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MaVeriCk is a lightweight PHP MVC framework, that comes with the typical features required for small websites:

The features of this framework include:

  • Versatile config across multiple files - so you can split the DB config from your validation error messages, etc.
  • Class autoloading - don't worry about everything being included at the beginning of your code, and load only what you use, including PSR0 classes
  • Versatile routing based on the type of request. You don't want to load in the validator the first time you display a form page, only once it's been submitted, so you can split your GET and POST requests right at the start
  • Route pre-parsing to analyse and modify the URL as required before routing by using extended class methods
  • Powerful DB abstraction layer based loosely on the ActiveRecord pattern - allowing for complicated queries to be built in an object orientated manner, and queries will be properly parameterised
  • Powerful form validation based on arrays of rules, based a little on the concept behind triggering validation rules in Laravel.
  • i18n language culture capabilities so you can implement multiple languages across your application with ease
  • Simple views that you can chain as many extra parameters to as you want
  • A basic templating language that allows extra class methods to be added to extend the parsing functionlity
  • Helper classes for building forms and generating/manipulating images
  • Caching capabilities that can use either APC or file-based caches

Detailed documentation is available in the GitHub wiki for this project