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Aseman Land

Aseman is a non-profit organization, exists to support and lead the free, open source and cross-platform projects and researches.


  1. Cutegram Public

    Forked from sialan-labs/sigram

    Cutegram is a telegram client by Aseman Land. It's forked from sigram.

    QML 376 61

  2. QtAseman Public

    A set of C++ and QML tools and modules that helps you develop your projects easier and better.

    C++ 113 24

  3. Meikade Public

    Meikade is a poetry application.

    QML 86 13

  4. Tricks Public

    Tricks Social Network cross platforms client written using C++, Qt and Qml.

    C++ 20 3

  5. Most powerfull telegram library that created using C++ and Qt. It's free and opensource and released under the GPLv3 license.

    C++ 46 19

  6. TelegramQML Public

    Telegram API tools for QtQml and Qml. It's based on Cutegram-Core and libqtelegram.

    C++ 55 24


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