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End-to-end Parser for Eastern Armenian

This repository contains necessary tools to parse raw Eastern Armenian text. It has a script,, which takes raw text as an input and produces a CoNLL-U file with lemmas, morphological features, part-of-speech tags and dependency trees.

  • The parser segments the text into sentences and tokenizes them using ArmTreeBank's Tokenizer module.
  • Lemmatization, POS tagging and dependency parsing is performed by a neural network called COMBO, which is developed and open-sourced by Piotr Rybak and Alina Wroblewska from Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. If you use this network, please cite their paper.
  • We have trained COMBO on the training set of the ArmTDP treebank from UD v2.3.
  • The accuracy of the parser is far from perfect. It has been trained only on ~500 sentences. The table below shows the accuracy on the test set of the same treebank.
Metric Accuracy
Lemmatization 88.05%
Part-of-speech tagging 85.07%
Morphological features 70.21%
Dependency parsing (Labelled attachment score) 55.25%

Visualization of the current parser

The model is hosted on DigitalOcean:

alt text

Instructions (for End to end parsing)

  • Make sure you have all the requirements installed
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Clone the repo (to get the submodules don't forget to include the --recursive flag)
git clone --recursive
  • Run the following command to get the .conllu file with predictions for every sentence of the input
python3 --model_path path_to_model.pkl --input_path sample.txt --output_path sample.conllu

Instructions (for COMBO training)

python3 -m src.main --mode autotrain --train train_data_path.conllu --valid valid_data_path.conllu --model model.pkl --force_trees


This project is supported by ANSEF grant Lingu-5008 and ISTC Research Grant.


End-to-end Parser for Eastern Armenian (tokenization, lemmatization, POS tagging, dependency parsing)







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