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Gubbins serial number generator & validator
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LICENSE Update README Oct 8, 2019


Serial number generator/validator

A simple but powerful serial number generator and validator written in Python. Given a Prefix and a 32-bit ID, produces a Serial. Given a valid Serial, returns the Prefix and 32-bit ID. Optionally takes Additional Data.

from gubbins import Gubbins

for i in range(10):
	serial = Gubbins.generate("AX", i)
	prefix, id = Gubbins.validate(serial)
	assert prefix.lower() == "AX".lower()
	assert id == i
	print(i, serial)

or via the command-line,

gubbins 1-10 --solo --prefix AX | ungubbins

Gubbins has several interesting features. A Gubbins Serial

  • is human-friendly,
  • ignores case,
  • fixes up typos,
  • can be reversed,
  • contains a checksum,
  • avoids collisions, &
  • attempts to prevent enumeration.

Modifying any of Prefix, ID, or Additional Data results in a different Serial.

Gubbins uses a lightly modified z-base-32 alphabet, with the letters AJNRTUV canonically upper-case and all other letters lower-case. The validator will automatically fix up typos related to oO0, iIlL1, & zZ2.

For best results,

  • a Prefix can not contain the characters -oOiIlLzZ,
  • IDs should not be sequential, &
  • Additional Data may depend on the Prefix but must not be derived from it.

Note: we make no security claims about Gubbins. YMMV


License: MIT

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