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Android Malware Sandbox
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Android Malware Sandbox

This project aim to provide a simple configurable and modulable sandbox for quickly sandbox known or unknown families of Android Malware.


An emulator created with AVD would be the best, I personnaly use an AVD emulator with Android 7.0 without Google Apis and Arch:x86_64.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
sudo npm install -g frida-compile
npm install

Usage :

python3 <file(s) to analyse>

How it works

This sandbox is tested on Android 7 emulator.

It will spawn an emulator and then install the necessary to use Frida, then spawn a Mitmproxy install and install it's certificate. Then it will install all the applications one by one and log all their behaviours ( depending on your config ).

To configure your analysis, the config file is located in config/config.ini


You can easily add a plugin in plugins folder to automatically hook calls, and then save them to the database

TODO(s) :

  • Improve reports
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