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A scaffolded Template for UniversalDashboard Projects
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A scaffolded Template for UniversalDashboard Projects

To create a new project:

Run the included script with a single parameter New-UDProject.ps1 -ProjectName 'myProject'


This script does the following:

  • sets a module for the project that automatically sources .ps1 files in the src folder

  • Sources each theme defined in /themes as a usable theme in New-UDDashboard -Theme $myTheme. A theme is included as an example and is enabled by default.

  • Initializes and sources all functions defined by the root module, which in turn sources all functions in /src. This means any *.ps1 files in /src automatically are availabe in all runspaces.

  • Creates a page for each page.ps1 found in /pages. A home page is included by default.

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