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Sweetify - SweetAlert for Rails


This gem allows you to use SweetAlert or SweetAlert2 for your flash messages. See the examples below, to see how to use it


Note: This package does not provide the client-side files of SweetAlert. You have to provide them yourself.

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'sweetify'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Next up, create the file sweetify.rb in your initializers to specify the library you are using (SweetAlert or SweetAlert2):

# possible options: 'sweetalert', 'sweetalert2' - default is 'sweetalert2'
Sweetify.sweetalert_library = 'sweetalert2'

Next add the following line to the bottom of your application's layout file:


<%= render 'sweetify/alert' %>


You have to restart your rails server after installing the gem


You can now easily create alerts in your controllers with any of the following methods provided by Sweetify:

# Base Method, no type specified
sweetalert(text, title = '', opts = {})

# Additional methods with the type already defined
sweetalert_info(text, title = '', opts = {})
sweetalert_success(text, title = '', opts = {})
sweetalert_error(text, title = '', opts = {})
sweetalert_warning(text, title = '', opts = {})

Example Usage

# POST /resource
def create
    sweetalert_success('Your resource is created and available.', 'Successfully created', persistent: 'Awesome!')
    redirect_to resource_path

That would look like this after the redirect:

Example Alert


By default, all alerts will dismiss after a sensible default number of seconds.

Default Options set by Sweetify:

    showConfirmButton: false,
    timer:             2000,
    allowOutsideClick: true,
    confirmButtonText: 'OK'

The following special options provided by Sweetify are available:

# Shows the alert with a button, but will still close automatically
sweetalert('Text', 'Title', button: true)
sweetalert('Text', 'Title', button: 'Awesome!') # Custom text for the button

# Shows the alert with a button and only closes if the button is pressed
sweetalert('Text', 'Title', persistent: true)
sweetalert('Text', 'Title', persistent: 'Awesome!') # Custom text for the button

You also can use any other available option that SweetAlert accepts:

sweetalert_info('Here is a custom image', 'Sweet!', imageUrl: 'images/thumbs-up.jpg', timer: 5000)


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help: