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lychee.js (2016-Q2)

brought to you as libre software with joy and pride by Artificial Engineering.

Support our libre Bot Cloud via BTC 1CamMuvrFU1QAMebPoDsL3JrioVDoxezY2.

Work-in-Progress (aka alpha)

These are the things that we are currently working on:

  • The lychee.js Editor is currently being refactored until the 2016-Q3 release.
  • The lychee.js Guide is subject to change (to integrate the Editor).
  • The lychee.js Strainer is being refactored until the 2016-Q4 release.
  • The lychee.js CARTEL (AI implementation) is being refactored until the 2016-Q4 release.


The lychee.js Project started in 2012 and is in active development. The following Repositories are related to the lychee.js Engine:

The following Accounts are related to the lychee.js Engine:

lychee.js is a Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine that offers a complete solution for prototyping, development, maintenance and deployment of applications. The underlying technology stack does not matter (HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL, OpenGLES, libSDL) and is completely automated behind the scenes.


The lychee.js Engine aims to deliver Total Automation through Artificial Intelligence and better Software Architecture.

Here is a selected subset of Features that the lychee.js Engine already covers and delivers. Everything listed here requires zero lines of code overhead and is already fully integrated in the lychee.js Boilerplate:

  • Isomorphic Application Engine (runs pretty much everywhere)
  • Language is only ES5/ES6 JavaScript Code, nothing else
  • Automated Code Refactoring, Bug Fixing and Code Improvements
  • Automated Design Tracking, Layout and Flow Optimization
  • Automated Packaging for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Desktop and Server Apps
  • Automated Deployment via git and Live-Updates
  • Automated Reactive/Responsive UI/UX Components
  • Automated Debugging, Network and UI/UX Flow Analysis
  • Automated Testing and Integration with the AI
  • Automated Networking (Peer-to-Peer HTTP1.1/2.0 and WS13 with Local/Global Discovery)
  • Automated Network Services and Traffic Balancing/Sharding
  • Graphical Editor and Project Management Tool (Ranger)
  • Command-Line Wizard for Projects and Libraries (Breeder)
  • Command-Line Fuzz-Tester and Code-Refactorer (Strainer)
  • Built-In Offline Storage Management and Synchronization


Every (not sandboxed) lychee.js Harvester is connected to the lychee.js Peer Cloud and is contributing to the evolutionary AI's knowledge and improves its capabilities for all others.

The lychee.js Engine uses CARTEL/ES-HyperNEAT as an evolutionary AI that is connected to a Botnet of lychee.js Harvesters. Each and every Definition written in lychee.js contributes to the AI so that it can predict, suggest and improve all other Projects.

The development process is optimized for Blink-based web browsers (Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera) and their developer tools. We honestly recommend NOT using Firefox due to lack of developer and debugging tools nor has it any remote debugging protocol.

We ain't doing HTML5 websites or single-page-webapps here. This is an isomorphic application engine, not a framework.

Platform / Fertilizer Support

The target platforms are described as so-called Fertilizers. Those Fertilizers cross-compile everything automagically using a serialized lychee.Environment that is setup in each project's or library's lychee.pkg file.

Target Fertilizer Package armv7 x86 x86_64
Browser html zip, html x x x
GNU/Linux html-nwjs, node, node-sdl bin x x x
OSX html-nwjs, node, node-sdl app, bin x
Windows html-nwjs, node, node-sdl exe x x
Android html-webview, node, node-sdl apk, bin x x x
BlackberryOS html-webview, node, node-sdl apk, bin x x x
FirefoxOS html-webview zip x x x
iOS html x
Ubuntu Touch html-webview, node deb, bin x x x

The iOS Fertilizer has currently no support for cross-compilation due to XCode's gcc limitations. You can still create an own WebView iOS App and use the html platform adapter.


This is the directly-it-works-failsafe guide of how to install the lychee.js Engine. For everything related to Bundles, Dev Ops, Security, Deployments and Virtualization - please consult the lychee.js Guide.


1) Installation

The Net Installer automatically installs the lychee.js Engine on any UNIX-compatible machine (arm, x86 or amd64). The only requirements beforehand are working bash, curl and git.


  • OSX requires brew installed beforehand.
  • BSD requires pkg installed beforehand.
# Install lychee.js Engine into /opt/lycheejs
sudo bash -c "$(curl -fsSL";

2) Bootup

The lycheejs-harvester integrates all projects with the Software Bots. Start the development profile and open http://localhost:8080 in your Blink-based Browser.

cd /opt/lycheejs;

# Bootup lychee.js Harvester
lycheejs-harvester start development;

Developer Guide

The lychee.js Guide tries to help developers to get started as easy as possible. Please let us know if we can improve anything in these documents by opening up an Issue.

Contributor Guide


lychee.js is (c) 2012-2016 Artificial-Engineering and released under MIT / Expat license. The projects and demos are licensed under CC0 (public domain) license. The runtimes are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners and may be shipped under a different license.

For further details take a look at the LICENSE.txt file.