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Atomic Scala Examples

Examples from the book Atomic Scala by Bruce Eckel & Dianne Marsh. Also includes the necessary code to make it work within Typesafe Activator.

When you download this package (see the "download ZIP" button on the right when viewing the page, you'll get a package with a number of directories; the only one you need to follow the book examples is the directory titled "examples." You can ignore the rest of the files and directories, which are used by Typesafe Activator.

(This is for the 2nd edition of the book, but you can still find the examples for Version 1.1 of the book in examples-V1.1).

Move the "examples" directory into your C:\AtomicScala folder.

Within the "examples" directory you will find all the example files from the book, as well as several build scripts (for different platforms and/or shells):

  • Testall.bat for Windows command shell
  • Testall.ps1 for Windows PowerShell
  • for Macintosh and Linux

Full instructions on installation and use are in the book itself.

If you want to use Typesafe Activator instead, simply run the activator shell script (Macintosh & Linux) or the activator.bat batch file (Windows), which you will find in the main directory of the unzipped download.

If you discover problems or errors, please report them to:


Examples from the book "Atomic Scala" 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel & Dianne Marsh




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