Means (HW + SW) for testing Naveol "Nav429" ARINC 429 Arduino Shield
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NAV429 Tester

Nav429 from Naveol is a shield that brings ARINC429 connectivity to arduino boards. It offers 2 x A429 inputs, 1 x A429 output and an RS422 RX/TX. Optionally it can be fitted with a DC/DC converter that permits to power both Nav429 and its host CoM (computer on module) from the 28V power network of an aircraft.

This repository contains all HW + SW, as well as their description, necessary to perform a self-test of Naveol Arduino Shield Nav429. The material provided here can also be used as the kickoff of any Nav429-based new project.

The 3D view:

A picture of the bare board as delivered by Naveol:

The same after installation of the Gaïa power supply module:

Supported boards

arduino UNO

nucleo (F746 & F767 tested)