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Artemis Plugins

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Repository containing official Artemis plugins


Note: These plugins are provided in a pre-release state. The installation process will eventually be automated through the workshop They are also included in the pre-release builds of Artemis found over at the main repository.

  1. Find the latest succesful build here and open the build artifact by clicking on 1 published
  2. Download the Artifacts you'd like. Each Artifact contains one plugin
  3. Extract the Artifact into its own folder at %ProgramData%\Artemis\plugins
  4. If already running, restart Artemis

If you run into any issues please let us know on Discord.

Plugin development

While Artemis 2 is still in development, the plugin API is pretty far along.
To get started, you can download the Visual Studio extension in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

This extension provides you with interactive template projects for each type of Artemis 2 plugin. To use the templates you must have Artemis 2 extracted somewhere on your drive. The plugin wizard will ask you to locate the exectuable in order to setup all the required project references for you.

Due to the volatine nature of the project right now, there is no documentation yet. The templates provide some commentary to get you going and feel free to ask for more help in Discord.

Want to build? Follow these instructions

  1. Create a central folder like C:\Repos
  2. Clone Artemis into <central folder>\Artemis
  3. Open <central folder>\Artemis\src\Artemis.sln and build with the default config
  4. Clone Artemis.Plugins into <central folder>\Artemis.Plugins
  5. Open <central folder>\Artemis.Plugins\src\Artemis.Plugins.sln and build with the default config


Repository containing official Artemis plugins








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