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ABasm is an Arduboy game that lets you program your own Arduboy games, on your Arduboy! It uses an assembly language-style of programming with its own bytecode format.


To quickly get up and running, hold left on boot to load up the example program. From there you can use the D-Pad to select an opcode. Hold A and press Up or Down to change a parameter. Hold B to open the menu bar, and release B to choose an option.


Makin' games for the Arduboy, on the Arduboy! #gamedev #assembly #virtualmachine

— fuopy (@fuopy) June 22, 2016
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  • Download the Souce Code ZIP from GitHub
  • Rename the extracted "ABasm-master" folder to "ABasm"
  • Open ABasm.ino with Arduino IDE 1.6.12+
  • Click the upload button to install to your Arduboy


  • The cursor position in the menubar is stored. This is useful for repeating an operation, such as Delete+MoveJumps
  • Hold LEFT on boot to load the default program
  • Hold DOWN on boot to start with an empty program

Developer's Notice

I have released this under the label "Developer Preview 1." As a hobby, I've been working on figuring out different ways of describing the types of games I'd like to make. This was created in an attempt to capture something I really want to see more of-- portable game development. While I'm pretty happy to share this project with everyone, I know I need to do many more redesigns before I can be satisfied. Either way, I hope you enjoy it! I'd love to hear feedback from anyone attempting to create something with it. And I definitely want to hear any sort of criticism about the bytecode format (or anything else you see!)


Program the Arduboy on the Arduboy



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