Launcher for Zelda Classic.
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ZLaunch (or ZCLaunch, ZCL) is an open source launcher programme designed to run the Zelda Classic
suite of programmes: Zelda Classic, ZQuest (quest editor), and ROMView (graphics extractor for
NES/FC and SNES/SFC games).

It is designed to set the various configuration properties of each programme, that are normally
set in the 'ag.cfg' (Allegro 4 config) file, using a graphical user interface for Windows and Linux
systems. No MacOS X version of ZCL has been released to date. 

The utility itself is coded in FreePascal, and was designed in the Lazarus IDE.

Binaries for release are compressed with UPX.

Please also see the Zelda Classic open source project at:
...for more information on Zelda Classic, ZQuest, and ROMView.

ZCL was originally programmed by Deviance on AGN, and has been released under the GPL v3 license.