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  AIP: 11
  Title: Upgrade of Transaction Protocol
  Authors: François-Xavier Thoorens, dafty
  Status: Draft
  Type: Standards Track
  Created: 2017-09-25
  Last Update: 2019-09-15

Ark Improvement Proposals


In order to move forward with the ARK blockchain for future evolution, the transaction protocol needs to be upgraded. Comment thread:


The current status of protocol has several limitations that prevent from future development of services as envisioned on the roadmap:

  • impossibility to have cost efficient deserialisation, preventing from scalability of the network
  • retention-replay attack: a third party can prevent transaction from hitting blockchain inducing the transaction author to create a new transaction. However the transaction is still valid and could be included in the blockchain whenever in the future
  • impossible to upgrade transactions without hard fork / no support for private transactions
  • impossible to scale fees following the market price


  • Fast serialisation and deserialisation
  • Lay groundwork for future upgrade without the need of a fork
  • Able to validate custom private transactions
  • Prevent “retention-replay” attack scheme


All numeric values are stored in unsigned little-endian form.

The preferred signature scheme will be Schnorr. Schnorr signatures are fixed 64 bytes long while ECDSA signatures vary between 70-72 bytes. The latter will still be supported just fine, although discouraged.

General form (total header size excluding vendorfield: 59 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
header 1 0xff
version 1 0x02
network 1 0x17
typeGroup 4 0x01
type 2 0x00
nonce 8 0x00293fa0
sender public key 33 0x025f81956d5826bad7d30daed2b5c8c98e72046c1ec8323da336445476183fb7ca
fee 8 0x00000000000e7468
vendorfield length 1 0x0e
vendorfield 0-255 0x7468697320697320612074657374
asset variable see details below

Version 0x01 is used for the legacy V1 signature format. Starting at 0x02 all transactions will follow the new signature format and the transaction timestamp will be replaced by a nonce.

Type & TypeGroup

See AIP29


A monotonically increasing number derived from the sender wallet.


The asset is defined according to the type of the transaction. This may be changed with a version change in the future.

Type 0 (transfer, 33bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
amount 8 0x8096980000000000
expiration 4 0x04000000 (0x00000000 = no expiration)
recipient address 21 0x171dfc69b54c7fe901e91d5a9ab78388645e2427ea

Expiration is the blockchain height at or after which the transaction cannot be included in a block. In other words, if the block height is equal or bigger than the transaction expiration, the transaction is invalid.

Type 1 (second signature registration, 33 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
public key of second signature 33 0x025f81956d5826bad7d30daed2b5c8c98e72046c1ec8323da336445476183fb7ca

Type 2 (delegate registration, 1 + 3-20 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
length 1 0x10 (minimum 0x03, maximum 0x14)
username (utf8) 3-20 0x6669786372797074

Type 3 (vote, 34 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
vote 34 0x0103a02b9d5fdd1307c2ee4652ba54d492d1fd11a7d1bb3f3a44c4a05e79f19de933000380728436880a0a11eadf608c4d4e7f793719e044ee5151074a5f2d5d43cb9066

A Vote consists of:

  • Vote flag (0x01 if vote, 0x00 if unvote)
  • Public key of the delegate

Type 4 (multisignature registration, 1 + 33N bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
min participants 1 0x02 (minimum 0x01, maximum 0x10)
public keys 33*N 0x03a02b9d5fdd1307c2ee4652ba54d492d1fd11a7d1bb3f3a44c4a05e79f19de9330380728436880a0a11eadf608c4d4e7f793719e044ee5151074a5f2d5d43cb906603a02b9d5fdd1307c2ee4652ba54d492d1fd11a7d1bb3f3a44c4a05e79f19de933

Public keys is the concatenation of the public key of all participants of the multi signature wallet. Limited to a maximum of 16 participants for now.

Also see AIP18

Type 5 (IPFS, 0-255 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
dag 0-255 0x6669786372797074

Type 6 (multipayment, 2-1900544 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
N payments 2 0x0021
amount1 8 0x8096980000000000
address1 21 DFJ5Z51F1euNNdRUQJKQVdG4h495LZkc6T
... ... ...
amountN 8 0x8096980000000000
addressN 21 DFJ5Z51F1euNNdRUQJKQVdG4h495LZkc6T
  • N > 1 (ideally fees should be higher than type 0 if N < 2)
  • Maximum of possible payments per transaction: 2^16 or 65536. Initially capped to 500 for performance reasons.

Type 7 (delegate resignation)

Description Size (bytes) Example
No payload 0 .

The sender must be a delegate. Once forged the delegate is irreversibly deactivated:

  • no longer possible to vote for this delegate
  • no longer treated as an active delegates, regardless of vote balance

Type 8 (htlc lock 66 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
amount 8 0x8096980000000000
secretHash 32 0x0f128d401958b1b30ad0d10406f47f9489321017b4614e6cb993fc63913c5454
expirationType 1 0x01(network epoch timestamp), 0x02 (block height)
expirationValue 4 0x80969800
recipient 21 DFJ5Z51F1euNNdRUQJKQVdG4h495LZkc6T

Also see AIP102

Type 9 (htlc claim 64 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
lockTransactionId 32 0x025f81956d5826bad7d30daed2b5c8c98e72046c1ec8323da336445476183fb7
unlockSecret 32 0x025f81956d5826bad7d30daed2b5c8c98e72046c1ec8323da336445476183fb7

Also see AIP102

Type 10 (htlc refund 32 bytes)

Description Size (bytes) Example
lockTransactionId 8 0x025f81956d5826bad7d30daed2b5c8c98e72046c1ec8323da336445476183fb7

Also see AIP102

Dynamic Fees calculation

see AIP-16 for more detailed information.

A new process will be used where the fee is related to:

  • Type of the transaction
  • Size of the serialised transaction

The calculation formula is Fee = (T+S) * C

  • T: minimum offset byte depending on transaction type, defined by the network (byte)
  • S: size of the serialised transaction (byte)
  • C: constant (Ark/byte) defined by the delegate including the transaction in his forged block

For instance, for transfer we could have T = 0 byte, C = 0.0001 Ark/byte. For a classic transfer transaction with empty VendorField S = 80 bytes, hence the fee is 0.008 Ark.

For a vote we could have T = 100 bytes, C=0.0001 Ark/byte, S = 82 bytes, fee = 0.0182 Ark

T is here to account for extra processing power to process special transaction whose transfer value is null, and thus reducing economic interest to spam the network.