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htty, but speaking through rack

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htty-rack is an extension to htty that switches the HTTP backend in favour of a Rack application. For that purpose, it also provides a set of commands for controlling which rack application is used etc.


Alpha. No Features guaranteed.


At the moment, this only works with the htty fork found at:

Use rubygems:

$ gem install htty-rack


htty-rack uses a different executable than htty. Start htty-rack using:

$ htty-rack <config-file>

If no config (*.ru) file is given, htty-rack will recursively descend to find a file called “”.


Beyond the examples described on the htty page, htty-rack supports a few other commands:

  • app <app> will change the rack appliation in use. The argument must be a ruby constant.

  • config <file> will load a new rackup file and use the application therein.

  • irb starts irb so that you can manipulate the environment.


  • Nils Jonsson for writing htty and making this project possible

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