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HTML Renderer Build status

Help Wanted

  • Looking for a contributor(s) to take this project forward as I'm unable to continue supporting it.
  • Contribute directly to the repository and update nuget packages.

Documentation, Discussion and Issue tracking is on CodePlex.

Cross framework (WinForms/WPF/PDF/Metro/Mono/etc.), Multipurpose (UI Controls / Image generation / PDF generation / etc.), 100% managed (C#), High performance HTML Rendering library.

The library is 100% managed C# code without any external dependencies (no WebBrowser control, ActiveX / COM or MSHTML dll), the only requirement is .NET 2.0 or higher.

Download the Demo application to explore HTML Renderer capabilities.


Features and Benefits

  • Extensive HTML 4.01 and CSS level 2 specifications support.
  • Support separating CSS from HTML by loading stylesheet code separately.
  • Support text selection, copy-paste and context menu.
  • WinForms controls: HtmlPanel, HtmlLabel and HtmlToolTip.
  • WPF controls: HtmlPanel and HtmlLabel.
  • Works on Mono.
  • Create images/PDFs from HTML snippets.
  • Handles "real world" malformed HTML, it doesn't have to be XHTML.
  • 100% managed code and no external dependencies.
  • Supports .NET 2.0 or higher including Client Profile.
  • Lightweight, just two DLLs (~300K).
  • High performance and low memory footprint.
  • Extendable and configurable.
  • Powerful Demo application to explore and learn the library.

WinForms/WPF controls

  • HtmlPanel - The full power of HTML control build to replace WebBrowser control, accepts HTML, text selection, scrollbars, link click intercept, image load intercept and much more.
  • HtmlLabel - As WinForms label but accepts HTML, text selection, auto-size capabilities, transparent background and more.
  • HtmlToolTip - As WinForms ToolTip control but accepts HTML and ability to handle links (WinForms only).

Sample application's

  • Render HTML content generated by rich web editors like forums, blogs, etc.
  • Render Office documents converted to HTML.
  • Create WinForms UI that requires text selection with clipboard support.
  • Create images from HTML code snippets.
  • Create PDF document from HTML code snippets.

NuGet packages

HTML Renderer on my blog

TheArtOfDev / HTML Renderer


Cross framework (WinForms/WPF/PDF/Metro/Mono/etc.), Multipurpose (UI Controls / Image generation / PDF generation / etc.), 100% managed (C#), High performance HTML Rendering library.







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