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JavaScript CMS using popular BaaS providers as a backend (currently only supports

Copyright (c) 2014 Artod

MIT License.


You can see the Admin Panel for the BaasCMS Demo App with the keys below:

  • Application ID: nM7P7NnFA95CK1WrqWOf9wa3mskctaTOdk9vYflj
  • Javascript Key: 0zHfA9FG8L1xR699qmFXjxkZ1pDxgml0MWZMpqJG

Quick Start Guide

Start working with BaasCMS ( version) by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Create a new app.
  3. Copy Application ID and Javascript Key of your app and paste them into the appropriate form on the BaasCMS Admin Panel.

After that, you can work with the Admin Panel. Build structure of your future web app by creating new patterns and new categories.

Each category has the property Pattern name with list of the created patterns. Specifying Pattern name will allow you to add items with custom fields.

Use the sample baascms.parse.html to start customizing the front-face of your app:

  1. Create a new file in an editor and paste contents of the file baascms.parse.html.
  2. Find the line with Parse.initialize('YOUR-APPLICATION-ID-HERE', 'YOUR-JAVASCRIPT-KEY-HERE'); and specify your Application ID and Javascript Key.
  3. Save the file (i.e., as my-baascms-fronface.html) and upload it to your hosting account.

If you do not have a hosting, you can use GitHub Pages or Tumblr or any other suitable services.

Tumblr as a hosting for your app:

  1. Sign up for Tumblr or just create a new blog.
  2. Go to the dashboard and click the link castomize on the right sidebar.
  3. Click the link Edit HTML on the left sidebar.
  4. In the sidebar that appears, remove all and paste contents of your file my-baascms-fronface.html.
  5. Update preview and Save.
  6. Go to your tumblr blog at {YOUR-BLOG-NAME}



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