A voxel game prototype made with Unity
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This is a voxel based game I've started a while ago. It implements:

I have also implemented infinite terrain generation using some different noises, but it is in another project. I could add it here if someone needs it.

Image of Warfest 1 Image of Warfest 2 Image of Warfest 3 Image of Warfest 4 Image of Warfest 5

A Youtube video: Warfest dev 1


  • WASD: to move
  • Left click: to add a block
  • Right click: to remove a block
  • I: to open the inventory

If the cursor doesn't lock in the screen, open and close the inventory.

I suggest you to open the scene Scene-01.


If you have any question on this project or on how to make a voxel engine, or you want to make projects with me or you just want to talk to me, please contact me: