Find valid background / foreground color contrast for accessibility (a11y, WCAG)
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Tool to provide color combination for a good (accessible, WCAG-compliant) contrast.

This helps you in satisfying web accessibility (a11y) tests on contrasts:


Why another contrast tool ?

Just to provide contrast solutions !

All tools just tell you whether the contrast is good or not, which is fine... but insufficient. Webdesigners / webdevelopers need to easily have a good contrast. That's the purpose of


How to build, install and use ? Go to the documentation !


Screenshot - Contrast-Finder v0.3.5

Contact and discussions

We want you! (aka Contribute)

We would be really glad to have you on board! You can help in many ways:

  1. Use Contrast-Finder !
  2. Help translate Contrast-Finder
  3. Give us feedback on the forum or fill in bug report

Pull Requests are always welcome! Everything is summarized in the CONTRIBUTING file.