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Asch Dapp Helloworld

This repository is a simple hello world Dapp (decentralized application). With this Dapp you can register domains and link IP-Addresses to them. Very much like a basic DNS system.


This repository includes the Backend and the Frontend of the asch-dapp-helloworld. We will learn how to install the backend and the frontend.

register setIp ipList

1 Installation

1.1 Preparation

Please follow the following steps carefully, to register your asch-dapp-helloworld Dapp on your local Asch Blockchain.

1.1.1 Clone asch-dapp-helloworld

Clone this repository:

git clone

1.1.2 Install Asch Blockchain

If you haven't installed the Asch Blockchain, the installation instructions are located here.

After the installation of the Asch Blockchain you should have the following file structure:


1.2 Install Dapp Backend

In order to install your asch-dapp-helloworld Dapp, first install asch-redeploy

npm install --global asch-redeploy

Change directory:

cd asch-dapp-helloworld

Then execute asch-redeploy in the asch-dapp-helloworld folder:

asch-redeploy --output development/src/dappConfig.json

After a few seconds the dapp should be successfully registered on the local Asch Blockchain:


The new <dapp Id> for our Dapp is ed409eda243950a4702c0d4551740301c2e2ae7cf5dc512c03b04d9b2b07ee98
(yours will be different)


1.3 Install Dapp Frontend

In the asch-dapp-helloworld/development folder is the frontend for our Dapp.
Change directory to the development folder.

cd development

Install all dependencies:

npm install

Start the webserver:

npm run dev

Use the Dapp

Open your favourite browser and type http://localhost:8080

For this tutorial we use the following account:

  "secret": "sentence weasel match weather apple onion release keen lens deal fruit matrix",
  "publicKey": "a7cfd49d25ce247568d39b17fca221d9b2ff8402a9f6eb6346d2291a5c81374c",
  "address": "AHMCKebuL2nRYDgszf9J2KjVZzAw95WUyB",

Login with the secret we introduced right above:

Your account:


If something is not working for you post your problem on

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