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Astro System Requirements Specification.pdf


Current state: software festival demo (boss moved to first level)

A classified military space station has gone dark and the mission is to retrieve information, including the ship’s black box as well as what happened, about why and what they were doing.
Upon investigating, you find that there are weird aliens all over the ship. These aliens manifest themselves as their own entities but also have spores which can control both people and robots. This causes the existence of multiple enemy types: Aliens, infected human crew, infected robot crew, infected ship systems, malfunctioning robots, and more.


○ Strength - Base melee weapon damage and melee accuracy.  
    Governs axes, swords, and maces. 
    A large enough value may be required for some weapons and armor.

○ Dexterity - Base ranged weapon damage and combat mobility. Governs laser weapons. 
    Increases accuracy with all lasers. Increases chance of dodging enemy attacks. 
    A large enough value may be required for some weapons.

○ Intelligence - Base tech usefulness and damage. Governs medkits, flashbangs, and explosives. 
    A large enough value may be  required for certain powerful armor.

○ Vitality - Base health.


The player upon startup can choose between a certain race+class combo, each class has 3 “specialty” tech trees that have powerups, skills, etc. So you pick 1 race, 1 role, and 1 job.

●Human - Base class. Flat starting stats with no innate specialization. Adequate at everything. Gets an edible companion.

●Robot - High starting vitality, strength, and intelligence. Runs on an internal chemical converter that turns human food into a small amount of power. Gets a heavily-armored companion.

●Alien - Low base stats. Can store insane amounts of food to prevent hunger for weeks. Gets a strong beastly companion.

Classes & Subclasses

● Marine - Combat-focused specialties. Has a cheap gun.

○ Infantry - Bonus starting dexterity. 

○ Medic - Bonus starting intelligence and medkits. 

○ Quartermaster - Starts game with 4000 quarters of a Petabitcoin.

● Explorer - Utility-based specialties.

○ Survivalist - Bonus starting vitality. Starts with many flashbangs.

○ Pirate - Ahoy! Ye find more loot when exploring. 

○ Merchant - Very low starting vitality. Starts with many various items. 

● Mercenary- Narrowly-focused classes. Start with grenades.

○ Assassin - High strength, dexterity, and intelligence. Has extremely low vitality. 
    Starts with EMPs.

○ Brute - Insane  bonus starting vitality. 

○ Hacker -  Significant starting bonus intelligence. 
    Has increased dexterity, but has low strength and vitality. 
    Has 100% chance of hacking terminals.