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Materials + Stuff for Astro Hack Week 2018
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Astro Hack Week 2018

This repository contains materials and information about Astro Hack Week 2018.


  • Monday: Data Visualization
  • Tuesday: Bayesian Statistics and MCMC
  • Wednesday: Intro to Machine Learning
  • Thursday: Machine Learning and Statistics

Instructions for Pull Requests

Further information on this topic can be found here.

  1. click "fork this repository"
  2. go to the fork of this repository on your github page
  3. clone the repository to your local computer
  4. move to the repository in your terminal
  5. create a new branch by typing "git checkout -b mynewbranch", where "mynewbranch" should be replaced by whatever name you'd like to give this branch
  6. make your changes
  7. commit your changes by typing "git add myfile.dat" (where myfile.dat is the file you just added/changed), followed by "git commit -m 'add a descriptive commit message here'".
  8. type "git push", which will push your changes to your fork of the repository
  9. Navigate to pull requests page of the AHW2018 repo, and click "new pull request"
  10. click the link "Compare across forks"
  11. leave the box "base fork:AstroHackWeek/AstroHack..." as is, but in the box after the arrow, change "head fork: AstroHackWeek:AstroHack..." to "head fork:YourGHUserName:AstroHackWeek2018" and "compare:master" to "compare:mynewbranch"
  12. Write an informative commit message and click "create pull request"
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