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# The configuration service manages the script configuration and is the basic
# way for the script to initialize its state.
# * It starts with going to a particular task in Asana. This task is the root
# of the configuration tree and is looked for to bootstrap the app.
# * The project is then looked for for a configuration task. (*How#
# * If none is found, a task will be created with the default configuration (or
# maybe a cached one from a previous run) and a task with a link assigned to
# the project owner (so basically effectively just an Inbox message) to inform
# them that the workflow has been bootstrapped and the task should be filed
# in some appropriate place.
# * The configuration is then read from the configuration task into a tree
# structure.
# * The configuration is compared to the default tree and overlaid/validated
# for keys. If the validation fails, the project owner (and maybe followed by
# the app authorizer) get an incomplete task telling them that there is a
# non-recoverable difference in config between Asana's configuration state and
# the in-script default config.
# * Command line switches are honored. These take a command line argument, map
# it to a JSON path, map the command line key to a json key, and apply it to
# the config.
# The config is now set.
import os
import datetime
import logging
import sys
import traceback
import yaml
from collections import OrderedDict
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def represent_odict(dump, tag, mapping, flow_style=None):
"""Taken from
OrderedDict doesn't get dumped by default, but we want to
preserve the order, so we have to add another representer
to PyYAML to achieve this.
value = []
node = yaml.MappingNode(tag, value, flow_style=flow_style)
if dump.alias_key is not None:
dump.represented_objects[dump.alias_key] = node
best_style = True
if hasattr(mapping, 'items'):
mapping = mapping.items()
for item_key, item_value in mapping:
node_key = dump.represent_data(item_key)
node_value = dump.represent_data(item_value)
if not (isinstance(node_key, yaml.ScalarNode) and not
best_style = False
if not (isinstance(node_value, yaml.ScalarNode) and not
best_style = False
value.append((node_key, node_value))
if flow_style is None:
if dump.default_flow_style is not None:
node.flow_style = dump.default_flow_style
node.flow_style = best_style
return node
lambda dumper, value: represent_odict(dumper, u',2002:map', value))
class ConfigurationService(object):
"""Class to manage reading from and writing to the configuration task in Asana.
def __init__(self, runner, config_task_id):
self._runner = runner
self._config_task_id = config_task_id
self._config_task = None
self._config = None
self._ohmega_version = os.popen("git rev-parse HEAD").read().strip()
def config(self):
return self.read_config_from_asana()
def read_config_from_asana(self):
self._config_task = self._get_config_task_from_asana()
if not self._config_task:
logger.warn("Could not get configuration task from Asana with id %s",
self._config = self._read_config_from_task(self._config_task)
self._update_config_task_description()"Successfully parsed configuration")
return self._config
except Exception as ex:
logger.warn("Failed to parse configuration: %s",
return None
def _get_config_task_from_asana(self):
return self._runner.client.tasks.find_by_id(self._config_task_id)
def _update_config_task_description(self, exception=None):
if exception is None:
exception_string = "None"
exception_string = traceback.format_tb(sys.exc_info()[2])
template = """Last run: {datetime}
Any exception? {exception}
Git revision: {revision}
report = template.format(,
revision = self._ohmega_version,
def _read_config_from_task(self, task):
"""Recursively descend through subtasks to build a Python config
structure. This does not use expand, but issues a request per
config_object = OrderedDict()
for subtask in self._runner.client.tasks.subtasks(
if subtask[u'completed'] == True:"Task %s is completed (deactivated); omitting from config",
config = yaml.load(subtask[u'name'])
# If a config is of type "dict", infer it's a leaf node.
if type(config) is dict:
key = config.keys()[0]
value = config.values()[0]
config_object[key] = value
# If a config is of type "string"
if type(config) is str:
key = config
# If it has no subtasks, it's a leaf and the value is
# the description of the task.
if len(subtask[u'subtasks']) == 0:
value = yaml.load(subtask[u'notes'])
config_object[key] = value
# Recurse
sub_config = self._read_config_from_task(subtask)
config_object[key] = sub_config
return config_object
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