaGraphics: null and empty check on measure
QuickView: prevent null desc
libskiasharp: add linux binary
MAVFtp: initial
ConfigRawParamsTree: listview clear
SkiaGraphics: add text null check
QuickView: smooth size
SB: add custom screen with contact details
ConfigRawParamsTree: fix exception on refresh (thanks craig)
MainV2: cube stats and SB
PluginLoader: add debug times
WinSerialStream: add debug
PluginLoader: exclude usbserialforandroid dll
Firmware: add is this a CubeBlack prompt
Skia: load correct arch dll
*Mission Planner 1.3.65 - 23-4-2019
MAVLinkInterface: do not duplicate digicamcontrol #2100
MyButton: support dialog result
MyButton: set default size
MainV2: use new cube SB url
MissionPlanner.Utilities.Drawing: update
FlightData: change from button to control
SkiaGraphics: convert 3 controls
MainV2: add spi scan for cube
MainV2: detect is imu3 is good
MAVLinkInterface: scan for new strings on param load
MP.Utilities.Drawing: add
FollowMe: fix bad write path
drivers: update msi
temp: add hwid decoding
Win32DeviceMgmt: handle GetDeviceProperty Fail
WebCamService: remove native calls
GMap.NET.FindowsForms: change resource to byte[]
UAVCAN: add upload progress
Utilities: remove system.drawing
ConfigFirmware: remove reboot attempt
Firmware: deal with hung usb device
UAVCANFlasher: add mavlink to uavcan switch
UAVCANFlasher: add
MovingBase: fix null reference on close
UAVCAN: Add FileComplete and debug
UAVCAN: update
FirmwareHistory: fix typo on AP/AC
UAVCAN: add service to namespace
px4uploader: use missionplanner.comms
MissionPlanner.Comms: pull in mono
MovingBase: update to support longer GGA messages
General: remove use of system.drawing
GMap.Net.Core: remove system.drawing
Core: remove system.drawing
MainV2: add switch to skia gl for map
SkiaGraphics: DrawImage fix's
GMapControl: skia opengl
PluginLoader: log assembly load requests
Propagation: Make Transparent and nan check
GMapPolygon: performance gain on large polygons
SkiaGraphics: fix drawimage
MainV2: no altitude angel on mono
Update azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines [skip ci]
Vector3: remove use of dynamic
Comms: add AndroidSerial
InitialSetup: remove duplicate rtk inject #2123
CollecitonBuffer: reject bad format packets
Updater: change attributes and admin
FlightPlanner: wprad and loiterrad check empty
appveyor: cache packages
QuickView: fix number formatting
LogBrowse: fix mode indicator going being graph area
LogBrowser: remove cursor value force
UAVCAN: extension fix empty label
QuickView: change render
BackStageViewMenuPanel: enable autoscroll
*Mission Planner 1.3.64 - 3-4-2019
Drivers: fix cube driver
Sequence: fix multiple start bug
NoFly: add kmz
MAVLinkInterface: tweak rts change after 20 seconds
LogOutput: create wpfile with correct frame from dflog
InitialSetup: add UAVCAN
wasm: update
CollectionBuffer: fix units
Fixed issue which caused RF propagation calcs to not be rerun as expected.
Improved formatting of range markers to be more usable.
Added propagation functionality to the flight planning screen, since that is when taking terrain elevation into consideration is probably most of interest.
Possibility to delete logs in logindex and get statistics on selected logs
Update azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines [skip ci]
Fix: "Tlog > Kml or Graph" fails to load with Null reference exception
MAVLinkInterface: update device_op
MAVLinkInterface: add device_op
rtcm3: update for week rollover
FlightData: add force arm
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: update labels
ConfigUAVCAN: add internet update check
temp: update GE Injection cache location
Common: fix modelist firmware type
DFLog: use both gps and gps2 to resolve time
SvgNet: update skia
IArduinoComms: change interface
CurrentState: add QNH
mavgraph: add param renames for RC
SerialOutputPass: use Configref
UAVCAN: support BL tag
CommsUDP: configref support
UAVCan: add timeout to drop back to mavlink, cleanup events
LogBrowse: add Battery Watts
MAVLinkInterface: fix one by one when less than 10 left
MAVLink: upstream update
MainV2: fix error dialog message swap
Comms: cleanup
Update azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines
Set up CI with Azure Pipelines
MAVLinkInterface: remove legacy px4 usb console start
*Mission Planner 1.3.63 - 16-3-2019
UAVCAN: test cases, encode fix
DFLog: add more missing events #2099
DFLOG: add missing events #2099
Temp: cleanup unused code
FlightPlanner: cleanup graphics after use
UAVCAN: update
Xamarin: change udp port
SvgNet: skia update
FirmwareHistory: update
Quickview: smaller font to prevent wrap
Solution: update system.drawing
UAVCAN: nice health and mode
FlightData: ensure hud ground color loads on startup
UAVCan: exception check
GridUI: add spiral
CurrentState: add vtol_state and landed_state
ControlTest: remove
DefaultSettings: async
FlightData: hud color options
Improved ElevationProfile to take units into account.
Change from option CH to option RC
Change from option CH to option RC
Replaced unawaited Task.Delays with Thread.Sleep. if not awaited Task.Delay returns inmediately and that is not its intended use. Thousands of Tasks/Timer objects could potentially be created with unexpected consecuences.
MissionPlanner: change build projects
Device: add sensor
adsb: add speed
ICommsSerial: add displosable
AltitudeAngelWings: nuget
cube: fix cat for windows 7
OnboardOsdTool: layout impr. for better support of small displays. Copy/Paste feature. Bitwise parameter control.
OnboardOSDTool: Refresh btn added
OnboardOSDTool: show tab only if OSD settings exists
OnboardOSD: pitch&roll visualization fix
OnboardOSD: Item location corrections
OnboardOSD Config tool impl.
FlightData: test ground colour change
GStreamer: sample h265 gimbal source
Extension: NowNextBy2
Cube: new pid
ac 3.6.4
fftui: fix scale count
fftui: fix sample rate on all sensors with different rates #2069
Update: update label
Download: change http timeout to 10 seconds
MAVLinkInterface: add get_node_info request #2061
MAVState: resolve display issue when packets received in close proximity #2054
MAVLinkInterface: prevent duplicate camera feedback
MAVLinkInterface: add UAVCAN_NODE_INFO name support #2061
Firmware: get firmware version from fmuv3 then px4v2 #2062
Download: protect against invalid url
ConfigArdurover: add rc7-10 option #2023
ConfigFirmware: try exit bootloader mode on deactivate
ThemeManager: fix theme display issues #2050
CurrentState: 0 unused battery cells #2054
FlightData: fix hud alt units #2052
MainV2: dont request home for invalid autopilot #2060
temp: add saftey switch toggle
temp: improve message_interval test
Privacy: 0 check dflogs
temp: test support for SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL
GMapRoute: handle large routes better
FlightData: fix graph this size #2047
Minor fix when setting home in flight planner with units other than meters.
LogBrowse: remember last state
Extensions: add generic ToJSON
Joystick: add extra axis (mavlink2 only)
MavlinkLog: add units
MavlinkLog: add multiple yaxis
Extensions: RemoveFromEnd
MavlinkParse: get unit
Tracking: prevent dups
Firmware: add px4rl
removed duplicate flight modes for plane
LogBrowse: fix first map draw on line mode
LogBrowse: fix time label and initial map
CollectionBuffer: always get first gps
BoardDetect: accept list of PIDs
CsAssortedWidgets: netstandard
AA: increase opacity
FirmwareHistory: update
*Mission Planner 1.3.62 - 9-12-2018
MAVLinkInterface: adjust timeouts (min 450ms)
MAVLinkInterface: add gcs id support and checking
LogBrowse: fix resize logic
SITL: null check json object
MainV2: log gstream startup fail to log
FlightData: gracefull error abort land
Firmware: gracefull error handle solo upload fail
FlightPlanner: add exception handles
MainV2: detect invalid baud rate input
MAVLinkInterface: change getwp timeout
BackstageView: force drawmenu on no items
BackstageView: fix redraw
BackstageView: change min size
LogBrowse: exception handle
BackStageViewMenuPanel: fix exception
FlightPlanner: fix culture info
MainV2: add download ui for gstreamer on cmdline param
MainV2: fail gracefully on startup gstream dll missing
Joystick: fix null reference on config
Program: noinline on start function
apj_tool: add support
FlightData: fix text fit issue
MavlinLog: prevent duplicate items #2020
FlightPlanner: change dataview autosize to allow user change #2019
myGMAP: allow scroll on marker #2013 #1987
MavlinkLog: remove old code
ConfigRawParams: add success message #1973
ConfigCompassMot: change to subscription
Device: update ids
Joystick: fix no (thanks @songmike)
CollectionBuffer: fix reading NTUN (id 0) #2012
CurrentState: prep for alpha sorting
ConfigRawParams: modified
ConfigRawParamsTree: tooltips on long items
Grid: increase max zoom
Grid: zoom to grid on load even if no valid grid lines
Grid: fix line selection #1679
GMap: change zoom center #2013
Grid: add style to prevent overpaint
ConfigFirmware: and extra solo prompt
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: update sensors and version
MAVLinkInspector: add graphing with units
ConfigPlanner: add new rates
FlightData: allow any number type as graph item #2000
MatLab: add null check caused by crc fail
MAVInspector: handle rates higher than 58hz
ConfigMount: add SERVO1-4 to _MNT options
for consistency with RadioOutput and RawParams
ConfigPlanner: save rates between connects #2009
wasm: websocket update
Grid: allow negative leadin and overshoot
wasm: webworker
LogBrowse: fix msg display
LogOutput: split waypoint plotting
FlightData: exit after timeout
ElevationProfile: add apikey
GoogleMapProviderBase: add apikey
ConfigRawParams: ensure bitmask is editable on cell click
FlightPlanner: change z order
MainV2: autoscale font
*Mission Planner 1.3.61 - 26-11-2018
wasm: custom dflog graph
manifest: dpiawareness to system
wasm: change to array buffer
LogBrowse: fix log files
wasm: update
Fix garbled characters in HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS
ConfigParam: drop from send loop on error #1998
*Mission Planner 1.3.60 - 21-11-2018
CustomMessageBox: add overrides
LogBrowse: tweaks
LogBrowse: change layout
CollectionBuffer: improve performance
Nuget: update System.Drawing.Common
Joystick: add extra channels
Grid: async grid
MyUserControl: fix typos
AviFile: change default handler
Grid: change min spacing to 0.1m (new mins are 0.1 for spacing and lane spacing)
LogBrowse: improve performance for large logs (500mb bin)
MAVLinkInterface: make gcssysid public
FlightData: change video rate to 25hz
SikRadio: fix unsafe
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: update divider info
OpenGLtest2: add targetlocation
OSDVideo: remove ffdshow for decode
SikRadio: fix dependancys
DFLogScript: add scaling to sqrt
FlightData: reduce changes on status tab
ConfigFirmware: fix history
Mavlink: add attributes
CurrentState: add TargetLocation
MissionPlanner: remove packages from release build
MAVLinkInterface: null check basestream #1983
Settings: change mono default user data dir #1982
Manifest: dpiaware
MainV2: fonts
FlightData: change arming button fontsize
BackstageView: scale text based on screen dpi
using: cleanup
mavelous: remove
HIL: make external
Antenna: make external
LogDownloadMavlink: dont use HB #1971
Speech: handle comexception
Firmware: fix firmware check on old fw upload #1977
add SURFACE_BOAT to if statement
SimpleExample: very basic mission upload
GL2: move
wasm: update
LogBrowse: fix map in time mode
Exception handling
MP: tweaks
ConfigRawParams: bitmask editor
MyUserControl: convert to
MAVLinkInterface: null check basestream
FlightPlanner: fix exception on exit
GL2: update
Joystick: clear last state
BoardDetect: add hex bootloader
Fix plane basic tuning throttle slewrate field DE
MAVLinkInterface: RtsEnable exception handle
ZedGraph: remove datasource
BoardDetect: dont lowercase bootloader id
CurrentState: add turng's
ConfigPlanner: add rate of -1 to disable request
FirmwareHistory: add AP
ParameterMetaData: update backup source
Joy_Mount_Mode: update param name
CAN config screen: enable enumeration
Rename UAVCAN config screen to CAN
Map: Added Japan Maps
Map: Add Japan Maps
Map: Reflected review comments
httpserver: remove tracking
MainV2: remove tracking params
GStreamer: open gstreamer feed on startup from cmdline
*Mission Planner 1.3.59 - 23-10-2018
temp: add reboot are you sure
EKFStatus: add red text for error reason #1965
GStreamer: fix blocking ui thread
OpenGLtest2: imageload
ZeroConf: remove unused library
wasm: package update
MAVLinkInterface: mavlink2 dont len check
ChibiOS: update driver cat
MAVLink: upstream changes #1963
sitl: tweak, lower framerate
Exposing sky and ground color values to support upcoming "Night MODE" plugin.
BoardDetect: add new vid/pid
SITL: add how many
Swarm: Layout save formatting
swarm: change to opengl
wasm: update
Comms: add lossy queue
httpserver: fix websocket raw
wasm: cesium
CurrentState: add SCALED_PRESSURE2 #1939
FlightPlanner: fix multiple wp drag
vlcrender: clone image
MainV2: udp port connection list
Grid: increase max focal length #1944
wasm: update
csproj: change all to portable debug
Mavlog: output kml for all mavs in log
CurrentState: add null check
wasm: first
httpserver: make streamwrite async
CommsFile: allow length override
CurrentState: add null check
Updater: keep old
Updater: add exception output
BitMiracle.LibTiff.NetStandard: use local
SerialOutputNMEA: add more messages
MAVLinkInterface: limit external dependancys
Transitions: netstandard
Dependancys: clean
MatLab: fix matlab datetime
Nuget: update libs
MissionPlanner: use local libs
MAVLinkInspector: convert usec to datetime
MAVLinkInterface: add force arm
SITL: set sysid and frame_class as part of startup
MAVInspector: allow rate greater than 16.7hz #1929
SITL: add multi link vs multi router
CurrentState: ekfsatus = 1 if has not init Vel Horiz
LogSort: multi drone logs use min sysid
GMaps: convert to graphics interface
CurrentState: update esc message scaling
Mavlink: update generator
MAVLinkInterface: fix rfd900 radio status #1913
Sequence: add bg image
Mavlink: update
FlightPlanner: fix fastupload mav check
GStreamer: fix crash on exit, add debug, 60 second timeout
AutoScaleMode: remove globally
Strings: move to project
app: use more rollover logs
FlightPlanner: fast wp check target sysid
FlightPlanner: add fast wp upload button
MAVLinkInterface: check responce sysid if there is a target_sysid
Download: fix GetFileSize, add cache
*Mission Planner 1.3.58 - 8-8-2018
Program: remove exe
Projects: update
SITL: get defaults once
Sequence: parallel
Grid: invalidate on add icon
SITL: start 11 drone (control-s)
FirmwareHistory: update
BoardDetect: convert boardid to lower
Uploader: flush on close
BoardDetect: support old firmware on new bootloader/fw
ConfigFirmware: force bootloader on plugin
Script: add backtrace to python error
Win32DeviceMgmt: fix increment
Win32DeviceMgmt: log all output
Win32DeviceMgmt: handle exceptions better
ConfigHWAirspeed: add ARSPD_TYPE to config #1725
FlightData: Add additioanl Set Home Here #1901
ConfigFirmware: rename force bootloader #1902
FlightPlanner: remove zoom and centre on map type change #1904
CurrentState: fix start battery_usedmah2 #1905
ConfigArducopter: update param names #1903
Update: cleanup old dll/exe
DownloadStream: increase chunk size
ParamaterMetaDataBackup: sort
CurrentState: null check
ParameterMetaDataParser: order xml output
ParameterMetaDataBackup: update
ConfigArduplane: fix airspeed cruise range
ConfigRawParams: fix sort with nulls
Sequence: faster multi connect
CurrentState: console write mavlink_autopilot_version_t
MAVLinkInterface: fix hb check when sysid = 0
*Mission Planner 1.3.57 - 22-7-2018
Add Altitude Angel flight reporting to Mission Planner
OpenGLTest2: add wp marker
OpenGLtest2: fix pxstep terrain
ConfigMotorTest: increase max timeout to 999
OpenGLtest2: add wps
Clarify Log Creation Failure to GS, not board.
OpenGLtest2: tweaks and guided mode
MainV2: add more exit logging
Privacy: allow more
MP: add System.Text.Encoding.CodePages
Privacy: add mission_item_int
Privacy: add to test
px4uploader: fix dotnetzip dll
ConfigRawParams: autoconvert to .*
LogDownload: armed check
SITL: control-s swarm force mav2
appveyor: github intergration
MAVLinkInterface: prevent multiple bootloader trys
temp: add FLASH_BOOTLOADER support
Common: fix colour index
Common: fix plane icons
Make quickView items aware of background color, so they remain readable in HighContrast theme as well. If we have more than the default six quickViews then change theme requires restart.
BoardDetect: ignore port name
SaveFileDialog: ensure exit on cancel
Uploader: change reverse
MyUserControl: use
SharpKML: netstandard
RFD900X-MP MultiPoint radio support.
Update: remove redundant dll's
ThemeManager: add html
Strings: fix
Firmware: support new bootloader in a generic way
minor typo.
update other code block to match as suggested by Bill-B.
rework of logo handling to remove it from the .Designer file as requested.
colourise plane icons different colours depending on their mavlink sysid. supports upto 6 different colours.
allow logo in mission planner to be loaded at runtime instead of just embedded.
BUGFIX: airspeed comtrol does not work on ArduPlane 3.8.x without this fix. previous code works up to 3.7.x only, as ARSPD_ENABLE has been replaced with ARSPD_TYPE.
update power module and battery failsafe config
Fix mission discrepancy between FlighData and FlightPlanner views. CreateOverlay is used with both views, but FlightData adds WP0 as Home position and it is displayed as WP1 so WP numbering are off on FlightData view. Also added workaround to display home position only when all WP-s are deleted
Reconnect HUD custom items to the main state on connect, this solves freezed custom HUD items after disconnect/connect
ConfigRawParamsTree: fix col size restore
BoardDetect: detect new bl strings
httpserver: multiple drones in location kml
MP.Utilities: change hint path for System.Speech
httpserver: fix wp list kml
ChibiOS.inf: add
NMEA: fix culture issues #1867
CurrentState: add esc 4-8 and rename
CurrentState: parse esc messages 4 esc
Mavlink: upstream update
WarningEngine: fix xml path
FirmwareHistory: update
ConfigRadioInput: trim min/max check
BoardDetect: more fmuv5 checks
Firmware: look for fmuv5
MAVLinkInterface: fix rate checks for everything above 4hz #1847
NuGet: update packages
LogIndex: switch to virtualmode
CurrentState: add timeSinceArmInAir
MAVLinkInterface: remove debug console writes
CurrentState: dont reset time in air based on arm state
dflog: add null checks
CollectionBuffer: fix exception on bad message
SkiaSharp: update
FlightPlanner: fix autozoom and centre on read/load
SimpleExample: update to compile
BinaryLog: bin to log speedup
CollectionBuffer: improve performance
MAVLink: update frm upstream
LowBrowse: fix missing tree items
TD: tweak
Firmware: support mindpx v2
fixes a crash when the camera is started from HUD, when already running
Capture: fix posible bad read #1841
TD: Update
MAVLinkInterface: add version polling
LogBrowse: filter options only show seen messages (#1833)
Japanese improvement (#1832)
fix Japanese for Help
fix Japanese for write param button, remove space, add new translate for Search
fix some Japanese for ConfigPlanner
fix Japanese for InitialSetup
System.Drawing update
Gmap: fix compile dependancy
Projects: remove net461
MainV2: add startup script support
ConfigFirmware: fix antenna tracker
Improvement japanese (#1830)
fix japanese expression for script console
fix Japanese for Script tab
fix Japanese for FlightData map context menu
fix Japanese for FlightPlanner
fix Japanese for Firmware install
fix a small expression
LogBrowse: add CMD's
Japanese improvement for Wizard
adsb: fix mavlink adsb
BoardDetect: detect chibios vid/pid
fix some wrong Japanese words.
fix some wrong words. change button label "ロイター" to "Loiter" and its tooltip in FlightData action tab.
Fixed a bit strange part of Japanese display.
Firmware: ask for ChibiOS
BoardDetect: add more boards
MainV2: fix speech
Statkart_topo2: use topo4 layer
CurrentState: filter groundcourse
ConfigRadioInput: always write min/max
Firmware: initial revomini support
ProximityControl: fix crash
ProximityControl: refresh at interval
ConfigAccelerometerCalibration: use new accel calib message to show current target
CommsSerialPort: fix timeout
georefimage: outputlog refresh
ConfigFFT: fix exception on not supported
wix: update servername
CommsSerialPort: infinite timeout
*Mission Planner 1.3.56 - 9-4-2018
GeoRefImageBase: fix tlog cam message
Update: fix changelog url
appveyor: add changelog to build
FlightPlanner: fix for no home location
UDPMavlinkShim: prevent exception
Spelling fix
MatLab: support ISBD
temp: add proximity button back
FlightPlanner: fix overlay pen
Updater: fix net version
Extensions: fix Aggregate bug
*Mission Planner 1.3.55 - 27-3-2018
wix: msi
FlightPlanner: old savewp
FlightPlanner: fix total distance scale
WPOverlay: add simple tangent to loiter
Extensions: add PrevNowNext IEnumerable extension
FlightPlanner: hide spline option for all but copter
Wizard: make filenames match class names
temp: make localizable
Turkish: update
Propagation: abandon update if desired has changed
srtm: better thread support
Propagation: prevent imagedata curruption
Propigation: put limit on zoom
Make forms localizable
Propagation: support Transparent color
MAVLinkInterface: cleanup old code
Settings: make copy of bad config
ConfigRawParamTree: prevent currupt config on non english language
SikRadio: namespace change
Russian: update
GDAL: support gpkg overlay
FlightData: fix user hidden tabs
downgrade System.Drawing.Common
GDAL: use MP.GDAL.Native
strings: make internal
*Mission Planner 1.3.54 - 21-3-2018
WPOverlay: extract path drawing code
Strings: change to link
MAVLinkInterface: add SURFACE_BOAT
FlightPlanner: fast wp write
Formation: method 2
ElevationProfile: fix terrain alt
GStreamer: more status messages
GStreamer: use bundled version only
*Mission Planner 1.3.53 - 19-3-2018
Formation: tweaks
Formation: more plane tweaks
GMapMarkerPlane: fix arc scaling
SightGen: show rf propigation while not connected
GMapPolygon: fix draw hang on large offscreen polygon
CurrentState: fix some units
Swarm: improve plane support and use mavlink_set_attitude_target_t
PluginLoader: look in install directory first
Resources: shrink
Update: remove use of System.IO.Compression.FileSystem
remove use of ValueTuple and Compression
GMapMarkerElevation: change to 32bpp to work on mono
srtm: fix srtm off by 1
GMapMarkerElevation: fix width vs stride
FlightData: dont display Movingbase if its Zero
ConfigFirmware: windows store no firmware
Ardupilot: new project refactor
Adding SSH functionality to Terminal. Allows use all all common commands and nano.
Modifying terminal layout, and adding more features to SSH terminal
SSH Terminal allows tab, arrow keys and corrections to htop and top.
Disabling scolling in SSH terminal, disabled Byobu, implemented pageup/down
Byobu has been disabled due to issues with status bar. Resize now works for any screen size.
Adjusting PageUp for SSH Terminal. Minor adjustments to regexes to catch ANSI codes.
Correcting Issue with ANSI code interpretations
Byobu is now enabled. Login has been changed to terminal login. Resolved issues with ANSI codes.
Changing booleans when disconnecting
Changing booleans to opposite values when disconnecting, or page has changed
GMaps: rearrange code
Propagation: parallel
SightGen: Parallel
Propagation: prevent image exception
SightGen: use PointLatLngAlt
Propagation: fix elevation marker on zoom
Propagation: RF/Elevation/Terrain based on #1758
Settings: add default override
LayoutEditor: give time for takeoff
LayoutEditor: add mode/arm/takeoff
Sequence: add new swarm
SITL: add swarm start (ctl-s)
nuget: consolidate
PluginLoader: add file name to failed load
GeoRef: add use gpsalt for cam and trig
Warning cleanup
SvgNet: update project
CurrentState: add horizondist
HUD: use svgnet
SvgNet: add
GStreamer: change try limit to 10 seconds
HUD: modify dopaint
UDPVideoShim: remove duplicate code
GStreamer: use pinvoke
Coords: 7 dp
FlightPlanner: save to 8 dp #1776
Extensions: unix time
adsb: add adsbexchange data
NoFly: cleanup after display
Joystick: seperate class
ParameterMetaDataParser: preload
FlightData: modify tabs
UDPMavlinkShim: enable
UDPVideoShim: switch to jpegenc
UDPVideoShim: skyviper update
GStreamer: add download
Download: add stats
CaptureMJPEG: add retry
Skia: wip
OpenGLtest2: performance
LibTessDotNet: add
HUD: enable MakeCurrent
UDPVideoShim: change skyviper to mjpeg
Controls: fix compile
Grid: namespace update
Program: add FirstChanceException logging
Controls: fix nuget
Controls: convert to old style project
MainV2: remove splash dependancy
httpserver: remove dependancy
FlightPlanner: invoke check
Warning cleanup
appveyor: cache packages
Language: add turkish by msg1217 and add russian by PaShaKZ
LogIndex: progress feedback
MAVLinkInterface: readlog performance mod
Loading: change to timer
Reference: cleanup
FlightPlanner: intergrate multiplieralt
ControlSensorsStatus: cleanup
MAVLinkInterface: fix guided mode alt
BoardDetect: prep for new detection method
FlightData: log camera errors
MainV2: fix auto connect
Added a minute.second interpretation of TimeInAir to currentstate for easier read. (#1769)
Adding the AeroHawk camera parameters to the camerasBuiltin.xml file (#1768)
GMap.NET: fix for mono
MainV2: refactor
SkiaSharp: remove
Installer: update path slash
BoardDetect: include DeviceDesc
ParameterMetaDataParser: fix queue clear
MAVLinkInterface: fix param abort
Program: display build
ConfigRawParams: min col size
ConfigRawParamsTree: highlight root node
Common: change knots to kts
mavgraph:add autoland preselection
SkiaSharp: load correct arch
HUD: add units
HUD: fix Antialias
HUD: skiasharp
Uploader: fix
GeoRef: refactor
BoardDetect: detect board_type 33 as fmuv3
Uploader: allow board_type 33 to load fmuv3 firmware
Utils: remove dynamic
Formation: change z axis to NED
BoardDetect: detect board_type 33 as fmuv3
Mavlink: update
CleanDrivers: use pnputil
Drivers: fix bad cat
Line: fix label
HUD: disable PolygonSmooth
version: update to use build and rev number
ConfigRawParams: sort by Fav
BackStageView: add timing to debug logs
GMapProvider: update UserAgent
ConfigRawParams: add favs
ConfigFirmware: fix ph2 image
L10N: cleanup
CustomMessageBox: abstract
BinaryLog: fix mode decode
appveyor: remove cache
CollectionBuffer: GetUnit to tuple
CollectionBuffer: change to tuple
appveyor: remove cache
ConfigFFT: add log_bitmask
RangeControl: rounding
MavlinkCheckBoxBitMask: auto fill name and label
ConfigFFT: initial
BinaryLog: fix format a
FlightData: rename bin to log button
ConfigRawParams: Parallel load
String: update gps message
Installer: update beta urls
md5sum: use web/unix slash
NoFly: add ability to turn nofly off #1724
ConfigFirmware: add Sub
md5sum: use own implementation
CollectionBuffer: fix GetUnit when none are available
httpserver: add hud content-length
fftui: fix globalization #1739
Update: fix beta links
ParameterMetaDataParser: fix filename
CollectionBuffer: fix double scaling
LogBrowse: units support
CollectionBuffer: parse units for text and bins
CollectionBuffer: add unit parsing
FlightData: Fix hudswap
Update: switch beta to use zip
LogBrowse: update "power issues"
GridUI: add distance to/from home as part of route total distance
When row is deleted from grid in flight planner redraw waypoints. Allow saving of map / hud swap on flightdata view. fixed bug in saving hud width... changed to save splitter width.
FlightPlanner: Change the error message to item name
MatLab: move to utils
CommsFile: implement idisposable
appveyor: update
Vector3: fix - and convert
FlightData: add quickview number filter
Spline2: move
FirmwareHistory: update
Help: add update master message
Proximity: add autodisplay
MAVLinkInspector: add more text formating
MAVLinkInspector: create
srtm: fix out of range
VRBRAIN: Added new board VR Brain 5.4 (detection, driver and upload firmware)
ParameterMetaData: make generic
CommsSerialScan: make generic
rtcm3: update
ConfigArduRover: update #1719
CurrentState: add gps accuracys
Mavlink: upstream update
ConfigFirmware: add apj extension #1720
Mavlink: update xml
GStreamer: allow external sink
CurrentState: reset timeinair on disarm
Program: add dotnet 4.6.2 error message
UDPVideoShim: add gstreamer download
GStreamer: add error output reading
Download: auto chunksize and limit parallel
Cleanup Unused variables
Installer: copy to output dir
LogOutput: move
tlogThumbnailHandler: update
Download: fix Parallel for
Update: add file no status
Download: parallel download chunks
IProgressReporterDialogue: generalize interface
ConfigFlightMode: enable fmode6
appveyor: fix build
srtm: fix inverse Y
ConfigFrameClassType: update options
appveyor: fix multiline command
SikRadio: cleanup references
appveyor: run cov once per day
Fixed testing screen checkbox behaviour in config planner view
simple interface tab for MavLink Gimbals
Vector3: changed dot product overload to output a scalar #1712
appveyor: remove curl upload
TD: update alt change
Firmware: add missing fields
Utils: culture and null check
Log: Parallel
Privacy: update for tlog
Mavlink: dont cache _data on processBuffer and add log/timestamp support
CommsFile: dont limit by default
ConnectionControl: fix selection issue
*Mission Planner 1.3.52 - 16-12-2017
Utilities: namespace update
Refactor and move
BoardDetect: only upload v3 fw to bl_rev >= 5
appveyor: add form fields
CommsNTRIP: fix nmea string
appveyor: coverity upload
MAVLinkInterface: make getParamList targetable
MavLink interface enhancements to improve handling of non-fc components (#1686)
disabled setting target sysid/compid from SetupMavConnect()
connection control
CommsStream: create stream
Utilities: refactor and coverity
Coverity: fixs
MissionPlanner: fix speech reference
MissionPlanner: project cleanup
appveyor: add coverity
Added option to enable/disable automatic param commit
Also adds param commit button visibility option to displayview
Added ability to commit params to flash in param list/tree
also fixed ctrl+Y command so that it sends a write params command
rather than a read params command.
Extensions: generic async extensions
Extensions: add generic async on Action delegate
Revised german translation
Every thing else is just a byproduct...
Download: add async versions
MAVLinkInterface: prep for setNewWPAlt change
MAVLinkInterface: revert arduplane to old guided mode
GridUI: fix displayed flighttime > 24hrs
FlightData: fix quickview highlighting
CodeGen: add all assemblys
FlightData: fix green highlight of selected fields
CodeGen: add netstandard dll
MAVLinkinterface: fix PREFLIGHT_STORAGE save #1704
ConfigArduRover: fix #1691
ConnectionControl: show current mav on list update
HorizontalProgressBar2: fix label redraw in tablelayout
ConfigRadioOutput: create
CheckListControl: fix designer fail
FlightData: add set EKF Origin Here #1702
Settings: add null check to GetRunningDirectory
Installer: crossthread call fix
Download: make expirecache threadsafe
Download: prevent exception on collection change
Installer: ensure path is changed
fixed param type corruption on ardupilot type MAVs and reverted mav
change behaviour
MAVLinkInterface: fix #1698 connect issue
CurrentState: make sure compid is correct
GMap: remove sqlite dependancy
AviFile: netstandard 2
Remove missing files
Scripts: fix sendpacket example #1699
Projects: remove TargetFrameworkProfile
*Mission Planner 1.3.51 - 9-12-2017
ParameterMetaDataBackup: update
ConfigArduRover: support older versions
Installer: create
Download: make chunksize public
appveyor: change verbose to minimal
GMapMarkers: seperate and move
ConnectionControl: add baud 625000
MainV2: force layout on autohide disable
InitialSetup: remove firmware upload from store app
ConfigRawParamsTree: fix #1693
Added the ability to create layouts with menu autohide always turned on.
ConfigArduRover: update #1691
ConfigArdurover: Add tuning options for 3.2
MAVLinkInterface: use new guided mode
DashWare: add filter
CurrentState: add highlatency message support
Download: add static cache
appveyor: prevent checksums.txt circle reference
Utilities: move external
Update: enable zip support
Download: Generalize
Appveyor: update
FlightPlanner: kml update alt modes #180
MagCal: copy implementation
MagCalib: ensure we start from a valid state
MagCalib: enable DIA
DashWare: add support
Utils: move vector3 and matrix
DisplayView: fix advanced options
Translation: az-Latn-AZ
Added facility to hide plugin autoWP options in flight planner
Added facility to hide simple/super simple modes in the flight modes
screen and made the flight modes screen in the config/tuning tab
conform to the displayview flag
Added facilities to hide advanced planner options from the user
Added facility to block compass config except calibration using displayview
Enhancements to display view to allow finer control of hidden pages
MagCalib: turn off ellipsoid
ModifyandSet: remove margin
MagCalib: remove ellipsoid setting
project updates
Relocate utils based on dependant types
Plugin: project update
Package Upgrade
Framework update
ZeroConf: fix appveyor
ZeroConf: add source
ExtLibs: netstandard20
FirmwareHistory: update
Proximity: only open on request
ParameterMetaDataParser: support vehicle specific param options
httpserver: add 304 support, and raw websocket
ConfigRawParam: offline param edit
MAVLinkParamList: prevent duplicates
httpserver: multithread and path cleanup
MAVLinkInterface: add OnPacketReveived event
MainV2: allow custom baud
Hud: maps
hud: add simple graph
MAVState: remove not required json members
ParameterMetaDataRepositoryAPMpdef: support apm.pdef.xml
FlightPlanner: add grid down to 1m
CurrentState: adjust voltage smoothing
Hud: tweaks
SITL: use existing if exists and download fails
CurrentState: make json capable
hud.html: update to work in edge
Add px4fmu-v4pro support (#1671)
Add px4fmu-v4pro support
ConfigMount: fix config loss on reload #1425
MetaDataExtractor: fix missing exif reading #1677
UDPVideoShim: fix skyviper latency issues
Eniro_Topo: add new map source
CommsUdpSerial: multipoint udp
Grid: remove limit, so can create single line corridor
MovingBase: add udp/tcp
CommsUdpSerial: ensure remote is reset on new open
UDPVideoShim: support skyviper video on mp startup
Updating sw and build requirements (VS)
Prevent multiple register to video captue event
Fix missing flight strip bug when doing segmentation in GridUI
GStreamer: setup new direct pipeline
FlightPlanner: copy non uploaded mission to flightdata for display
AltitudeAngelService: Exception check
CurrentState: fix speedup
prevent exceptions
temp: add DEM load
CurrentState: add battery_usedmah2 #1645
ElevationGraph: change label from SRTM to DEM #1646
LogOutput: fix . vs , issue in first person view #1656
Updated No fly zones in Portugal
*Mission Planner 1.3.50 - 6-10-2017
HUD: fix intel graphics freeze
ConfigESP8266: add STA mode
Drivers: Cube
fft: add new df format for fft
MAVLinkMessage: make serializable and add rxtime
px4uploader: remove redundant file save
SITL: enable in appstore
Firmware: check for null url on old firmwares
Fix for issue #1641. OpenFileDialog remember the last used dir until restart
LogAnalyzer: update
SerialInjectGPS: fix buffer length passing
SerialInjectGPS: match sendData length variable type to InjectGpsData
MAVLinkInterface: add yaw support to setPositionTargetGlobalInt
DroneBase: create baseclass
MainV2: fix connection list on invalid items
IProgressReporterDialogue: create and use
MAVLinkInterface: try rts/cts on no data
MissionPlanner: fix project file globbing
MissionPlanner: convert project to new format
solo: add image upload support
SRB: send multiple takeoffs
px4uploader: fix for missing cert.xml
MAVLinkInterface: param switch to one by one when more than 75% of the params have been received
MainV2: add ProcessCmdKey event
SRB: straight takeoff
MAVLinkInterface: support uavcan node status
Mavlink: add uavcan messages
GMAP: use sqlite always
SRB: change takeoff progression
MainV2: add connection list connect (tcp://|udp://|udpcl://|serial:)
TD: fix fence cast
SRB: takeoff one at a time
NetStandard: convert
DistanceBar: fix render
Nuget: cleanup
Gmap: fix release build
NetStandard updates
SRB: yaw and land tweaks
NetStandard 2.0
ParameterMetaData: update backup file
MainV2: display advanced by default #1638
MainV2: add adsb sending to drone, when used with SDR etc
georef: create xml of extracted positions
work around for emlid reach Beidou RTCM message parsing (#1637)
MainV2: add clickable ardupilot logo
FlightPlanner: fix wpfile load with no home #1635
HUD: add more startup logging
ConfigFlightMode: support mode6 on rover
SRB: use base velocity after takeoff issued, and fix posible land issue, Set Z speed on init
SRB: add yaw and moving takeoff
SRB: speed and fixs
Logo: update
SRB: fix base heading
SRB: null checks
ArduPilot Logo
SRB: add
AltitudeAngel: Exception fix
FlightPlanner: dont draw DELAY command
ParameterMetaDataParser: parallel process groups
Update: parallel download x3
Kalman3D: future use
SerialInjectGPS: add ubx velned support
SerialInjectGPS: add moving baseline support
Device: fix decoder
HUD: fix non npot
ParameterMetaData: update for AC 3.5 changes #1604
SITL: load correct param files #1607
FailSafe: update urls #1615
hud: add try around vsync
mavgraphs: add magfield vs throttle
ConfigHWCompass: remove quickselect for new AC versions
Firmware: scan all ports during bootloader detect
Joystick: remove self reference
temp: define TD start sequence
Grid: fix lane reversal spacing
LogBrowse: fix modebar height when zoomed and text appearing when it is off when adding a item
HUD: force makecurrent poll every 5 seconds
ParameterMetaData: update backup
AA: OverlayAdapter fix exception on exit
Grid: corridor support
Wix: update
* Mission Planner 1.3.49 - 20-7-2017
LogBrowse: change to mode color bands
GridUI: add exception handle
Grid: add min shutter speed #1601
FirmwareHistory: update
removed KeyError: 'POWR'
null check
ConfigMotorTest: add rover support #1598
LogBrowse: mono fixs
Public: make externally visible
Solo: prevent exception on no solo
GDAL: clean references
Swarm: add test swarm
ProgressReporterDialogue: prevent multiple dialogs running
MatLab: fix MSG1 and fix octave loading (remove compression) #1592
SerialOutputNMEA: add tcp and udp
LogBrowse: modify log mode bg colours
LogBrowse: add abiulity to turn msg's off, and mode bg color
FlightData: sort tuning selections
appveyor: add script
MAVLink: update from upstream
georefimage: add csv output #1586
NuGet lib update/add
Update nuget Libs
AA MapAdapter: exception handles
BoardDetect: better handle v3 code
Exception Handles
MavlinkNumericUpDown: add delay timer
MainV2: update AACheck display
ConfigRawParams: add readonly attribute display
LogBrowse: add MSG display
LogBrowse: filter map by zoom selection #1577
SikRadio: fix #1581
ConfigTradHeli: fix setup issues
georefimage: prevent duplicate georef clicks #1579
SITL: update for defaults file seperation
MovingBase/FollowMe: update to support gngga
Grid: improve grid draw speed
FlightPlanner: fix internal grid init
AA: Oauth refreshfix
AltitudeAngel: fix dependancys
PluginLoader: prevent loading legacy dll
CommsNTRIP: modify VRS nmea line
resedit: de-de update
SimpleGrid: fix compile issue
Grid: fix homelocation
MissionFile: support .plan file format
FlightData: add failsafe check to mode change #1560
FlightData: fix panning at non interger zoomz
FlightPlanner: reload terrain mission correctly
FlightData: clear camera points on clear track
MagCalib: fix posible add while in lsq
CommsNTRIP: send GGA message every 30 seconds
Core: move ColorTranslator internal
CurrentState: seperate bat1/2 current
MP: cleanup references
MP: add GDAL to MP base project
MP: cleanup references
MP: remove mono code projects
Xamarin: remove reference
Mono fixs/tweaks
SerialInjectGPS: add parser reset on any valid packet from any protocol
PluginLoader: add exclude filter
FlightPlanner: simplify if
FlightPlanner: reduce altitude mode wp types update
GMap.NET: add CS1591 ignore
FlightPlanner: add wp at current pos
Firmware: add px4v3 support
MAVLinkInterface: increase param_request_list to 6 retrys (24 seconds) before going 1by1
ConfigHWCompass: handle specific plane version and add bypass
MissionPlanner: revert to older system.speech 3.0
CurrentState: fix battery_status invalid values
MAVLinkInterface: add extra full param retry
SerilaInjectGPS: better handle snrs
CurrentState: fix current scale
JoyStick: fix scaling and name issues
FlightData.Designer: definition of AOA and SSA variables
HUD: indication of AOA and flight path vectors (based on AOA and SSA)
CurrentState: acquire of AOA and SSA values from Mavlink
SITL: add wipe option
MAVLinkInterface: ensure mavlink2 is know about before getversion/params
GStreamer: add custom pipeline support
* Mission Planner 1.3.48 - 1-5-2017
MAVLinkInterface: fix streamrate request bug
ZeroConf: prevent issue when no network present
GStreamer: prep for custom pipeline src
* Mission Planner 1.3.47 - 29-4-2017
MainV2: dont param poll if armed
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: fix hardware label
log4net dependancy fix
OpenGLTest1: tweak
Updating No-Fly zones in Portugal (#1522)
Update No-Fly Zones in Portugal, including absolute restrictions in Lisbon
Update No Fly maps for Portugal
MAVState: fix mavlink packet stats for mavlink2 thanks @EShamaev
OpenGLTest: update
ConfigESP8266: fix exception
remove all assemblyBindings
MAVLink: upstream changes
package: remove netstandard
nuget: update
CurrentState: add cell voltages
Packages: updates
Updater: remove manifest
ZeroConf: initial
temp: remove items on click
ConfigPlanner: fix tfr checkbox load state
GeoTiff: change to filesize based cacheable option
Disable Signing
ParamFile filter
ExtLibs: cleanup
Projects: remove old bcl references
disable signing
RollingPointPairList: add lock to item set and get
CurrentState: add velocity vector length
Swarm: update to use ekf vx/vy/vz
CommsTCPSerial: add reconnect logic
FFTUI: scale similar items together
Solution: update all nuget packages
Solution: target .net 4.6.2
example9: add sitl start example
Mainv2: prevent exception when no serialno is present
StreamCombiner: support upto 100 instances
FlightData: prevent collection change exception
CommsTCPSerial: use remote port for portname
HUD: add designtime exclusions
MAVLinkInterface: fix fragment bit on alignment and array size
ConfigMotorTest: support more frame types
POI: add file load flag
CurrentState: add vx/vy/vz
GeoTiff: make very large geotiffs none cacheable
app.config: enable >2gb arrays
SITL: add extra commandline option
FlightPlanner: fix mav_cmd length
* Mission Planner 1.3.46 - 11-4-2017
MainV2: update xp urls
GDAL: reduce skiped file size
SerialOuputNMEA: add output rate selection #1516
LogOutput: tweak rinex generation
temp: extract gps_rtcm message as well
Mavlink: remove enum_end
EKFStatus: update to not use ENUM_END
Mavlink: add enum types where posible
SerialInjectGPS: add nmea parsing
SerialInjectGPS: reset seem on restart
ElevationProfile: change legend labels
FormationControl: make topmost
MAVState: add tostring
SerialInjectGPS: expire rtcm status
SeriaqlInjectGPS: add tmode polling and ECEF
PointLatLngAlt: support lat/lng/alt double input
SerialInjectGPS: add rtcm status
LogBrowse: add export visible, and speed up filter
GMapOverlay: add point count check
ConfigHWCompass: display best option based on capability bit
AA: remove reference
GMap.NET: remove visible internals requirement
Mavlink: update from xmls
package.config: globalupdate
GMapPolygon: dont draw offscreen polygons
SerialInjectGPS: modify interface
Fix maximized hud aspect ration when 16:9 is chosen
Privacy: add privacy policy
MainV2: disable udp autoconnect
MainV2: add xp removal notice
CommsSerialPipe: remove all unsafe options
Drivers: add ublox drivers
CommsSerialPipe: add simple pipe support
Help: remove update buttons in windows store version
SerialTest: check the reported device type
ConfigHWesp8266: fix
CommsSerialScan: support multiple connects at once (ie multiple radios)
SerialInjectGPS: remove location services
GStreamer: add more info on gstreamer version
* Mission Planner 1.3.45 - 18-3-2017
UDPShims: add exception logging
FlightPlanner: Exception Logging
Language: update PT
MAVLink: fix parse, and improve serial scanner
Arduino: move to library
MyProgressBar: guard against overflow exception
MavlinkLog: add splitcontainer
MAVLinkParam: convert hashtable to dictionary
MavlinkInterface: support new comms changes
MP.Utilities: .net 4.0
ProgressReporterDialog: add propery change event
MP.Comms: remove external UI dependancys
MainV2: download fence on connect if set
ConfigRawParams: add delaytimer to search
BackStageViewPage: enable autoscroll
RangeControl: disable scrollwheel
MAVLinkInterface: add timestamp support
SerialInjectGPS: add tooltips
FormationControl: add guided mode button
SerialInjectGPS: ensure basepos uses invariant
FormationControl: remove connect mavs button
ConfigMotorTest: add to groupbox
ConfigESCCalibration: fix increment
LogBrowse: add GPSB to map (yellow)
github: add issue_template
Tooltips: add from metadata and ESC Calibration
CurrentState: change order hide hil/rcoverride
enable signing
remove gitattributes: nothing but issues
MainV2: prevent serialreader delay
FlightData: fix posible map bearing overflow
Fixed typo
SteamCombiner: change to connect as individual ports
SerialInjectGPS: add rtcm 1012 simple decode
CurrentState: add strength for all accel/gyro/mag
Translation: add Portuguese (Brazil) (jader)
MP.Controls: remove utilities reference
nuget: update libs
tidy references
FirmwareHistory: update
GMapMarkerSub: add icon
ParameterMetaData: add ardusub
Cleanup unused files
MainV2: make menu font smaller
MAVLinkInterface: add rcoverride
mavgraphs: add salt to range vs baro
Firmware: add apm2 retired warning for all uploads
ParameterMetaDataParser: fix nested group bug
ParameterMetaDataParser: better support nested groups
Script: provide access to all mavlinkinterfaces
ConfigPlanner: enable beta update as its ticked
ParameterMetaData: Handle spaces in names
FlightPlanner: fix load and append
GridUIV2: fix deg2rad double
MathHelper: move deg2rad to utilities
deg2rad: convert all to double
RangeControl: disable the mouse wheel
MainV2: trial no text
Swarm: update to support multiple mavs per connection
MAVLinkInterface: support targeted guidedmode
rad2deg and deg2rad: convert to double
UDPMavlinkShim: autoconnect to mavlink udp 14550
Comms: add default timeout to 500ms
Formation: add location display
MAVLinkInterface: save postarget for display
CommsUDP: prevent stack overflow
FlightPlanner: change Dist to 3d distance
LogOutput: sort params
Joystick: disable ch5-8 when using manual control
CommsUdpSerial: make client public
SimpleGrid: text size and add drag ability
FlightPlanner: add dxf to default file filter
MAVState: show proximity on log playback
GMarkerGoogle: prevent overflow exception
Joystick: add manual control support
GDAL: add more locks
POI: add default load/save
LogIndex: add size exception check
LogBrowse: add map line legend
ConfigMount: support rc/servo split
ConfigRadioInput: switch reverse state and add more calibration bars
SikRadio: remove file
MainV2: add commandline options (connect/joystick/camera)
ConfigRadioInput: support new rc/servo split
UDPVideoShim: prevent running more than one instance
CustomMessageBox: add fallback
HUD: change bg texture update method
ConfigFirmware: add solo upload support #1347
SerialInjectGPS: add time to surveyin and disable ubx msgs
PointLatLngAlt: prevent exception on object compare
GStreamer: add bufferstream and img lock
MainV2: add startup logging
MeasureString: add log4net
mavcmd: add Altitude_Wait
MainV2: add ph2 service bulletin
SerialInjectGPS: fix checkbox load
SerialInjectGPS: support rtcm 1074/1084
SerialInjectGPS: m8p changes prep for 130
Sikradio: always use ats/rts
SerialInjectGPS: add snr's
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: update name
FirmwareHistory: update
MagCalib: fix mag cal on apm2
SimpleGridUI: fix duplicate points
GStreamer: convert to raw rtp on loopback and search for gstreamer
HUD: handle invalid bgimage
LogAnalyzer: run even if download fails if we have the runner
TelemetryLogGraph: Fix some messages not being graphed
ConfigPlanner: change the text value from Vario to Layout
UDPVideoShim: prevent gstreamer start on socket close
AltitudeAngel: add multipolygon support
LogAnalyzer: fix linefeeds in output
FlightData: dont display mav if lat/lng = 0 #1472
gstreamer: cleanup on exit
SerialInjectGPS: friendly error on bad base pos list
GStreamer: move shim startup
LogIndex: fix change directory
SerialInjectGPS: add base coords
LogIndex: add bin/log support
GeoRefImage: add null check on bad picture state
DFLogScript: fix earth_accel_df
ConfigMotorTest: support new frame param
SerialInjectGPS: ensure m8p will configure from default
* Mission Planner 1.3.44 - 31-1-2017
Georefimage: add exception handle around writecoords
AP_Terrain: add io section
AASettings: add .net version warning
LogBrowse: prevent outofrange exception
SerialInjectGPS: add bytes sent
fftui: filter based on regression of time
MavlinkInterface: throw exception on getlog fail
MavlinkInterface: allow exit in GetLog
MavlinkInterface: fix mav2 signing when more than one client key in cache
MainV2: cleanup gstreamer
Wizard: update frametype selection for 3.5
ThemeManager: fix posible null exception
AuthKeys: add disable signing button
MainV2: ensure displaview is saved in config on any change
ConfigPlanner: fix adsb checkbox
httpserver: update kml links
Program: fix gdal path check
GDAL: option gdal support based on directory exist
srtm: add logging
WPControl: fix location display
LogDownloadScp: add clear logs support
CircleSurveyMission: add beta
LogDownloadScp: add new log download method (ap_sync/solo)
InputBox: support int and double return types
SikRadio: support rfd900x with hex modification
Program: add closing exception ignore
CurrentState: prevent exception on invalid enum parse
ConfigHWCompass: use orientation from parammetadata
mavgraphs: add TECS graphs
LogBrowse: reduce mono memory usage
LogBrowse: improve mono support
MyDataGridView: mono fix's
CurrentState: init capabilities with valid state
SerialInjectGPS: code comments
SerialInjectGPS: add Show()
MavAuthKeys: fix file save directory
ConfigFirmware: add px4 option
MavlinkInterface: revert type used for mavparam init to float #1461
BackStageView: prevent exception on close/dispose
Added description of waypoint parameters
MagCalib: add DIA and ODI for compass 2/3
ConfigHWCompass: add fitness note, and put onboard first #1459
ConfigFirmware: update for new multiframe firmware
SikRadio: support hex freq/board id's
MotorFailure: test
AltitudeAngelService: add point support
AltitudeAngelService: fix airdata bug
DFLog: add missing Error_SubSystem codes
FlightData: add handlecreated check
CommNTRIP: fix overflow and nmea string
UDPVideoShim: add ping
MainV2: prevent send on closed port
SimpleExample: fix compile errors
DFLog: add dfitem string index
CurrentState: fix exception for unknown type
Solo: add df download via scp
HUD: ensure opengl sticks in design mode
QuickView: support more quickviews
MavlinkInterface: fix posible short read
CommsFile: handle all file inputs
Proximity: increase font size #1453
Hud: update for rtk float/fixed
CurrentState: add ch9-16out (mavlink2 only)
MavlinkUtil: fix memory clear
Strings: fix typo
NoFly: add MulitGeometry support
SITL/update/loganalyzer: add windows store app restriction
ConfigMount: add 9-16 as input channels
MavLinkInterface: prevent Proximity creations
BinaryLog: cleanup line endings #1452
Device: add device map WIP
SerialInjectGPS: fix localization
MavlinkParse: add mavlink2 send support
GeoTiff: convert to float storage
MavLinkInterface: scale do_digicam_control on getwp #1413
InitialSetup: rename gpsinject
ConfigGPSInject: move gps injection to initial setup
ConfigFrameClassType: autoselect class #1442
FlightPlanner: clean geofence onscreen on clear #1445
Remove NAV_LOITER 'Heading req' param text, its always enforced
MatLab: fix linefeed bug and msg's
CommsNTRIP: add nmea gga support
ConfigTradHeli: update new param names #1444
MavlinkParamList: change lock per class, not static
SITL: add delay in connect
MavlinkCheckbox: add multi paramname support
SimpleGrid: change min distance #1007
Translation: Arabic
resedit: add tostring
resedit: dont save non change items
MagCalib: remove set all to 0
FlightData: exception checks
CurrentState: add armed check to timeinair
InitialSetup: add copter check to frametype
HUD: default opengl to on
ConfigFrameClassType: add new frame configs
LogBrowse & FFTUI: add zedgraph mousemove label debounce
MatLab: change to MLCell
CommBase: add theme support
ConfigHWCompass: remove some text #1427
README: update url #1429
MainV2: add theme null check
DFLog: update event label #1436
Wizard: update hyperlinks
MatLab: MLCell test
Settings: add baudrate saving per port
MainV2: remove UDP defaulting
GeoRefImage: add map/image
MetaDataExtractor: exception check, and thread safe
LogSort: add full resort
LogIndex: improve performance
UDPVideoShim: prevent timeout on load
GStreamer: add solo support
LogMap: change to use collectionbuffer
GMapMarkers: prevent int overflows
LogMap: add parallel
MatLab: fix parm on older files
MatLab: fix linefeed in fmt messages
Wizard: ConnectAP add null checks
ConfigFriendlyParams: fix sort before upload
AltitudeAngel: remove weather
* Mission Planner 1.3.43 - 24-12-2016
DisplayView: fix missing options
Theming now correctly affects elements on Flight Planning tab. Theming added to terminal window. Check to see if current theme and layout exsist at startup.
ParameterMetaDataBackup: update base
* Mission Planner 1.3.42 - 20-12-2016
NoFly: add new kmz
FlightPlanner: add home check and message on upload
FlightPlanner: fix load and append of home
Wizard: accelcalib update to use subscription
UDPVideoShim: add initial
MAVLinkInterface: prevent enumeration change exception
LogAnalyzer: upstream update
GDAL: add vector to raster
GMapMarkerBoat: add
SerialInjectGPS: remember settings, make icon use elipsoid height
Wizard: ConnectAP add param exists check - exception check
Extensions: add loging extension to Control class
FlightPlanner: add exception check on bad input coords
ConfigHWCompass: add exception check on start mag cal
SITL: add exception check on process start
Proximity: add zoom and Id
Proximity: thinken lines
LogBrowse: modify bad data filter
temp: add rip fw status
MainV2: temp disable AA prompt
Sikradio: custom upload for rfd900x, better handle setting aes
FlightPlanner: add custom command id support using UNKNOWN
MAVState: add dispose chain
Mavlink: update from upstream
MAVLinkMessage: prevent return of unfilled packet. #1418
ConfigArduRover: update to use mavlink controls
MAVLink: fix posible buffer overflow/clear
MainV2: prevent icon refresh is not needed #1419
MAVLinkInterface: packets add locking to ensure threadsafe
AA: change from click to mouseovers
GDAL: add progress and base overlay
ElevationProfile: change srtm label to be generic
Temp: add GDAL scanning button
GDAL: new map source
Sikradio: change aes key save order
Coords: add altsource to all projections
Proximity: add test interface
MainV2: maintain advanced view
FlightPlanner: use srtm alt on drag home pny
DTED: add custom directory scanning.
AA: add flightplanner
ThemeManger: auto apply theme to child windows
MainV2: prevent donate disable
Improved theming functionality. (#1)
SerialInjectGPS: design changes
SerialInjectGPS: add ubx ack/nack logging
ConfigAccelCalib: use message subscription for statustext
MAVLinkInterface: add new unsubscribe interface
Proximity: add logging
MAVLinkInterface: dont scale x,y for digicam mission items
FlightPlanner: add geofence clear
MAVLinkInterface: verify command response is what we requested
flightdata: bring form to front insted of creating new form every time
AltitudeAngel: add filter interface and per session cache
FlightData: add AA settings to right click menu
HUD: make VSync non browsable
app.manifest: report as non dpiaware
Proximity: Initial class
WayPointLeader: add takeoff check
ConfigFlightModes: fix wiki link
WPControl: add autozoom out on graph at start
DroneGroup: better collision avoidance. higher drone will climb to avoid collision.
MainV2: close all comports and cleanup on exit
FormationControl: fix update pos
WPControl: add max wpnav_accel and rtlland
wix: update servername
Update: write check
InitialSetup: add back maestro based antenna tracker
WPControl: remove statics, and terminate functions on dialog close
AltitudeAngel: prep filters
FormationControl: account for leader yaw during UpdatePos
ConfigArduplane: remove paramsettings
ArduPlane: update plane basic tuning
Formation: switch to velocity control for copter
FormationControl: update to 10hz
SerialInjectGPS: add logging and m8p options
SerialInjectGPS: add m8p base station fixed pos.
SerialInjectGPS: add rctm base location extraction display
temp: add extra metadata file extraction
FirmwareHistory: AP 3.7.1 AT 1.0
Formation: change to velocity/position control
srtm: change default dir cache expire from 2 to 7 days
ListExtension: add custom sort
LogDownloadMavlink: fix bad log file reference #1406
AASettings: apply theme
AltitudeAngel: update displayed data on element click
dxf: add dxf overlay with utm conversion. (line work only)
WPControl: prevent exception
FlightPlanner: add logging for current mav_cmd's displayed
ConfigHWUAVCAN: add image and on/off option
LogOutput: output param file from df log
Speech: fix posible baud speech issue
AutoScaleMode: change all to None
MAVLinkInterface: convert all MAVLinkParams to byte[] and display correct values in logs
FlightPlanner: fix px4 wp upload
ConfigRawParams: fix display of non float px4 params
ConfigFlightModes: support px4 modes
MAVLinkParam: accept only byte[] as wireinput
MAVLinkInterface: fix frag flag
SerialInjectGPS: add larger buffer on new rtcm_data message
MavLinkInterface: fix new rtcm_data inject
SerialInjectGPS: add more m8p support
SerialInjectGPS: add rtcm 1005/1006 display
SerialInjectGPS: add new rtcm_data msg support and default
Mavlink: update from upstream
Improve Parrot firmware install process
Fixes joystick setup file load issue (no. 1388)
FlightData: update map pan logic, prevent update on small movements
LogAnalyzer: update create scripts
WPLeader: update
MAVLinkInterface: add get/set param sysid/compid support
TilePrefetch: fix posible disposed exception
POI: fix poi load #1375
FlightPlanner: fix max precache zoom #1378
GMap.Net: remove yahoo map
Swarm WPLeader: initial commit
AltitudeAngel: obey display filters
FlightPlanner: fix longstanding drag wp bug
FlightData: change to invoke on route local position update
CurrentState: add outside corner check for geofence distance
AA: fix polling when not signed in
FlightPlanner: fix geofence for plane
AltitudeAngel: add disable and layer options
MAVLinkInterface: prevent cross thread exception
SerialOutputNMEA: report rtk as ok
SerialInjectGPS: send message to all connected mavs
MapAdapter: prevent rightclick trigger polygon info for AA data
SerialOutputNMEA: shorten lines for OBC
MAVLinkInterface: add ability to injectgps to any sysid/compid
Updater: fix file exclusion
MAVLinkInterface: make sure getDatastream goes to correct sysid/compid
ConfigPlanner: add AltitudeAngel signin button
ConfigRawParams: fix sort order check
PluginLoader: add filter to exclude load
Grid: update to how the start point/line is selected.
Multiple: update autoscalemode
AltitudeAngelWings: remove keys.config from project
MainV2: add AA enable prompt
MAVLinkInterface: add new functions to direct target sysid/compid's
LogBrowse: add more colours
LogBrowse: prevent duplicates #1367
StreamCombiner: add 10 instance support
AltitudeAngelService: remove weather summary
MAVLinkInterface: add parent
* Mission Planner 1.3.41 - 23-9-2016
NOTE: this is a bug fix build
FlightData: handle log analyzer xml exception
CurrentState: add GeoFenceDistance #1361
SikRadio: prevent exception on bad aes key
FlightPlanner: prevent exception on UTM conversion for bad input lat/lngs
FlightData: add larger thread start delay
AssemblyInfo: use auto Versions #1363
Settings: fix GetConfigFullPath for multiple installs #1365
FlightPlanner: ask for max zoom on prefetch #1362
FlightPlanner: Fix wp file mav_cmd size
ConfigHWCompass: use param doc for fitness dropdown
FlightPlanner: check polygon file line is valid
MainV2: add kb reference for xp users
mavgraph: add position innovations
CheckListItem: null returns 0
LogBrowse: fix gps status check
CheckListItem: handle non iConvertable items
AltitudeAngel: add initial support
FlightPlanner: Improve precache FetchPath #1362
Camera: add sony a7r2
MAVLinkInterface: check existing log download
Firmware: dont try download if not full url
LogDownloadMavlink: isdisposed check
solo: add initial library
ConfigRawParam: add case with both are enabled
MAVLinkInterface: change exception to TimeoutException where relevant
FlightData: add pointcamerahere exception check
MainSwitcher: add null check on dispose
Program: remove NGEN
tfr: remove debug
ParamaterMetaDataBackup: update stable
LogMap: better handle logs without FMT
GridUI/2: fix file paths
ConfigHWCompass: add cal_fit options #1355
POI: check marker type before delete
SITL: check if sitl image exists before starting
* Mission Planner 1.3.40 - 17-9-2016
NOTE: the default config directory is now in MyDocuments\Mission Planner.
this includes all log files, excluding existing installs, where the log path has been changed.
This means any precached maps will need to be refreshed.
New Paths are
Map cache: C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner
srtm cache: C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner
logs: MyDocuments\Mission Planner
config: MyDocuments\Mission Planner
Terminal: add missing linefeed
Firmware: add firmware upload time stat
FlightData: handle enum convert
appxmanifest: update
Firmware: add download fw time stat
Firmware: remove old google code hashs
MAVLinkInterface: handle rlogs
MagCalib: update dxf path
DFLogScript: add mag_heading_df support
MAVLinkInterface: string conversion
Loading: fix first update delay
MainV2: add background parameter poll
MAVLinkInterface: add getParamPoll
srtm: age cached listings
TerrainFollow: thread saftey
ConnectionControl: add param bypass on sysid change (hold control while changing)#1353
MainV2: update connectioncontrol on connect with actual underlying transport type
Common: GMapMarkerPlane prevent out of memory exception on small sweeps
StreamCombiner: make threadsafe and autoconnect
MAVList: make enumeration threadsafe
MavlinkParse: fix resize order
LogAnalyzer: ensure latest version is downloaded
LogAnalyzer: update
AltitudeAngelWings: add library
sbp: fix parser buffer return
PluginLoader: add exception logging on init
MatLab: change file limit on 64bit system
MAVlinkParamList: add new Add
Update projects to anycpu
Settings: move config to user data folder
Multiple: update to use new paths
Settings: add new datapaths and change default log location to MyDocuments\Mission Planner
CurrentState: change sensor health check to prevent false positive
MainSwitch: add screen control null check update urls #1351
MAVLinkInterface: increase comments/verbose
GridUI: fix missing wp's with different configs
FlightPlanner: support alternate coord systems
FlightData: use gps2 on hud
Coords: add SystemChanged event
HUD: add gps2 support (report highest fix level)
MAVLinkMessage: add ismavlink2
GMap.Net: make objects Serializable
Sphere: support size change
MAVLinkInterface: add length check back
Currentstate: add vision status #1349
InitialSetup: rename sonar to range finder
ConfigRawParams: add missing display when loading param file
GridUI: fix missing end point when no overshoot
mavgraphs: add velocity vs innovation velocity graphs
FlightData & FlightPlanner: delay mapchange on startup
ControlSensorStatus: add
FlightPlanner: fix fence avalability check #1346
temp: add back magcal and sphere view
MagCalib: update dflog magcal
CollectionBuffer: add new enumerator to return DFItem
MAVLink: remove calculated values
LogIndex: fix location
DFLogScript: add delta graphs
MainV2: change adsb to concurrent dictionary
LogIndex: add more fields
MAVLinkMessage: create lock on instance create
FlightPlanner: add mgrs (1m accuracy)
LogBrowse: fix pos end route
LogBrowse: update ekf vel tune
MAVLinkInterface: decrease memory allocations for tlog playback
Mavlink: update message_info ToString()
MainV2: Display wizard for new MP users
BoardDetect: move file
ConfigFirmware: add pixhawk2 link
MAVState: use ConcurrentDictionary
LogBrowse: add gps2 to map gps1(blue) gps2(green) pos(red)
CheckListControl: add groupbox to each item
Add Bebop2 detection and upload
Add SharpAdbClient external lib
Add ManagedNativeWifi Simple external library
MissionPlanner: update solution file to vs 2015
LogMap: filter fix by status
LibVLC: print debug to console
mavcmd: add roi for rover #1340
MAVLinkInterface: add ability to disable all speech from this class
MAVLinkInterface: performance tune tlog read.
LogMap and LogSort: add sitl detection
Loading: change assign order
fftui: modify button labels
DFLogScript: add GPS2 delta
GeoRef: add TRIG message support
FlightPlanner: add utm on wp file load
ConfigRawParamTree: Remove null check
LogOutput: fix mode in kml
ConfigRawParam*: check for null compare
DFLog: add missing events #1331
ConfigHWCompass: enable autoretry on internal compass cal
MagCalib: fix compass3 error display, and limit loop count to 20 in LSQ
MainV2: fix posible exception
ConfigHWCompass: fix mag calibrate dialog
Config*Params: sort and put ENABLE at end on write
ConfigAntennaTracker: add pitch min and max #1324
mavcmd: add nav_delay #1325
GridUI: fix missing points
georefimage: revert quality settings #1327
GridUI: exclude stopstart wp if not turned on #1326
FlightPanner: UTM
TrackerHomeGPS: change to anycpu
DTED: change scan order dt2 first, dt1, dt0
Settings: make members public
ConfigHWUAVCANESC: add initial support
MAVLinkInterface: add param refresh screen
FlightData: add servos 12-14 #1317
ConfigMount: add rc12-14 #1317
ThemeManger: fix removed view
InitialSetup: correct gimbal screen #1322
MAVLinkinterface: fix gpsinject msg size calc, and prep
LibVLC: look for 64bit vlc as well
Generic: fix warnings
Generic: warning fixs
Joystick: move from directinput to sharpdx
FlightPlanner: fix VTOL_TAKEOFF flightplan item
ConfigHWCompass: tweak onboard calib display
HorizontalProgressBar: remember min and max in design view
BackstageView: prevent object creation on activatepage
ConfigHWCompass: change result display
updated camerasBuiltin.xml to add gopro hero 4
MavlinkMessage: add static invalid
MavlinkInterface: add child statustext support
MavlinkUtil: limit trim_packet to atleast 1 byte
ImageProjection: add quick R=0 P=0 case
GMapMarkerOverlapCount: cleanup grid
MissionFile: prep for grid
GridUI: fix loading from file
MAVLink: update
GeoRefImage: fix localisation issues
LogAnalyzer: update build scripts
DTED: add support
Firmware: add more status updates
Coord: add alt source
ParameterMetaDataBackup: update
ParameterMetaDataParser: reduce complexity
ParameterMetaData: update backup data
camerasbuiltin: update FLIR camera #1311
GridUI: exclude angle change from autozoom #1314
GeoTiff: add support for 32bit tiffs
MAVLink: add uavonix packets
srtm: filter bad input coords
GStreamer: change default port to 5600
HUD: fix texture reset time
FlightPlanner: accept invalid seq on set home
HUD: force texture reset every hour
WMSProvider: update max zoom to 22
Custom: fix custom image max zoom
Driver: update
MainV2: log directory creation exception check
InitialSetup: prevent creation of unused controls
BackstageView: invalidate menu on control add
MAVLinkMessage: prevent duplicate create
GeoRef: add 2 field sort, time and filename
adsb: make plane info selectable
SITL: close old session on new session
Simulation: and adsb update
srtm: speed tweaks
mavcmd: fix naming
sitl: add param defaults
FlightData: add ability to display ICAO all the time
GeoRef: workaround tif exif issue
* Mission Planner 1.3.39 - 13-7-2016
SITL: add nowait to tcp
SITL: add xplane-heli
CurrentState: current 0 fix
HUD: fix heading decimals
Common: add more speech options
CurrentState: add battery_kmleft estimate
Cameras: add new cameras
CurrentState: add battery_mahperkm
HUD: fix padding
FlightData: cancel speech events on fast log playback
TilePrefetcher: mono fix
MissionFile: fix frame type
MissionFile: add saving json support
ControlTest: add tester
HUD: allocation tweaks
MissionFile: add new json file format loading
ConfigMount: fix param scaling
FlightPlanner: geofence, remove min/max alt if not available
SikRadio: fix old fw upload
ConfigAntennaTracker: add current pwm display
Common: add warn and danger radius
ConfigMotorTest: add test in sequence
SoftwareConfig: remove duplicate param list for tracker
FlightData: update state of other vehciles when playing back a tlog
MAVlist: use GetID internally
ConnectionControl: prevent null exception on no item selected
Program: update commonly inuse files
ConnectionControl: pull param list on target change if 0 params #1249
SikRadio: update urls
MainV2: update connected devices on dropdown
FirmwareHistory: update
LogMap: fix exception on no gps data
ConfigHWPX4Flow: fix exception on deactivate
tfr: fix polygon decoding
Speech: fix no voice installed exception
GeoRef: modify ground image projection
Update URLs and a file name
airports.csv: update (
LogAnalyzer: add basefiles
LogAnalyzer: externalize and lib zip
Speech: prevent exception on no voices installed
L10N: auto switch default map, update zh-hans
Grid: reduce spacing min from 10 to 4m
CurrentState: add battery_usedmah no sensor value
HUD: fix character cleanup on resize
flightdata: prevent exception on connect for large param values
georefimage: fix georef image precision loss
ConfigAntennaTracker: reverse yaw test
MavlinkLog: add expected wp count to wp extraction
mavgen_csharp: fix float arrays
MAVlinkInterface: reduce log spam
MavlinkLog: add count and exception handling
LogMap: create maps with more than one vehcile correctly
Add Sony A6000, A7R, Parrot Sequoia Monochrome & RGB
adsb: update existing object instead of create new one
adsb: add collision support
MAVLink: update common.xml
GMaps: update provider versions
AuthKeys: add use button
FlightPlanner: enable polygon geofence for copter
SITL: add advanced features
dflog: convert to use collectionbuffer dflog
CollectionBuffer: expose dflog
CollectionBuffer: remove uneeded functions
SITL: add speedup support
MAVList: memory allocation reduction
MissionPlanner: reinclude base drivers and Lib
Cleanup: remove msvc 2010 redist files and python tests
cleanup jsbsim and ftdi drivers
GeoRefImage: fix salt not making it to log
Python: add example 8 speech
MAVLinkInterface: increase log download timeouts #1300
MAVLinkInterface: update gui during docommand #1298
MAVLinkInterface: prevent blocking on preflight_storage #1298
GeoRef: better handle missing fields #1289
HUD: add alt bad data check #1294
HUD: add more bad data checks #1294
Hud: fix hang on bad input airspeed/groundspeed #1294
FlightData: add more error detail to ConvertToDouble
MainV2: add cleanup exception check
FlightData: prevent mainloop jumping ahead
MainV2: fix adsb time tag
Common: adsb plane add new colours
GridUI: add exception handle for bad camera options
SITL: conver sitl plane to plane from jsbsim
FlightPlanner: re-enable map rotation #1247
georefimage: add RFND.Dist1 support #1126
CurrentState: fix battery2 mavlink packet scaling
MAVLinkInterface: fix issue with doreboot #1285
FlightPlanner: use double for alt in pointlist #1284
FlightPlanner: dont round alt on import #1284
FollowMe: dont override mode.
ConfigAntennaTracker: update interface #1282 #1278
LogBrowse: add multithread load #1281
LogBrowse: add multifile select #1281
georefimage: add tlog camera_feedback parsing
SerialOutputNmea: fix speed units to knots
srtm: fix alt around 0 lat/lng
georefimage: switch cam msg read to use collectionbuffer
MAVAuthKeys: key administration
SerialInjectGPS: packet align rtcm/sbp
SignXML: remove posible security threat #1276
GridUI: add saving servo params
GridUI: add do_set_servo support #1243
GridUI: use stop/start on do_repeat_servo #1243
GridUI: change do_repeat_servo count to 1 from 999 #1243
LogDownloadMavlink: rename file based on gps time
SikRadio: add initail xmodem upload support
CollectionBuffer: default to type string and improve support for out of place FMT messages #1271
GMapMarkerOverlapCount: fix rounding issue
ImageProjection: prevent bad projection
MAVLinkSerialPort: add additional constructor
ConfigArducopter: reset to old value on write cancel #1268
sikradio: change aes save order
sikradio: remove references
SikRadio: support radio on telem2
MAVLinkInterface: support mission_item_int tlog playback
GMapMarkerPhoto: exclude > 25 roll angle photos from footprint calc
CheckListItem: add PARAM support
ParameterMetaData: update backup version
ConfigMotorTest: add motor test to quadplane #1263
ThemeManager: propigate icon through app
ConfigRawParam: speed up draw
FlightData: fix posible messagecount miss
ConfigAccelCalibration: filter display messages
MAVLinkInterface: always display statustext that fit certain masks
ConfigPlanner: add option to ignore no rc receiver
ThemeManager: add missed controls
GMapMarkerSingle: add single copter icon #1261
ParamCompare: make sizable #1260
GMapMarkerPhoto: change footprint color
GridUI: fix camera overlay rotation
ConnectionControl: add hidden vehicle type selection
SikRadio: update to support new rfd900 with aes
mindpx: add drivers
ThemeManager: add more customisation
MAVLinkInterface: fix mavlink1 packet generation for packets with extensions
mavlinkutil: fix trim_payload
mavlink generator: add min length
MAVLink: handle short packets
MAVLink: add trim_payload support
MAVLinkInterface: remove length check
MAVLink: update generator
ConfigRawParam: disable warning if disarmed
AP_GPS_NOVA: keep in sync
fft: add imu message based fft, max 25hz
Plane mission planning label for loiter param4=Exit tangent
ConfigArducopter: label gyro axis
MAVLinkInterface: add more packet stats
ConnectionStats: add mavlink2 display
px4uploader: modify writetimeout
ZedGraph: reverse curve draw order
MAVLinkInterface: improve mavlink2 logplayback
FlightPlanner: add area under auto wp
LogBrowse: implement predefined expressions + fix load log #1255
Mavlink2: use settings per device, not per port
FlightPlanner: fix area #1256
locationwp: change id to ushort
ConfigHWPX4Flow: add image
ConfigAntennaTracker: obey reverse on test
* Mission Planner 1.3.38 - 19-5-2016
GridUI: support kml overlay and autozoom to overlay
AP_GPS: rename internals
BackStageView: fix exception handleing in Deactivate
MAVLinkInterface: make signing per mav
ConfigHWPX4Flow: add px4flow focus calibration
AP_GPS_NOVA: testing and AP_GPS updates
ConfigArduCopter: update FILT and IMAX scale #1250
app.config: update param metadata urls #1250
MavlinkNumericUpDown: use parameter based increment value
MAVLinkInterface: always print/anounce tuning
Added QRTL mode for plane
FlightPlanner: fix posible bad wp upload #1248
MavlinkLog: fix wp index on tlog wp extraction
OpticalFlow: add calibration mode support and display
SerialInjectGPS: add m8p config string
MAVLinkInterface: support bps for logplayback
CommsTCPSerial: fix exception on non connected client
Sikradio: add new rfd900+ AES key display
AP_GPS_GSOF: add event handling
MavlinkUtil: calc array length for all data types
CommTCPSerial: fix recursive get
Wix: whitespace change
Wix: update msi installer
Updater: add file exclude
MAVLinkParamList: make more threadsafe
CurrentState: update descriptions
MAVLinkInterface: verify source system on getparam
MavlinkLog: select mav for param extraction
MAVLinkInterface: check for invalid param index
FlightPlanner: use default alt for terrain points #1239
srtm: add dl exclusions
ADSB: add Time to PLLAH
ConfigRadioInput: support 16 channels
MAVLinkInterface: fix sendpacket type id
MAVLinkInterface: show error vs unexpected error
srtm: add 0 size file check
temp: add support for custom signing key
GeoRef: add sonar alt #1126
LogOutput: add wp file creation from log #1234
GeoRef: sort files by exif time #1235
MAVLinkInterface: fix null exception #1233
MavlinkParser: cleanup
FlightData: fix mount mode button
MAVLink: add back mavlink.cs
MAVLink2 signing working
MAVLink2 refactoring
GMapMarkerAirport: increase base nofly size to 9km
httpserver: access packet history via getPacket
Multiple: refactoring mavlink
Multiple: factor out mavlinkmessage
MAVLink: update
MAVLink: generator update 24bit msgid
ConfigArducopter: update param names #1228
FlightData: add on/off for overlap count
GMapMarkerOverlapCount: improve performance.
georefimage: error message mods
CommsNTRIP: add example
FlightData: Use new overlay marker for photo coverage
GridUI: use new overlay marker type for footprints
GMapMarkerOverlayCount: add new marker type
GMapMarkerPhoto: update photo icon size
temp: add older param metadata
Loading: additional disposed check
LogIndex: multithread speedup
Loading: fix cross thread calls
GMapMarkerPhoto: make footprint public
MAVList: fix posible exception
mavgen: update import #1226
Speech: add word substitutes
MAVLinkInterface: add compid to missed packet message
OSDVideo: fix exceptions
MAVLinkInterface: improve unknown sysid/compid action
tlogThumbnailHandler: fix directory create
GridUI: add griddata to all grid commands
temp: scan for all valid file types in log map creation
Speech: word replacement
MavlinkLog: add broader file mask
GMapRoute: change arrow draw frequency
MainV2: prevent px4v2 serial readout #1222
MainV2: add extra exception reporting
fftui: add bin support
CollectionBuffer: implement stream like functions
Loading: add missing file
LogBrowse: add loading dialogs
MainV2: add MP log review from cmd line
GridPlugin: use version
MainV2: prompt about new fw on any version increment
FlightPlanner: always show alt mode when not connected.
GridUI: add cross grid
FlightData: add tlog playback shortcuts (space/+/-) #502
FlightData: fix CAM_MIN_INTERVAL scale and rounding #1216
FlightData: rebind datasource on activate #1155
GmapRoute: fix custom line issue with long lines #1219
MAVLinkInterface: fix playback pause reset #1218
LogStrings: add missing file
LogIndex: fix seek
Fix null reference in MainV2 form.
Dispose SerialPort Streams properly.
Fix bugs in LogDownloadMavLink dialog.
MAVLink: upgrade generator
ModifyandSet: min and maxs fix
FlightData: fix issue with negative loiter radius
GridUI: save fov anagles
CurrentState: add timesincelastshot to status
GMapMarkerPhoto: add min_interval check
GridUI: fix bugs #1214
GMapMarkerPhoto: add photo number (mouse over)
FlightData: add camera_feedback to map and footprints
GMapMarkerPhoto: add new marker
MAVLinkInterface: add CAMERA_FEEDBACK history
myGMAP: add invalidation check to mouse movement
HUD: fix hud rocking when using russian hud
MAVLinkInterface: store camera_feedback messages
FlightData: fix loiter rad scaling #932
FlightData: add set loiter rad #932
SimpleExample: update
Joystick: fix custom1/2 scale bug
Exception checks
Wix: update for new server
camerasBuiltin: add camera
FlightData: tweak graph this height
ImageProjection: fix rotations
Matrix3: update names
CurrentState: add Location
FlightData: accept just lat/long in point camera here coords
Script: remove statics
MyUserControl: add exception logging
FlightData: add point camera coords
POI: add load
FlightData: default point camera here alt to ground alt #1200
GridUI: change default placeholder text number
Rename Solution File
PluginLoader: fix plugin cultures
ImageProjection: remove debug
FlightPlanner: add handle checks
HUD: fix drawimage implementation
Help: add exception check around update checks
ConfigHWCompass: add param check
Exception Fix's
GridUI: use image projection for footprints
ImageProjection: add new calc library
GMapRoute: enable custom line type
FlightData: fix quickview initial scale
GridUI: fix footprint angle calc
GridUI: use home alt and terrain alt when calcing photo footprints
Matrix3: update lib
MainV2: improve startup time
L10N: prevent exception
MyImageCache: implement removal date
LogBrowse: fix map zoom after draw
PluginLoader: fix load method
ConfigFlightModes: change to use predefined lists
PluginLoader: plugin culture/path fix
MAVLinkInterface: fix type from pull request
POI: update poi moves
Log: reject large spikes in log files
Use Assembly.LoadFrom when loading plugins
ADSB: fixed heading for new XML
MAVLinkParam: fix compile
ConfigHWESP8266: add simple config
MAVLinkInterface: support udp bridge component
MAVParam: expose raw data
BackstageView: change docking and fix designer mode
CollectionBuffer: Improve message index detection.
DroneShare: Remove
GeoRefImage: option out relalt #1193
FlightData: make icon more generic
HUD: fix default ekf and vibe state #1188
FlightData: turn on ekf and vibe #1188
* Mission Planner 1.3.37 - 14-3-2016
FlightData: actions customisation add default init
Common: rearrange code
FlightData: maintain taborder from config file
FlightData: add ability to customize actions tab display
ConfigRawParam: speedup draw
Script: add example 7 (wp load in FP)
ParamMetaData: fix parser readover
TerrainFollow: fix interface unsubscribe
MissionPlanner: to .net 4.5 (XP will stop working)
Update: add async md5
ParamMetaData: fix backup, nested groups
LogOutput: filter bad gps data
FlightData: change .bin to kml to be direct from .bin files
LogOutput: cleanup old log formats
CollectionBuffer: reduce memory usage
BinaryLog: improve performance
KMLib Coordinates: improve performance
FlightData: fix crossthread call, joystick related #1172
FlightData: fix verify height alt on move #1183
Icons: trial new icon
GridUI: fix split mission #1182
GStreamer: autostart gstreamer client
vlcrender: prevent crash on close
FlightData: add right click start camera option #1180
GridUI: fix cam_trig_dist if breakup starts was off #1181
HttpServer: update
GridV2: resource files
Common: add QLand
GridV2: use new icons
ParameterMetaData: expand support
Common: add quadplane flight modes #1169
MavlinkCheckBoxBitmask: fix height calculation #1173
Warning Engine: name thread
GridUI: update on overlap values change #1171
FlightPlanner: add group delete
mavlink: update common.xml
MAVLinkInterface: update getwp to use capabilities mask
FlightPlanner: use capability based on version message
CurrentState: add capabilities
LogBrowse: modify bad data range
FirmwareHistory: update urls
Build: Fix the build by adding missing parenthesis around print.
* Mission Planner 1.3.36 - 5-3-2016
GridUI: add elevation range
GMapControl: update scale color
GMapControl: update scalebar to use transform
CommsNTRIP: support @ in username
ParameterMetaData: update backup
Flightplanner: fix posible int issue
Help: fix text colour
Add Korean translation
mavgraphs: update from upstream
FirmwareHistory: update
add px4 identification
FlightPlanner: fix wp timeout upload for non int
Update for new domain name
L10N: add logging to url modifications
Update: update strings
L10N: fix mirror check, add mirror replacement for update check
L10N: update zh-Hans translation
FlightPlanner: fix wp upload order
mavcmd: add heading exit request
FlightPlanner: tweak wp uploader
FlightData: add another wp count parser
LogSort: fix bugs
GStreamer: initial commit
MAVLinkInterface: add getHomePosition
CurrentState: fix bitmask creation
Settings: fix log directory
GridUI: change min alt to 1m
GMaps: update versions
GridUI: improve mission splitting
FlightPlanner: return row number on add
FlightPlanner: Support mission_item_int uploading
MAVLinkInterface: support sending mission_item_int
MAVLinkInterface: add mavlink_mission_item_int_t
LocationWP: add mavlink_mission_item_int_t support
FlightData: add disable joystick button
CurrentState: prevent +/- flipping
GMapMarkerWP: update point numbers
ProgressReporterSphere: remove config add missing file
use IsReady to avoid requiring speech to be referenced everywhere
these changes found to reduce the x11 errors
fix log analyzer startup path
improve HUD failure message
remove non-existent files from projects
swap to new sqllite library
Mono/Linux case and build fixes
ThemeManager: fix richtext
CurrentState: add saftey switch status
Formation: add leader and dynamic speed changes for plane
utmpos: improve performance
Common: update GMapMarkerPlane to use specified radius
JSBSim update fix control socket issues
JSBSim: update
FlightData: fix disarm dialog logic #1156
MAVLinkInterface: log handle exception check
Swarm: update takeoff command
MainV2: ensure mavchange event occurs
Connection: Display/speed tweaks
ThemeManager: fix help rtf
ConnectionControl: fix sysid display
LogBrowse: abandon data > 3.15e20
MainV2: prevent exception
ConnectionControl: update display value
Formation: updates
Comms: update portnames
MAVLinkInterface: add mission_int receiving
ConnectionControl: improve multiple connection support
MainV2: handle theme error
FlightPlanner: support kml placemarks loaded as poi's #909
FlightData: display tweak
Settings: change default back to null
L10N: fix mistakes in zh-Hans, add mirror available check, update zh-Hans help text
Create Settings class to wrap and manage application settings.
Add progress feedback during firmware upload.
ConfigHWCompass: add primary compass note #1141
CurrentState: add rev throttle status #1146
MAVLinkCheckBoxBitMask: handle types #1145
MAVLinkInterface: fix possible null exception
Help: update help text
BoardDetect: remove apvar decoding
Strings: fix spacing
MAVLinkinterface: fix lost packet count #1124
SITL: fix issue #1138
mavlink: generate mavlink on every build - do not store output
SoftwareConfig: update to use backstageview types
ConfigFriendlyParams: seperate advanced view
BackstageView: modify to use types
ConfigRawParam: change search to regex
Wizard: accellcalib renable start button on complete
HUD: rename params and enable
FlightPlanner: datagrid view speed improve
Common: only calc text size if needed
FlightPlanner: performance improvement
BinaryLog: identify AntennaTracker logs #1133
Grid: fix do_digicamcontrol #1135
ConfigFirmware: modify firmware detection.
FlightData: improve overlay draw
GmapControl: performance tweaks
Common: performance
Grid: Improve Performance
MainV2: add reload check on fw upload
mavcmd: add vtol_transition
Grid: resolve cam_trig_dist early start when leadin was used. #1129
ConfigRawParam: add sticky column widths
ConfigFirmware: update motor setup url #1128
Quickview: force invalidate on format change
mavcmd: add plane vtol commands
hud: add ability to turn of ekf/vibe
FlightData: add ctl-1-9 to switch tabs #1122
* Mission Planner 1.3.35 - 4-2-2016
* GeoRef: add gps2 support
* Add translation: indonesian
* Ardupilot loader cleanup
* SikRadio: Code Cleanup
* Rename Solution
* MainV2: prevent cross thread call
* Firmware: change http timeout
* PX4Uploader: update bootloader support levels
* Firmware: fix px4v4 upload
* GCSViews: add abort land button for Plane
* Mavlink: add abort landing method
* Add angle (degrees) column in flight planner mission chart
* temp: vlc exception handle
* SITL: handle no home point
* MainSwitcher: update to accept Type
* ConfigMotorTest: add error message on command timeout
* Program: add opengl exception message
* ConfigMount: add param check
* ConfigHWCompass: add param check
* MavLinkParamList: make threadsafe
* Rename Sik Radio
* ConfigESCCalibration: hide screen
* InitialSetup: relabel radio from 3DR to Sik
* MissionPlanner: change project to preserve newest
* MainV2: reload on mav change.
* MissionPlanner: Copy files only if newer
* Only copy resources if newer
* Reduce memory allocation and speed up HUD drawing
* Avoid allocations by using EventArgs.Empty
* HUD: Fix grey diagonal line rendering artifact when playing video
* HUD: Reuse the texture on every draw call
* HUD: Use a TriangleStrip instead of a Quad
* Firmware: initial add for px4v4
* Disable joystick functionality when joystick is not plugged in
* Check for npot texture support
* vlcrender: Use the default stream width/height but allow overrides
* Hud: Reduce CPU usage and use the original background image
* MapBox: map update
* LogSort: favour non antenna tracker first
* MatLab: update param table, better handle bad data
* Coords: improve performance
* ConfigHWRangeFinder: add TeraRanger One support
* MainV2: remove alm download
* QuickView: improve performance
* DFLog: fix bad data exception #1103
* FlightData: Add the ability to swap the map and HUD
* Make URLs clickable in param description
* Simulation: tidyup
* Initialize theme colors to match the default theme 'BurntKermit'
* Generic: warning updates
* ConfigTradHeli: updates #1072
* MavlinkInterface: fix stream type #1094
* FlightPlanner: use verify height when inserting loiter_unlimited command #1095
* mavcmd: update to add do_parachute #1096
* CurrentState: change voltage smoothing
* LogDownloadMavlink: switch to file backed io, instead of memory (prevent out of memory errors)
* DistanceBar: remove transparency
* FlightData: make tuning graph visible by default
* Firmware: remove double board type prompt
* FlightPlanner: prevent home set loop
* FlightData: resize controls
* Generic: fix warnings
* FlightData: add trigger camera now to actions
* CheckListControl: add visibility check for timer
* FlightData: make PREFLIGHT_REBOOT_SHUTDOWN work.
* BoardDetect: add support for new usb pid
* ZedGraph: handle bad line input data
* CommsSerialPort: trace "element not found" with bluetooth devices
* ConfigHWBT: add further error message
* Mission Planner 1.3.34 - 24-12-2015
temp: make gps passthrough static
LogBrowse: add full path to xml
add null exception checks
drivers: fix eol
fitCurve: add
CurrentState: add servo_output port checking #1090
Translation es-ES
VRBRAIN: change description of some USB drivers and added missing drivers
VRBRAIN: added firmware management for new board VR Brain Core 1.0 and deleted unnecessary boards
VRBRAIN: added detection for new board VR Brain Core 1.0 and deleted unnecessary boards
add camera Sony Alpha NEX-7
mavcmd: remove engine cut off reference #1070
GridUI: add missing field to save/load #1071
FlightPlanner: make fields public #1074
Joystick: update buttonaxis min range #1080
MAVLinkParam: add explicit double conversion #1085
BinaryLog: add more detection rules #1089
vlcrender: add custom url support
MAVLink: upstream update
CollectionBuffer: fix null exception #1075
vlc intergration
ElevationProfile: fix null exception #1084
Tracking: add exception fix
FlightData: check zoom level on startup
ElevationGraph: add null check #1084
FlightData: fix conversion exception
ADSB: accept from and sysid/compid
CurrentState: add adsb
MAVLink: update
MagCalib: fix compass 3 calib
ConfigBattery: update for mono exit
ConfigTradHeli: update buttons
ConfigTradHeli: update
* Mission Planner 1.3.33 - 8-12-2015
ThemeManager: fix tree view under high contrast
LogBrowse: handle currupt log better
SBP: add inject gps sbp detection
MAVLinkParam: implement all casts
FirmwareHistory: update
CheckList: add to flightdata view
SimpleExample: request datastreams
FlightPlanner: fix dragging group bug, and speed improvement
MAVList: fix 3dr radio case
px4uploader: remove otp check
SimpleExample: update
MAVList: update 3dr radio special case
GMapMarker: Make Position virtual
Georefimage: calc average offset #1057
FlightPlanner: use units for wp circle #1068
ConfigPlanner: add method to get to testing screen.
Allow a plugin to insert waypoints anywhere in the list
Autosized an input box vertically instead of horizontally.
Display layer title in the WMS input box instead of layer name.
Modified GetCapabilities URL to work even if the wms server URL includes query strings.
MAVLinkInterface: keep track of wps read from mav #1062
FlightPlanner: add text autowp
MAVlinkInterface: change getwp timeout to 3500 ms
MAVLinkInterface: update mav severity info
MAVLinkinterface: increase log timeouts and retrys #1061
LogDownloadMavlink: fix posible bad time exception #1061
FlightPlanner: fix load and append file types
FlightPlanner: revert/tidy wp file format #1050
Preflight control
GeoRef: cleanup and exception check
InjectGPS: add rtcm indicator
CommsUDPSerialConnect: fix udp circle buffer issue
MainV2: fix posible null exception
FlightData: log MavChanged events
FlightPlanner: fix prefetch max zoom level #1054
Plugin: expose map control to plugins #1056
MAVLink: update from upstream
FlightData: Set preflight to not visible
ConfigMotorTest: update url
Switch over to using .waypoints for mission lists.
FlightData: fix language on button
LogBrowse: fix remove from graph
CommsUdpSerial: fix circle buffer #1049
FlightData: reverse message list #1046
Common: change ms to meters_per_second
RangeFinder: rename from sonar
LogBrowse: do full name check on add/remove #1025
Bug fix out of range in GetGPSFromRow when dbl-click far right on the graph
Bug fix out of range when looking for position in GetGPSFromRow
FlightPlanner: adjust alt when WP move... #736
Kindex: fix could be reset after have got #750
L10N: update zh-Hans translation
ConnectionControl: make sysid dropdown wider.
MainSwitcher: add 2nd retry, and soft fail
Grid: add ability to start/stop cam trig dist
srtm: increase tile download zoom level
ConnectionControl: add sysid selection
GridUI: fix do_digicam_control from grid
LogAnalyzer: update
LogIndex: add some more fields #1039
LogIndex: make less verbose during read
FlightPlanner: accept floats in wp_rad #1037
CollectionBuffer: fix type scope max # 1040
DFLog: add missing events #1031
Currentstate: add rpm #1038
ConfigArduCopter: IMAX Scaling #1034
Firmware: remove OTP check
Show position on the map when clicking on the graph.
ConfigRawParams: fix compile issue
ConfigHWCompass: fix buttons
New compass UI
ConfigRawParams: add search box
temp: add QNH setting (use with caution)
FlightPlanner: allow terrain type for AC 3.4+ #1022
Common: add timeinair to speech options
Gmaps: map url update
ConfigMount: restore trigg_type on load #1017
ConfigRawParams: add incremental search/search on type #1020
CommsSerialPort: add back abortonerror dcb
Tab order on Extended Tuning
LogBrowser : added min, max and mean to graph legend
LogBrowse: add right axis support from mavgraphs.xml
mavgraphs: add ekfgraphs.xml
LogBrowse: add simple mavgraphs.xml support
LogDownloadMavlink: add debug loginfo
Terminal: prevent outofrange in terminal
ConfigRawParams: add are you sure to write dialogs.
FlightData: add exception check to takeoff command
GMapControl: add exception check to graphicspath
FlightData: add exception check to set home
ElevationGraph: remove roi points from path.
MagCalib: add 3rd compass
FlightData: support param rename #981
LogOutput: fix globalization issue on .obs
MavlinkInterface: make hud text less verbose
ConfigHWCompass: add fitness values for onboard mag cal
GridUI: add simple wpno based split
FlightData: modify resume mission to work for plane
georefimage: fix relalt, credit to #jmachuca77
GimbalPoint: formatting
Program: add typeloadexception handle
SerialInjectGPS: fix requirement for baud on network protocols
SITL: add error handling
GMapControl: prevent exception on list change
GMaps: update g versions
CurrentState: set default telemrates
FlightData: fix cross thread ui call
GridUI: fix runaway
LogBrowse: fix gps status check
Grid: update load/save options
LogBrowse: performance improvements
ConfigHWCompass: add calibrate history buffer
Grid: decrease min distance bwteen lines #1007
Mavlink: update
ConfigHWCompass: add onboard compass cal (WIP)
PreFlightChecklist: move
CurrentState: add imu3 values
GeoTiff: fix start coords center pixel
PreFlightChecklist: initial version
L10N: fixs
GCSViews: add ESC Calibration #926
L10N: read config in advance
L10N: rename and support CurrentState
mavcmd: add abort alt #1002
onfigBatteryMonitor2: add
FlightPlanner: defaults for do_digicam_control
urrentState: tweak stream rate defaults
urrentState: add terrain text
MAVList: add compid support
* Mission Planner 1.3.32 - 15-9-2015
BinaryLog: add convert progress dialog
LogBrowse: add null check
Wizard: add invalid bat monitor check
SITL: add invalid home check
GeoTiff: add directory exists check
FlightData: update "change speed" when no airspeed precent #1001
add ironpython lib dll's
DFLog: make threadsafe
LogBrowse: memory performance change
BinaryLog: make threadsafe
LogBrowse: enable virtualmode for all logs
FlightData/Planner: fix background exceptions
ParamMetaData: fix loading primary metadata
FlightPlanner: fix param cast
ParamMetaData: fix param info get
LogBrowse: add presaved log entries
BinaryLog: make convertbin less verbose
LogOutput: fix waypoint at 0,0
LogIndex: add tlog duration
FirmwareHistory: update
MainV2: exclude gimbals from getting home point #986
MainV2: add sysid to home point error message #986
mavcmd: update do_mount_control for all types #988
ConfigMount: add mnt_type #987
parammetadata: update backup data
mavcmd: update headers #988
remove requirement for unsafe
GeoTiff: add geotiff support #985
temp: add reset pixhawk option (no warning)
MagCalib: dont accept 0,0 data
3DRRadio: increase multiline responce time
MavlinkInterface: add getVersion and fix severity display
HUD: show ekf red at 0.8
MAVLinkInterface: fix mp log message
LogOutput: add POS distance filter
EKFStatus: add color to flags
EKFStatus: fix transposed values
MAVLinkInterface: add mp version to tlogs
MAVLink: update to master
px4uploader: add another forged key
Georef: add missing files
EKFStatus: fix scale and flags
GeoRef update
HUD: always display ekf and vibe
BaseClasses: revert .net version
LogBrowse: increase type scan limit #972
LogBrowse: add Vibe message preselection #971
LogOutput: add pos message output to kml
LogBrowse: Add POS message output
PointLatLngAlt: add another contructor
Common: add more speech entries
Driver eol fix
ImageOverFilter: remove from compile
BaseClasses: change target framework
EKFStatus: add #949
Hud: add vibration and ekf #948
simpleexample: fix example #922
px4uploader: add forged cert check
NoFly: add nofly support. (kmz loader from nofly dir)
paramcompare: fix double vs float #963
srtm: add 0,0 check
CommsNTRIP: modify user agent.
CommsNTRIP: tweak keepalive
commNTRIP: add tcp keepalive
Vibration: update to display lines
NGEN: add ngen at startup if posible
DFLog: improve performance on bad gps message
CommsNTRIP: fix reconnect logic
logbrowse: support gps fix >=3
SerialInjectGPS: fix ntrip baud issue
wix: fix path
LogOutput: fix df kml with all gps lock types
* Mission Planner 1.3.31 - 9-8-2015
georefimage: update offsets #946
FlightPlanner: fix waypoint panel size
currentstate: fix x/y issue on optical flow #959
MainV2: change dtr logic, default to off
ConfigArducopter: update FF params to VFF #950
configarducopter: add new param names #951
configmount: rename combobox
FlightData: make useritem/quickview selection scrolable
configplanner: make JP language selectable
add JP translation by Jiro Hattori & Co
CurrentState: adjust default stream rates, to increase idle bandwidth
GCSViews: add Parachute #906
Localizations: update zh-Hans translations
MavlinkCheckBoxBitMask: fix refresh chkboxes #912
ParameterMetaDataRepository: remove zh-Hans support
DistanceBar: fix paint issues
Startup speed tweaks
Vibration: Add initial moc
Terminal: prevent command clearing on update #945
ParamFile: fix float/double compare
AP_GPS_SBF: update
FlightData: add script usage
px4uploader: clear input buffer on identify
GridUI: fix ft/m issue
FlightData: update resume mission to replace old mission
CurrentState: add vibeclip0avg
MAVlinkInterface: add force disarm #891
UTMWGS: fix equator bug
ParameterMetaData: remove zh-Hans ver.
Localizations: update urls
Localizations: update Firmware zh-Hans
MainV2: disable font size change of Chinese
ConfigRadioInput: update binding zh-Hans trans
Mavlink: heartbeat is mispelled
CurrentState: support negative current From kozinalexey
SerialInjectGPS: update baud rate box
MainV2: move kindex to background thread
flightdata: fix hidden exception
GoogleMap: speed up init, and modify url
CommsUDPSerial: make dialog generic
MAVLinkParam: set type before value.
Update internal Param system
Terminal: change nsh timing
Tidy Warning
python example
app.config: update urls so xp update still works
LogOutput: add more rinex support
MavlinkCheckBoxBitmask: fix masking
SerialOutputPass: add udp options
Terminal: nsh over mavlink tweaks
GoogleSatelliteMap: update version no
NoFly: update loader and callback
ConfigAccelerometerCalibration: move to 1 accel calib screen
* Mission Planner 1.3.30 - 19-6-2015
ConfigRadioInput: fix yaw/thro swap
Terminal: add nsh over mavlink
MAVLink update
* Mission Planner 1.3.29 - 17-6-2015
DroneShare update
fftui: add hz/rpm to point values for easy diag
fftui: modify freq detection for single imu
fftui: modify to detect sample rate based on a larger sample set
Code Cleanup
switch back to .net 3.5 to prevent designer crash on hud
DistanceBar: catch draw exceptions
LogBrowse: add extra null check
Program: add user field in error report
configradioinput: use default input positions if no rcmap params
Mavlineinterface: fix default fallthrough
Add simple gymbal support
tweak mav type display
remove simple gui
mavlinkinterface: modify injectgps
SerialInjectGPS: fix buffer size
Currentstate: add vibration message
ConfigRawParams: speed up
Common: fix config curruption issue
MAVLinkInterface: add unknown packet message
LogBrowse: change line number to time
MAVLink: update
ConfigFriendlyParam: speedup screen draw time
Static analysis fixs
Update Solution
LocationWP: add implicit conversion
ConfigRawParamTree: fix typo
Mainv2: adjust font size based on screen dpi
flightplanner: remove duplicate code
currentstate: rearrange fields
GridUI: fix turn radius and do change speed for non meters
ProgressReporterDialogue: dispose form after use
Update openfile/savefile dialog to prevent leak
FlightPlanner: add measure distance notification
MainV2: fix auto connect
update default form language
wizard: connect add firmware note
ParamMetaDataRepo: scan multiple elements for valid paramname
ParamMetaData: update to fix dup xml entrys
SITL: add joystick as direct rc input.
LogOutput: fix rinex creation
MainSwitcher: add exception handle for invalid controls
wizard: accelcalib update to exclude init message #38
px4uploader: add new vender cert
FlightPlanner: hide clear roi
fftui: add null check
LogBrowse: use time as default
currentstate: add pid feedback
MAVLink: update library
CollectionBuffer: fix index init
srtm: fix file move
Fix Rel vs AMSL Altitude Logic
srtm: remove 1 arc seconds data
Currentstate: fix cast on sonar range
currentstate: update sonarerange units #878
Mavlinkinterface: send storage write 10 seconds after setparam #882
AP_Terrain: add lib #573
CurrentState: add terrain active flag #573
CollectionBuffer: add bin support
FlightData: only allow one async updateBindingSource
currentstate: add distfrommovingbase
script: update example to include photo trigger
SITL: add vs redist notice
FlightData: Fix min windows size
Localizations: update zh-Hans
Localizations: let FW change to ConfigLang
airports.csv: update
Aitports: add seaplane base filter
MainV2: prevent system sleep while MP open
CurrentState: add imu2 to status tab
MAVlinkCheckboxBitMask: add description and name
MavlinkBitmask: add support
Mainv2: update portname when started from place other than button press
sysidselector: apply theme
SITL: User interface
DFLog: add clear function, and reset on each log load
FlightData: fix mnt param name
GimbalPoint: allow to run when not connected
MAVLinkinterface: add params from stream
FlightData: add resume mission button
Currentstate: add prev wpno saving
DFLog: add timeus to other messages
DFLog: add timeUS to base time calc
DFLog: update for new gps time field names
LogBrowse: add timeus support to drawtime
CollectionBuffer: implement Clear()
BinaryLog: dont decode data we dont know about
BinaryLog: add uint64 and int64
Flightdata: add storm32 to gymbalpoint filter
LogBrowse: add DrawTime to startup
LogBrowser: speedup DrawMap creation
MavlinkNumericUpDown: add ability to set out of range value
LogBrowse: add simple progress to df log graph (console)
CollectionBuffer: improve performance
* Mission Planner 1.3.28
fftui: change to higher data rate data
currentstate: remove ekf error flags
fft: auto detect sample rate
ConfigRadioInput: fix min/max lines and loading settings #883 #884
temp: add fft button
FFT Gui and update
FFT library
currentstate: ekf status update
Plugins: cleanup
LogAnalyzer: add to MP git
* Mission Planner 1.3.27
ParameterMetaDataParse: patch for pde to cpp rename that prevents update from working
ParameterMetaData: update backup data
ConfigArducopter: update FF param names #876
update .gitignore
temp: remove vlctotexture
ConfigAccelPlane: remove 1d accel calib
CommsSerialScan: update to allow cancel/exit
* Mission Planner 1.3.26
logbrowse: add time base to log browser #872
georefimage: fix coloum label order #873
Localization: update ConfigFM zh-Hans translation
Localization: update ConfigMotorTest zh-Hans
Localization: update ConfigFS/3DRradio zh-Hans
FlightData: fix zh-Hans text place
FlightData: add auto scroll and scrollbar for Messages
Strings: add AutoWP
logoutput: add sbas obs header
currentstate: add ekfstatus
LogOutput: dont create rinex file if no obs
LogOutput: create rinex file if obs data present
Scripts: add another python example
DFLog: improve time calc, and gps msg filter
mavlinkinterface: add cmd line on connect
SerialInjectGPS: add ntrip
LogBrowse: update message type scanning to scan the first 500000, from 30000
FlightPlanner: fix freeze on add bellow
Script: update example 2
Log: fixed bug when offset is added before scalar
update solution to remove old projects
CurrentState: add csCallBack
ParameterMetaData: add rebootrequired
BinaryLog: add double support
MainV2: add connection options
currentstate: ignore date exception
Capture: allow fall back to default capture options
MavlinkParse: fix offset start on split read
MavlinParse: fix runaway read
mavlinparse: fix timeout issue
StreamCombiner: update to use mavlinkparse
Mainv2: make doConnect more generic
TerrainFollow: make interface specific
Currentstate: change requestdatastreams to 30 sec interval
Mainv2: fix mavlinkversion in hb
streamcombiner: use packetreader to prevent bad packets
MAvlininterface: add infinity check to hzratecheck
MavlinkParse: add reader function
script: add rc - heli. arm and takeoff script
SerialInjectGPS: update to allow more input sources
temp: modify arm and takeoff button
MainV2: cleanup read code
Currentstate: specify sysid when requesting datastream
StreamCombiner: modify to set sysid's
MavlinkInterface: move requestDatastream packet stats to per MAV
Mainv2: get all params on connect
mavlinkinterface: add sysid to param list dialog
flightdata: fix bintolog conversions directory #854
MultiMav: update
temp: give fresh look
mainv2: make sysidselector always topmost, and non modal
currentstate: add sitl speedup value
mavlinkinterface: fix bad packet count bug (when multi mav)
GMapMarkerQuad: add sysid and display
flightdata: add do-set-home support on flightdata #846
flightdata: make status tab text wider #860
temp: add arm and takeoff button
droneshare: change to private as default
CommsFile: add read exception when not connected
mavlinklog: fixup custom log items
Flightdata: add takeoff connected check, and capture traveled path when screen not active
Spline2: change to use dt
SITL: fix quad home alt
googlesatallitemaps: version update
georefimage: add image time offset for each image when using cam sync #856
SerialInjectGPS: add new form to inject data
droneshare: upload change
Strings: move strings to resource
Mavlinkinterface: add InjectGPSData
georefimage: add bin support #855
Flightdata: add ability to convert multiple bins to logs in one hit #854
CurrentState: add voltage flags
HIL: update for sitl quad lockstep
Common: add target heading to AT icon
Grid: add leadin and cleanup
Common: add AT servo_test mode
Common: fix antenna tracker heading
Simulation: change timing structure
Simulation: get sitl working with jsbsim
Mavlinklog: add ability to offset a log from its home alt (shift key on kml button)
Simulation: add sitl timestep (no realtime)
FlightPlanner: add modifyalt exception handle
GMapControl: allow int overflow on polygon draw
DistanceBar: add resize 0 checks
MainSwitcher: invoke creation on gui thread
LogMap: add log open file share
MainSwitcher: add null control check
mavcmd: add loiter to alt
Mavlink: lib update
georef: add relative basealt option
mavlinklog: update kml creation to use home alt + rel alt
Localization: optimize HUD translations
ConfigMount: fix wiki link and zh-Hans translation
Log: DoubleClick log item to apply user-defined offset and scalar
Log: Optimize constructor for faster graphing
mybutton: add colour change invalidate
* Mission Planner 1.3.25
configframetype: update
configrawparam: modify load/save button text
hud video: add vlc test
HUD: fix bgimage whiteout
mainv2: add plugin load skip (shift key)
Mainv2: make menu panel public
Coords: add ability to change unit test
firmware: change url null to blank check
flightplanner: autoresize Columns on panel expand
SoftwareConfig: make sure theme applys to children
Missionplanner: remove old defines
firmware: add url null check
simulation: add default init of sitl quad to home location
configarducopter: fix tune high and low scale #839
mainv2: add error logging
joysticksetup: fix warnings
utils: update speech lib
mavlinkcombobox: add subcontrol support
simulation: add jsbsim step
Uploader: segmented enum values and moved others to consts due to improper enum use.
flightplanner: better handle land command display
Distancebar: fix double buffer
jsbsim: update config to match sitl
firmware: fix <= board version
jsbsim: update
scripts: add more sample python scripts
firmware: update firmware version no is pulled from, and add arducopter on apm2 retired board message
confighwsonar: cleanup unused var
distancebar: enable double buffer
mavlink: update library
georefimage: add null check
configmotortest: add exception message
firmware: fix extra ;
Mainv2: fix light/dark icons
configplanner: fix startup flag
mainv2: change logsort/maps order
logsort: cleanup and move by filename filter
Missionplanner: fix version.txt creation
* Mission Planner 1.3.24
MainV2: change plugin load order
update: do a blank string check on update
flightplanner: fix wp upload issue when 2 wp's have the same values #829 *IMPORTANT*
HUD: create more turn off options
Mainv2: rearrange startup
missionplanner: update post build event
quickview: modify docking to prevent flicker
Grid: add turn dia
Gimbalpoint: new geopoint calc using srtm alt
rangecontrol: width tweaks
resources: make public
HUD: cleanup and option parts
GimbalPoint: update code
flightplanner: fix no display of some mav_cmds based on recent 0 check change
flightplanner: show 0 lats and 0 longs on map
gmaproute: add better stroke handleing
mavlinkinerface: add connected check to param fetch
airports: update airports
GMappolygon: fix null reference
* Mission Planner 1.3.23
Add satcount and GPS HDOP to 3O second interval speech synthesis.
flightplanner: fix posible missed wp on lossy link #823
* Mission Planner 1.3.22
GMapPolyon: fix exception
flightplanner: fix reading saved wp file with more than 255 wp's
opengltest: update
joystick: do repeat servo, fix pwm max #822
mavlinkinterface: cleanup debug
mavlinkinterface: workaround for 3dr radio dup seqnos
droneshare: update
configarducopter: fix ch7/ch8 and tune combobox
mainswitcher: fix for crossthread screenchange
commsserialport: add null exception check
gmapcontrol: add resize exception handle
configbatterymonitor: give more text space
configmotortest: add another button for tricopters
simulation: fix sitl/hil
flightplanner: fix terrain wp readback
* Mission Planner 1.3.21
joystick: add button axis #815
configarducopter: mod min max #818
flightplanner: tweak multi point move (control+click wp, or control+drag box)
flightplanner: initial multi move (use control key)
flightplanner: add undo (control-z)
3drradio: fix string reference
mavlinkinterface: factor out setwp
flightplanner: function out datagrid population
Joystick, Radio, add exception handling.
* Mission Planner 1.3.20
currentstate: add ch9-16 in
firmwarehistory: update
flightplanner: fix dragging home exception
wizard:optionalhw update pram name
confighwsonar: update to new param name
currentstate: arrange gps info together
Uploader: add get_chip command
configmotortest: add duration option #796
mavlinkinterface: fix getwpcount bug #805
Optimize checked BackColor
forms "Display this"
Localization: update HUD translation
Locallization: update Params zh-Hans translation
Config: add UTF-8 support
Localization: fix Wizard zh-Hans translation
Localization: update Wizard zh-Hans translation
mavlinkinterface: add setparam debug logging
configarducopter: update to use new controls, and paramnames
mavlinknumericupdown: add post value update, auto min,max, and multiple paramnames
gmapmarkerairport: disable at low zoom levels
flightplanner: fix wms layer request
3drradio: fix max transmit power for new radios
common: modify get file from net to check last modified and file size
mavlinkutil: implement more efficent bytetostruct method. (50% faster)
pluginloader: fix path to all lower case
common: add new gmapmarkerwp
flightplanner: use new wpmarker and homename
gridui: use new wpmarkers
gmapmarkerairport: fix scale on zoomout
configantennatrakcer: remove proxymode
configantennatracker: remove proxy mode #799
parammetadatebackup: update baseline param set
flightplanner: use new dashstyle
flightdata: use new dashstyle
gridui: use new dashstyle
gmaproute: add custom dashstyle
kindex: add daily cache
tfr: add daily cache
georefimage: add a few estimates
georefimage: add option to use offsets on just cam messages
georefimage: fix GE kml networkload issue
httpserver: tweak output
sharpkml: fix folder
WarningEngine: only alert when connected.
mainv2: change adsb lock
joystick: add raw input line. (no expo)
horizontalprogressbar: seperate min max line draw
flightdata: change adsb lock
configreadioinput: prevent config if radio off #793
DistanceBar: tweaks
firmware: add bad dependancy error message on firmware upload
configplanner: change excpetion to error message
loganalyzer: handle malformed data better
confighwbt: handle comport open exception
gridui: fix error on 359 + start angle
GMap: add MercatorProjectionGCJ
Localization: move Update strings
Localization: update InitalSetup zh-Hans translation
Localization: update ConfigAC zh-Hans translation
ConfigHWBT: add a Bluetooth module picture
Multiple: update zh-Hans translation
MagCalib: add zh-Hans translation
GMap: fix GoogleChinaSatelliteMap
RawParamsTree: fix diydrones/MissionPlanner#769
3drradio: update mavlinkserialport #785
mavlinklog: fix remove from graph #790
ExtGuided: new test plugin
joysticksetup: preselect last joystick used
configplanner: restore last video resolution
flightdata: add autotune button
mavlinkinterface: remove old arming method
python example: upload mission
gitignore: add ignore
flightdata: default mode dropdown to auto
* Mission Planner 1.3.19
grid: fix exception #784
* Mission Planner 1.3.18
hud: reduce spin time and tweak image resize
capturemjpeg: tweak object lifetime
droneshare: fix messagebox type
logdownloadmavlink: add droneshare exception
logbrowse: add better cleanup on load/reload #782
dflog: add line end trimming.
Update: add Chinese CDN Mirror
ConfigFirmware: some warnings zh-Hans translation
Survey Grid generation improvement. Alternating Lanes
configraparamtree: cleanup
mavlink: update from master mavlink repo
mavlink: update
mainv2: refresh screen on usb unplug #778
tlogthumbnailhandler: remove console grab
ConfigBatVoltage: bypass low pass #779
MainV2: add rally point warning
LogMap: create image for mavlink 0.9 logs
MainSwitcher: update cleanup method
wix: update installer for com registration
httpserver: fix tracking value
ConfigArducopter: remove hld_lon_p
logindex: add .bin and .log
Tracking: fix event value
LogMap: add .log and .bin support
tlogThumbnailHandler: first commit
logbrowse: add more predefined graphs
srtm: allow http exception to requestRunner
distancebar: fix posible overflow error
3drradio: update urls for rfd900s
srtm: return new altresponce on alt query
configfirmware: add motor setup url
RallyPoints: fetch on connect to AP
Grid: fix time calc #774
configarducopter: increase imax min/max #655
flightplanner: remove snap zooming #690
configarducopter: fix french translation #683
mavcmd: add guided_limits #676
flightdata: add colors to graph this dialog. #735
configrawparamtreeview: turn off autocomplete #714
grid: add delay to total time taken #716
configaccelplane: add more warnings. #718
mavlinklog: fix kml cdata close tag #733
wizard: fix tri frame selection #738
mainv2: make sure usb unplug is seen #744
mavcmd: remove do_Set_home for copter #747
currentstate: add optflow info #745
confighwcompass: tweak posible bad error on mag dec input.
mavcmd: add do_set_roi for plane. #763
currentstate: fix posible bad home location #768
configmotortest: update url #770
FlightData: fix time based slowdown.
mavlinkinterface: fix logplayback wp reading (gcs side)
logdownloadmavlink: add scrollbar
Firmware: update CN mirror url
Multiple: update zh-Hans translation
GMAP: add AMap and localization for maps' names
Hud: update to fail to gdi on first opengl command
logdownloadmavlink: add scrollbar to log list
px4uploader: add new public key
comms: updserialconnect
Solution: fix build dependancys
comms: udpserialconnect force initial connection
Mainv2: add new udpserialconnect
Comms: add udpserialconnect
3drradio: update note
configfirmware: default back to ENG
Strings: re-add some of Firmware
bin2log: fix chinese appear at log's mode name
mavlinkinterface: fix statustext bug
flightplanner: add loaded wp filename
logdownloadmavlink: add droneshare intergration
mavlinkinterface: fix mav type detection on getheartbeat
flightdata: fix distance bar
logbrowse: use common map provider
wizard accel: fix exception
* Mission Planner 1.3.17
confighwbt: fix retry on invalid baud
airport: update list from
mavlinkinterface: update to use new strings
Strings: move more strings
mavlinkinterface: implement both arm methods
Kindex: update to use new url
MainV2: move strings
Terminal: update terminal note
confighwbt: fix order of commands
confighwbt: program a hc-06
Firmware.cs: Added VRBRAIN 5.2 and corrected conflicts after rebase.
Added new board VR Brain 5.2: detection, driver and upload firmware
cleanup unused vars
DistanceBar: add trial
GStreamerHud: Testing
Firmware: add failure logging
SimpleExample: add simple example
Mavlinparse: add parser
ConfigHWBT: wip.
Translation: move some strings, cleanup
FlightData: update to use dotted line on flightdata
MAVLinkinterface: change arm/disarm to use current target id
LogBrowse: add ability to open very large logfiles (300mb bins)
CollectionBuffer: improve performance
Firmware: add chinese CDM Mirror by SkiTiSu
PluginLoader: add plugin fail logging
csproj: cleanup dependancys
MAVLink Log - add tlog fn to title bar
CollectionBuffer: make work for strings
ConfigFirmware: add licence details
configrawparamtree: add exception check on reset
LogBrowse: exception handle on no data on rowpaint
FlightData: add avi close exception handle
ConfigRawParam: exception check values on save
Joystick: add exception check to rcoverrideclear
Mainv2: fix log map create exception
joystick: fix load config path
TFR: change fill color
* Mission Planner 1.3.16
KIndex: implement kindex
Multiple: Exception checks
mavlinkinterface: reinstate request param list
MAVLinkInterface: modify parameter get when packets are lost
3drradio standalone: changelog dates
FlightPlanner: remove unused code
tfr: add exception handle
3drradio standalone: update changelog
3drradio: switch back to static strings
paramcompare: fix typo
3DRRadio: update for 900u
Strings: add some localization
ElevationGraph: add terrain follow
MeasureString: add null check
tfr: fix crossthread call on load
mavcmd: update loiter_turns
thememanager: fix alternate row colour on other themes
flightplanner: turn on autosize on all coloums
winddir: autoscale max speed
configaccelplace: add warning about only doing 1 of the 2 calibs
georef: fix field reverse #727
mavcmd: update to display do_land_start
TFR: allow enable/disable of tfrs
Support for TetraCAM Time offset Geotagging
VRBRAIN: added and updated drivers for all VRX boards
VRBRAIN: inhibited the message of waiting of musical tones after firmware's upload for all VRX boards
VRBRAIN: added recognition and management of boards VR Micro Brain 5.2, VR Gimbal 2.0 and VR Micro Gimbal 1.1
FirmwareUpload: VRBRAIN added board detection for VRBRAIN 4.
ConfigBatteryMonitoring: Added VRBRAIN4 board pins and corrected VRBRAIN 5 and VR Micro drop down auto-select
update Simplified Chinese translation
flightdata: move tfr to its own layer
firmwarehistory: update
mavlinkinterface: trigger camera only once. #731
Added DefaultWebProxy to WebRequest to use IE default settings.
flightdata: preflight_calib, only set gyro calib on copter
* Mission Planner 1.3.15
MainV2: add null check on threads on exit
wizard: compasscalib, add exception handle
Currentstate: add laser positon health message
MAVLink: update upstream lib
sphere: remeber autocomplete
tfr: update to individual shapes (wip)
progresssphere: fix autocomplete logic bug
logbrowse: move map clear inside exception handle
ConfigSimplePid: convert to invariant culture
* Mission Planner 1.3.14
tfr bug fix
* Mission Planner 1.3.13
magcalib: add mag2 0's check
magcalib: add new hitcount target, and default autcompelte to off
configarducopter: add heli FF's
magcalib: use new force param to set compass 2 offsets
mavinterface: add ability to force a param upload
magcalib: add option to not autocomplete
TFR: add tfr
mavcmd: update do_repeat_relay and do_set_relay
CurrentState: update dist to home to be 0 if home is 0
MagCalib: modify completion trigger, and change instructions
configcompassmot: add exception handle around deactivate, not sure how this is happening.
* Mission Planner 1.3.12
FlightData: fix quickview sizeing
FlightData: remove FP autopan.
Fix language issues
flightdata: make tuning graph this higher.
srtm&terrainfollow: add ability to detect ocean tiles
flightdata: PREFLIGHT_CALIBRATION do gyro cal as well
mavcmd.xml remofe ROI
ConfigFailSafe: section up failsafe screen
georefimage: fix for bad gps line
FlightPlanner: add cancel code to getwps
Mainv2: add fw version to titlebar
flightdata: add disarm confirmation
mavlinkinterface: add other radio status packet to current mav
Plugins: fix units
Fix Unit scaling.
WarningManager: fix to us correct currentstate
MAVLinkInterface: make sure radio packets are seen on active mav
currentstate: fix unit conversion
configcompassmot: fix compassmot issue
update drivers
MavlinkLog: make more efficient and add treeview
* Mission Planner 1.3.11
MetaData: update backup meta data
MAVLink: update library
Mainv2: prevent loading bad home location
RangeControl: fix orange highlighting #654
add land complete maybe #663
MAVLinkinterface: fix posible exclusive issue
cleanup warnings
AntennTrackerIcon: add heading display
configantennatracker: fix test button, and dropdowns
mavlinkNumericUpDown: add auto decimal places
move packetloss counters
MAVLinkserialport: modify to use a thread
Multiple: multiple sysids on 1 link
MovingBase: set rally total if enabled
currentstate: reinstate rc receiver message
mavlinkinterface: make sure aptype is set from log/serial
FlightData: display all connected mavs
ConfigAntennaTracker: fix increments
ConfigAntennaTracker: initial extended tuning
Backstate: add scrollbars
mavinterface: add mavchanged event
GridUI: add units to simple screen
currentstate: remove debug
px4uploader: do otp check only once
sysid selection
mavlinkinterface: fix geofence upload verification check
flightplanner: fix null exceptions on no home
Currentstate: modify binding source method
Update Simplified Chinese Translation
Add Maestro speed/accel parameters
update to use antenna tracker icon on map
common: add antenna tracker icon
MAVLinkinterface: prep for multiple sysids on 1 link
python example 2: add parameter fetch
mavlink: add frametype storing
update TC translation
WarningManager: add theme, and item remove
Joystick: modify expo function
Currentstate: update lat2lng2 to double, update lat/lng sig figures when coming from an int type packet
WarningManager: add child support. (WIP)
Flightplanner: fix mapcontrol name
FlightPlanner: add autopan to FP
configflightmodes: add simple and super simple filter
currentstate: move gps2 info, and make satcount2 visible/plotable
HUD: remember hud show option on restart
mavcmd: add do_gripper to command list for AC
MAVLink: update library
dflog: add out of memory error
Fix GeoFence Breach Logic
fix , vs . issue #636
update TC translation
* Mission Planner 1.3.10
georef: add tiff support
currentstate: add m to ft conversion on terrain alt
FlightPlanner: fix m to feet conversion
magcalib: add colours
SpainMap: update main url
Geofence: set fence_action to 0 before upload, and restore on finish
configfirmware: update 3.2 warning message
ParameterMetaData: update to use stable or master on param meta data based on MP beta usage.
app.config: update metadata to always pull from stable branchs
Capture: placeholder code for crossbar selection.
ConfigPlanner: remember video device.
flightplanner: make sline work from the grid interfaces
FlightPlanner: add distance check to dashed home line
Survey (Grid) Delay and HeadingHold Upgrades
Survey(Grid) Save "checked" for internals and footprints.
User requested survey save the checked option.
Survey (Grid).copter. Change waypoint delay.
currentstate: add battery2 values
mavlink: update library
configbatterymonitor: update hv power module number
matlab: reduce memory footprint more using file backed arrays
matlab: deal with large bin files, output split mat files
Binarylog: new function ConvertBin, and update users
configmotortest: check frame param exists
srtm: add comment
magcalib: fix exception on mag calib from log on apm2
gimbalpoint: add another check to determine if feature exists
logbrowse: add another presaved mechanical issue check
joystick: add gimbal point track.
flightdata: add gimbal point zero check
mainv2: speedup gmaps cache on mp close
Flightdata: expand user item selection box
Program: fix http get issues
FlightModes: add simple mode note
Common: add {curr} to speech engine
ADSB: add custom server option #617
Joystick: disable on error
joystick: add connected check when a button is pushed on the joystick #623
Mavlink: add code to prefer a non antenna tracker target. if one exists
flightdata: fix status screen exception on first run
joystick: send rcoverride of 0 on unplug. #624
program: swich back to default http options
gimbalpoint: update to use mount status message.
joystick: add ability to toggle mount pan stab on and off
initialsetup: accel fix tracker detection
flightdata: fix map update issue
srtm: update to use new data location
srtm fix srtm alt. wrong average
configaccel tracker: add ability to accel calib tracker
POI: add null check on delete poi
speedup application shutdown
program: remove bad log analysis file
update TC translation
flightdata: fix log analysis from a bin file.
flightdata: tweak thread join
joystick mount mode: add description of modes
joystick: add mount mode via joystick
joystick: add takeoff via button
flightplanner: fix mono exception
Firmware: update antenna tracker icon
add statkart_topo map for general use
Main: update httpserver stop method to new api
georef: add path list, and fix point alts
httpserver: add stop method
add statkart topo maps
flightdata: fix termination, and mount exception
adsb: fix termination
* Mission Planner 1.3.9
fix grid issue.
fix treeview save
add treeview param checking
fix fp altmode change
wp file update for frame type
add sensors precent check
hide gimbal point unless used.
add fwversion.xml excpetion check
* Mission Planner 1.3.8
grid modifications by tristan novak
language mods by ellissu
fix timeinair bug #521
LOGS BROWSER: Added interactivity between map, graph chart and data grid
turn off overflow checking in gmaps
flightplanner: add new frame selection
uploader: remove code causing exception
FlightPlanner -- Render first and last flight line to home as "dashed". Issue: #584
FlightPlanner - Click off menu to close. #583
enum: add enumtolist option
adsbplane: shrink from 59 to 40 pix
droneshare: modify ssl profile for droneshare
Threading: modify thread termination stratagy
Survey (Grid) - Remove return path between first and last point. #584
Survey (Grid) Move DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST to after the first waypoint.
Survey (Grid) Auto change units (Imperial) Stats show most reasonable unit. Area: ft^2->Acres->miles^2 Distance: ft->miles
sonar add exception check
magcalib: 0 compass 2 before calib
msi drivers
flightplanner: add ability to load custom commands
mainv2: add lang debug
currentstate: add toh and inverse geofence status check
spline: update first spline point to match actual
gridv2: mod color
DFLog: add extra df ERR messages
speech: add armed check to low alt, and low airspeed warnings
gridv2 changes
Changed "Survey (Grid)" plug-in. Added RTL option in UI. Also saves/loads camera trigger type.
heli: add heli icon on map.
magcalib: fix comments
simulation: stop exception on not connected
paramtree: add node expansion
stkv2: fix posible overflow
radioinput: use rcmap for display.
paramtreeview: fix spacing
currentstate: add monitoring of geofence,ahrs and terrain problems
flightplanner: remove terrain_check on wp upload (now done by ap)
terrainfollow: add exception protection and logging
terrain: fix east north mixup
use new gps_offset method in TerrainFollow
fix build refrences
tweak networklink kml
terrainfollow: unsubscribe on destroy and dont send 0 alts
update jsbsim.exe
currentstate: improve ch3 % calc
quickview: add number formating
gridv2: use min and max alt from file
magcalib: reduce number of points required.
enable nuget package restore on build
httpserver: update generated kml of flightpath
appconfig: remove some network tracing
flightplanner: add terrain alt frame type
gmapmarkerairport: fix overflow
paramcompare: add ability to use a callback
mavlink: add locking on getwp
rawparamtree: initial trial
flightplanner: fix null exception
commportserial: add exception logging
clean error exit on failed connect.
modify exception type to timeoutexception
make sure canceled box closes
fix bluetooth "element not found"
VRBRAIN: Added VRX/VRBRAIN into list of boards for connect the terminal
VRBRAIN: Added preset of battery monitor for VR Brain and VR Micro Brain 5
add FP null checks
add terrain status to currentstate
fix dual mag message on change
fix updateClearRouteMarker
fix a cross thread call
cleanup python engine after run
fix udp serial issues
udpserial. ensure the old client is closed.
progressreporter. if we cancel something, dont show the dialog
update Traditional Chinese translation
remove airport.dat and usage
open up udpconnections
include shorts in tlog to csv conversion
rename label on compassmot screen
clip srtm
add mirrorstream write access option
fix exceptions on connect to ardutracker
add option to stop/start adsb
fix gmaps web cache
quickview speed tweak
update mavlink
bring back gauges
add mapbox nofly zone
fix motor test text
try release joystick more
dont touch dtr on no reset
droneapi updates
add text grid fit to hud
add watts
close selectform on main log window close
add antenna tracker exception
add firmware type to stats
identify bootloader
update upload failure message
update set tracker here to use srtm alt.
add imax to pid link check for AC
change manual to loiter on action tab
check p,i,d for arducopter pid link
update for speech engine during logmap creation
update sonar types to use autodoc
add elevation graph null check
add exception handle on motor test
* Mission Planner 1.3.7
fix a mag calib issue on apm2
* Mission Planner 1.3.6
fix otp failure types
update zh-hans thanks bys1123
add poi to FD and FP
fix udp reader for split packets
add shp to poly converter with reprojection
update mavlink library
fix gimbal pan max
use srtm for verify alt
add droneshare support
updated geotag tool by Jesus
add gimbal point lib
zedgraph zoom fix
add maplog generation
mag calib/sphere updates
gmaps update
wip survey grid v2
add srtm data to elevation graph
add vrbrain support by lukemike
add spline circle
new battery sensor
fix bluetooth issues by FenomPL
joystick library disposal fixs by jasells
change motor numbers to letters in motor test
fix antenna tracker alt
add gimbal pointing
add gps2
* Mission Planner 1.3.5
add magcalib bypass
fix magcalib
* Mission Planner 1.3.4
magcalib fix
add docking remember, expose fullpointlist
fix digital airspeed pin
magcalib - adjust centerpoint on sphere/check based on best guess
* Mission Planner 1.3.3
airport bg loading
airport display filtering.
add spline options.
fix adsb exception when using sbs
fix exceptions on georef and log filter change
add connect in readonly mode. (right click header bar)
* Mission Planner 1.3.2
add exception handlers
fix github failed dl exception
tweak mag calib settings
add airport 3nm ring
update px4uploader comments
vrbrain update
Images GeoRef Tool Update (CAM Msg + CleanUp)
add clear logs verify
reduce mag calib point count requirement
fix reset to defaults
increase sphere point size
Fix Ourairports parsing routine
px4uploader xml file intergration
OTP update
clickonce updates
initial motor test work
update mavlink specs
Fix type in basic tuning
move RP_feel back to top of simple pids
Change Nmea output to use alt ASL
fix bad mode in binary log conversion
fix logbrowse filter
Add new Airports function
Update georef format
tweak mavlink log download status
allow revert of switch docking on FP screen
* Mission Planner 1.3.1
add test flight planner dock switch
add more error handleing in varius locations.
improve wp uploading
switch order on simple pids screen.
fix 3drradio config screen.
fix mavlink getparam bug.
fix updater forground issue #423
fix datagridview clear issue on mono #426
add filtering on basic tuning to fix #424
update python script examples.
add board voltage and servo rail voltage to status.
* Mission Planner 1.3.0
add MAVLinkSerialPort (serial tunnel)
add spline support
fix end dialog on default params when canceled
add vertical support to coords control
add gpsfix type 4,5 to hud
add formated timeinair to hud
allow 2 line input box
add sphere and progressreportersphere
add takeoff and land to gridui
update mavlink library (rc_channels)
add circularbuffer lib
fix pointlatlongalt get bearing (deg-rad issue)
make pointlatlngalt comparable via tag
add 1 arc seconds srtm downloading (USA)
add intopolated elevation from srtm
add simple max value cheking.
implement more advanced/simple mode.
if offline, mp uses srtm for elevation verification.
fix max zoom in flightplanner
fix loading newer qgc mission files
support do_jump commands in Flightplanner
support splines in Flightplanner.
support full path distance in Flightplanner (ie including jumps)
add load shape file support, for missions. (needs attributes "wp","ELEVATION" and in lat,long)
add joystick packet throttleing
add subscription system to mavlink interface
update 3dr radio uploader to support MAVLinkSerialPort
enable row colours in DGV
add RC Feel Roll/Pitch to simple pids
add magcalib ellipsoid support.
add new warnings engine.
fix osdvideo.
* Mission Planner 1.2.99
fix error in selection in default settings
update ftdi drivers
tweak imagelabel to prevent exception
add arrow to winddir
update mavlink from upstream
remove all legacy tooltip code
remove legacy io/bl options
add control-o/s in flight planner. load/save
ap-mission prep for partial wp uploading support (only changed wp's)
ap-mission add more error handeling on wp upload
add support for global alt change by + and *
tested MP with sitl, fixed any issues, for quad/flightgear
add seperate joystick configs based on connect model type.
fix kmz creation from px4 bin file (thanks randy)
add fmt filtering to logbrowse. only shows messages that exist in log.
add more exceptions handleing in wizard
magcalib add support for log files. using mag and mag2
magcalib add support for mag offsets and scaling. (not yet used)
add Fullscreen option. (right click menu bar)
* Mission Planner 1.2.98
update default settings to refresh tab on use
add additional drivers
add translation to grid
add est flight times to grid interface
fix srtm exception
fix throttle scaling on compass mot
add mag calib mod from rh-galaxy
remove mag calib test code until properly tested
add messagetab
add simple poi (WIP)
add ability to enter wp in UTM coords
joystick mods - add arm,disarm,servo,relay,mode changes. also hat switch to axis mapping
mod logbrowse - needs work for ubuntu memory usage.
fix DF log broswe header filter click
fix mavlink log dl extra line feeds
mod gpx outputs to include wpt
modify update check to reduce dupe dl on fail
modify update check to use random query string to stop proxys
add more logging to version detect.
update wix installer
wizard - auto select correct comport on load.
wizard - add connect retry on fail
wizard - fail wizard on serialport drop.
wizard - fix arm check to stay green and add warnings about prop spin
fix link quality indicator on link loss
add more fw history
decrease frequency of new fw check
remove wizard from first time use.
allow more http requests
add initial loganlysis code. (WIP)
* Mission Planner 1.2.97
change log browse to virtualmode. much faster on windows
fix for posible future update bug
* Mission Planner 1.2.96
add ability to change text on buttons in servo tab
modify some hud user item decimal places
update mavlink
add compassmot via mavlink
add simplegrid
fix current sensor loading
add bearing to FP tab, for last wp and mouse pos.
fix ft/m issue with rallypoints
add more errorchecking to dflog browse (logs without FMT messages)
fix mono check box drawing issue in log browse
add hh:mm:ss to mavlink log review data points
tweak df log download over mavlink
add rts/cts to 3dr radio config
add better version detection
fix timeinair counter when playing back log at something other than 1x
update fw historys
remove default setings, moved to frame type
add serial port nice name cache
cleanup udp on 2nd connect
modify gridui to put cam trig distance as part of mission.
add new AS sensor support.
fix a few exceptions
add reboot command to end of terminal
try simplefy pixhawk fw upload.
BG work on joystick
* Mission Planner 1.2.95
move Advanced view to a higher function
modify georef as per new offsets, and made tlog the same
add filter to .param file listing
terminal, filter '\r's
add advanced view option to friendly params view
hide advanced option on firmware screen
add reload option to mainswitcher
adsb process more sbs messages
* Mission Planner 1.2.94
add default settings
fix battery show on hud
add new y6b to wizard and frame type screen
add wizard busy by Ronnie Hedlund
change hud user items back to 2 decimals.
add error message decoding in df logs.
move load default params from pid screen to full param screen.
rejig df browse, to not colapse tree on clear.
add ability for 2 line buttons in backstage
add timeout to serialport nice name, as can hang some machines for a while
remove rotatemap, as no longer works
test new menu system, that should allow localization
add simple/advanced view (shows/hides tabs) Planner settings > advanced to get it back
add firmware version checking on connect
update translation zh-hans
backstage view modification
fix grid angle auto select
more adsb wip
modify rip path
fix/add press_temp to realtime graphing + other int32 and uint16
add custom earthbuilder map. (western australia only)
add fw version extraction
* Mission Planner 1.2.93
add ERR to DF log
add treeview to log browser (will break old DF logs)
add double support to user hud item
add ctrl-f in raw param screen (find)
add double support to realtime graphing
add df log saved views as per randys problem page.
tweak DF over mavlink
tweak 433 3drradio max freq. 454 > 460
fix min fence value 30m
fix 4 in 1 esc bat mon load for ',' users
add new Y frame
fix param rounding
add adsb - wip
add modes to gpx files
add low pass on bat voltage
fix min alt alert to not trigger on startup
tweak wp upload timeout 700ms > 400ms
tweak wp retry via partial list.
modify maestro antenna tracking for 180,180 servos
allow negative loiter radius
add joystick hat switch usage
add a few exception handles
add color to loiter type wp's
fix takeoff pitch.
* Mission Planner 1.2.92
sort saved param list
wizard tweaks
remove FS_GPS_ENABLE from FS screen
add bin file support to most DF log functions
add wizard to initial setup
add date timestamp to df over mavlink
ensure .bin support for matlab file generation.
fix posible get mavlink param issue.
add checkbox's to wizard verify
speedup df over mavlink log dl
* Mission Planner 1.2.91
fix non standard frame type
add DF log download over mavlink
fix DF to kml/gpx, using FMT now
add more log sort criteria - 0 byte, and invalid/bad
fix keyboard shortcuts
bring the wizard out to play
* Mission Planner 1.2.90
new df over mavlink
fix grid advanced button
remove arduino verbose logging
update mavlink headers (df over mavlink)
better error handling of bad log lines in DF log
fix posible log dl issue
thread fw version download
* Mission Planner 1.2.89
fix kml/gpx creation
log browser mod
df log renaming based on gps time
fix fw history
add time from DF logs
rework logbrowse internals
rework log downloader
fix logic error in wizard connect
update 3drradio config
regen mavlink headers
add lock to aviwritter
move heli setup screen
modify ac upload fw message
* Mission Planner 1.2.88
add movingbase display - using nmea gps
tweak wizard connect
update sr3 to include sr1
update h frame
fix culture issuis on standard and advanced view
fix spline view/remove
add prefetch wp path
add settings load and save for grid
add low airspeed/groundspeed warnings
address , vs .
* Mission Planner 1.2.87
add asratio
change load iris defaults to use compare
add okcancel to custom mesagebox
add partial refresh to pid config screens
add ability to load default params for frames.
add rally point display in FD
add df log to kml in FD
add grad + dist to FP
add load and save rally points to file
interface out df to kml generation
tweak get params on mavlink log
fix rally point alt when loading from mav
update 3drradio config - custom fw, new url, new extension, new max window
add gpstime
tweak paramcompare
add accel scan in control-f
* Mission Planner 1.2.86
spline display support
doublebuffer quick view
move hud message text to bottom of hud & always ontop
fix processreporterdialog size on mono
add iris defaults to full param list
fix rally point alt
close comport on log download close
close logbrowse on no file picked
add internal plla to vector3
make mavlink log selection form close on new log load
increase multiple timeouts on mavlink interface - ms
- setparam 500 > 700
- get wp count 500 > 700
- set wp 150 > 700
- get fence point 500 > 700
- get rally point 500 > 700
add better high prio severity message parsing.
fix 3dr radio config device id
update H frame icons to I
tweak wizard connect
increase connect time - other boards compatability
remove no rc receiver temp
* Mission Planner 1.2.85
update map library - this will invalidate your map prefetch
remove arial narrow and Century Gothic font issues
add ability to load a kml linestring as a mission
add kmz overlay and import support
fix AC imax limits
add view flightplan as kml
fix speech over speak
fix bad first packet in mavlink logs
support now DF log gps line
modify getParam timeout from 0.2 to 0.7
* Mission Planner 1.2.84
add new winddir
fix px4 uploader same fw error
update parammetadatabackup.xml
move log sorting to bg thread
add null checking in joystick
modify hb search to only find mav.
add null and blank check to setmode
reformat grad sig figures
limit hillstate output to 40 hz, 50 hz floods serial link
quad hil in flightgear working.
fix the way reboot is issued on terminal connect, incase we are at nsh shell
update gmap to top the 404's
add Marquee support to my progressbar
fix spaces in matlab names
speed up bin log browse
add bin to log on FD screen
* Mission Planner 1.2.83
add log sorting
add password protected config
add pan and remove from log browse
fix terminal multiple connect clicks
fix set home alt button to switch between asl and agl
add more options to failsafe screen
add password support to inputbox
fix posible gmap 404 error
add px4flow driver to msi
* Mission Planner 1.2.82
address .net update/issues
add msi default tlog application
update px4uploader
update ardurover pid screen.
add 3dr 4 in 1 esc
update mavlink library
* Mission Planner 1.2.81
fix guage exception
change mybutton colours back
add more grid stats
add grid map type
extract mavlink library
prep for AP 2.5 release
add ability to add wp mid mission (right click)
move updater to seperate thread
add sensor checking
fix speech data warning and voltage
add rally points
add super simple
add new battery param names
add support for passing tlog at command line.
add load to current state
* Mission Planner 1.2.80
exception fixs
fix mono menu bar color
fix wizard connect screen - better error handling
add default_alt checking
fix stats file close
fix mono board detection for px4/pixhawk
add thisreallyvisible for mono
add back hud updates in background
show beta updates as beta
tweak msi installer
* Mission Planner 1.2.79
dpinst tweaks
enable doublebuffer on coords display
fix progressdialog fontscaling and exception
relocate survey option to auto wp menu and apply theme
fix neagtive area on suvery screen
add trackerhome by Will Bryan
relocate srtm.cs
add mnt_mode to action tab
add verify command action on action tab
add matlab export
add beta support
modify terminal function
mod + and X images
mod ParameterMetaDataRepository to be a static class
add support for and msi
add "3DR 4in 1 ESC"
remove options from simple pid - now at 3 items.
fix fence breach warning
fix genotp
fix hb sending
rename main exe
migrate all old namespace to new namespace
* Mission Planner 1.2.78
fix stacked windows
* Mission Planner 1.2.77
fix log download
modify custommessagebox to start center of parent
add filebrowse control
add connected status to hud
fix background drawing on myprogressbar
add more info to exception errors
remove arduheli refrences
fix hudcolor loading
fix restart mission. now sends wp 0
fix 127 ft radius correctly
fix negative areas
add wizard icon to help screen
add all new frame refrences
fix missing dlls' in msi
fix messages sticking in hud
add genotp
* Mission Planner 1.2.76
fix arducopter pid screen when locals is using , vs .
fix div by 0 in hud
fix guage custom color exception
fix 127 ft radius limit
increare log read buffer size
fix for bad gps lines in logs
* Mission Planner 1.2.75
speed tuning.
fix ch3out when not connected
fix dont let current be negative
support andropilot logs (253 sysid)
change gmapmaker to cache icon
fix utmzone calc. (was central meridian, not zone)
resize some images.
add utm and mgrs to mouse movement.
fix sort on grad click
recalc grad more often.
add utm grid to FP screen.
fix declination handeling.
add overstats, and session stats
support fmuv2 uploading
add geoutility external lib
add new coords display in FD
hud performance tweak
mainswitcher input validation
tweak mybutton colors
add new myprogressbar
map marker performance tweak
fix getlongest side in survey interface
zedgraph symbol performance tweak
split the deg, min in compass
add rc9 to gimbal screen
raw param performance tweak
anable/disable disconnect button in terminal
add map to logbrowser
* Mission Planner 1.2.74
more Grid/Survey WIP
fix close issue on mono
implement MagFitRotation from tridge
add predefined camera list
update MP update location
fix some internal exeptions
fix time/mode display issue
add realtime to mavlog browser
add units to GeoFence screen
fix some mono speed issues in progressbars
fix exceptions in hud
add dispose to MainSwitcher
add ability to draw polygon fills back to
fix servooption error when its been renamed.
fix missing updater.exe file
update arduplane pid screen
add follow path control (rover)
* Mission Planner 1.2.73
remove DO_SET_PARAMETER - has never worked
add connect event
add plugin shutdown on exit
add highlighting selected item on main menu
add armed filter to disttraveled
add wizard quickconnect
add auto disarm to wizard verify
add better error handling to log browse time errors
fix roi display in FP
add more units to area calc
add "Help" screen
fix custom firmware status
add find to standard and advanced param list.
more work on new gridv2 + camera intergration
wip on stats plugin.
* Mission Planner 1.2.72
menu structure change. since it missed .71
support new 3dr radio message
add find to full param list
fix poosible memory issue in mylabel
add support for diffrent overshoot at each end of a grid
fix messuresting bug with languages with unicode characters.
add rename support to the servo tab. (right click.)
* Mission Planner 1.2.71
update wizard accel images to iris
ensure wizard mag calib works, req streams and mag enable
identify arduheli
more plugin interface options
fix mavlink read packet exception. (bad packet id)
add time to log browse
tweak hil interface (wip)
rearrange menu
new grid testing
add rtl_alt to fence
* Mission Planner 1.2.70
add larger deadzone on map interface.
convert Measuretext to more efficent cached method
add new Grid project / plugin wip
Refactor Utilities to seperate DLL
convert zedgraph to new cached measuretext
convert old fw history to nice names (github only)
remove centimeter to m scaling on standard and adv screens.
refactor bindingsources on flight data. mac issue.
remove setting rtl_alt from FP page
add takeoff command default alt
extract out Update library
prep for new px4 reboot method
fix wp list in log kml files
fix log issue
add mode drawing to log browse
change tlog writing from binarywriter to bufferedstream
update mavlink definitions from upstream
change plugin from interface to class
change msi to install into new directory
add battery_usedmah estimate
change home and trackerlocation to public
add saving of raw data from gps while using followme mode
* Mission Planner 1.2.69
add png support to direct image injection
add analytics
fix plane accel calib
fix help screen
* Mission Planner 1.2.68
add vario support.
add better wms support, as per kogan's mod
add camera planner - bbasso
add more plugin interfaces
add change log to help screen
add change log to update dialog
add firmware screen when connected.
add old accel calib to plane config.
migrate fw screen to new fw class
add support for more graphs, 5 to 10
add custommessagebox link support
* Mission Planner 1.2.67
fix georegimage bug
wizard fixs
new plugintest project
fix binary log , vs .
fix kml overlay
wiki link on fs page
* Mission Planner 1.2.66
relocate serial/tcp/udp comms to external dll
try fix serialstream.disposed error
more plugin system mods
fix tlog kml generation
more wizard wip
new drivers
fix core mavlink getparam index
fix logbrowse exception
fix tlog kmls, always alt asl
change firmware screen images
change autoscalemode on custommessagebox (125% fonts)
add excveption handleing to mavlinkcombobox
* Mission Planner 1.2.65
custom firmware load fix
refresh on disconnect
px4fmu updates
px4uploader update
add H, Y6, tri, Heli to frame setup
* Mission Planner 1.2.64
rename hardware and software config
change fw screen loading
wizard wip
* Mission Planner 1.2.63
relocate controls to external dll
change mp icon
add backup metadatafile
fix altmsl unit scaling
more wizard wip
fix gpx time
fix AP accel
added ctl + left click = guided mode wp
move heli screen to software tab
rename adv param list to full param list
* Mission Planner 1.2.62
fix hud
revert fw history
mod plane accell calib
fix log playback speed
* Mission Planner 1.2.61
Wizard WIP
relocate native methods
add support for russian hud. - no option to change this yet.
failsafe options fixed.
remove history from FW screen - will add back in time.
reduce osd request rates
make do_set_roi work
add more script support (thanks wd40bomber7)
add left/right support in log browse
remove dark colors from tlog viewer
add error message about extracting wp's from tlog when there are none.
add GetParameterOptions to param metastore
add update rate to follow me
fix georef agl vs asl issue = always asl
fix no data warning endless loop.
tweak osdvideo - cant be on FD screen
* Mission Planner 1.2.60
More Wizard (excluded atm - wip)
add altasl to status tab (altitude above sea level)
update ac simple pids yaw
add row numbers to log filter view
fix hud hideing under mono
mod quickview layout
mod log playback speed
add message about compass calib after FW
new control gradientbg, progressstep, radialgradientbg, picturemouseover
* Mission Planner 1.2.59
fix terminal exception
add back loiter_unlim to copter
more debug for usb device add and remove
modify to use relative alt. for ap
remove eto dependancys
change log screen, for ap type selction
change some timeing in flightdata
change dist traveled on log playback skip
add better saving of wp_rad and default alt to FP page
more terminal tweaks for px4
* Mission Planner 1.2.58
add more python internal support - guided mode/wp's
remove disconnect on terminal click
test no memory cache on FD
fix wprad and default alt on FP load, and save
remove old waypoint writer support
change the way terminal resets the apm and connects.
fix google map loading issue
* Mission Planner 1.2.57
fix small screen res
fix cli
add more python script ability
fix battery percent quick view
* Mission Planner 1.2.56
fix param list memory usage
generate mode list to param data
generate ch6,7,8 list from param data
fix Reboot command
move flight modes screen to software
make compass calib nicer
fix simple pid screen
change autoscalemode, for people that have 125% font size
fix rangecontrol, memory hog
* Mission Planner 1.2.55
Fix arduplane software screen.
fix new basic pids redraw
* Mission Planner 1.2.54
add new AC pids
modify theme
update 3dr radio for new rfd's
fix a few exceptions
modify range control
* Mission Planner 1.2.53
confirm nmea line endings
fix timeinair reset on connect
seperate out mini http server
add more fw history
modify arducopter config screen
add better cancel checking in input dialogs
update battery monitoring screen
fix arm/disarm speech option
fix ac fence option on load
tweaks to make it easyer to compile
* Mission Planner 1.2.52
revert to vfr_hud.alt
add prearm warning text
* Mission Planner 1.2.51
update hil
add missing baud rates
NMEA output milliseconds
fix georef
add sonar range to status screen
fix grid/feet issue
cleanup old mavlink code
* Mission Planner 1.2.50
fix AR modes on hud
add binary log fw ap id
fix kml generatio non new logs
add bin to log
add splitter to log browse
add support for ac 3.0+ accel calib
* Mission Planner 1.2.49
change update location
update georefpage
add compass rotation
update ac geofence
add refresh part.
* Mission Planner 1.2.48
modify accel calib
mono ssl fix
add ch6_ dec
better amazon error handling
add AC_Fence
add 3dr radio check on tracker scan
* Mission Planner 1.2.47
add RPY to nmea output as $GPRPY
update current state for all mavs connected
update wix gerneration for rsync uploads and google code
swarm fixs, new status box's
add droneshare tlog upload support
use new firmware APMVERSION: tags
xplane hil, go back to xplane accel data
add aerosim sitl support
speedup friendly config a little
* Mission Planner 1.2.46
add binary log support
add new self describing log format
disable dtr when using px4
fix failsafe screen
fix AC accel calib
mag calib is no 60 seconds from 30
firmware > add latest fw
remember last lat,lng,alt for main map.
fix swarm initial location
* Mission Planner 1.2.45
px4 inf mod
firmware screen mod
beta fw now from
add l1 to arduplane config
swarm - setup relative to master based on gps coords
dataflashlog update
restore dtr on connect
add control-s to many config forms
* Mission Planner 1.2.44
disable dtr on connect
px4 uploader mods
px4 upload progress
* Mission Planner 1.2.43
fix advanced param issue.
mod px4 driver
allow multiple simulator instances
gather param types