Dark Souls II / Dark Souls III / Bloodborne bdt, bhd, bnd, dcx, tpf, fmg and param unpacking tool
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A Dark Souls II/III bdt, bhd, bnd, dcx and sl2 unpacking tool

Build status

Binaries can be downloaded under releases.

DS III Dictionary Progress

archive found names total names found percentage
data1 2067 2110 97,96%
data2 2140 2140 100,00%
data3 671 673 99,70%
data4 951 951 100,00%
data5 6301 6755 93,28%
dlc1 0 775 0%
dlc2 0 1264 0%
total 12130 14668 82%


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2


BinderTool input_file_path [output_folder_path]

If no output folder path is specified then the files are unpacked in a folder called after the archive that is getting unpacked.


Unpacking an encrypted bdt file. This requires the corresponding .bhd files to be in the same folder.

BinderTool Data1.bdt
BinderTool DLC1.bdt

Unpacking an unencrypted bdt file. This requires the corresponding bhd file to be in the same folder.

BinderTool t10_23_00_00.tpfbdt

Unpacking an encrypted bhd file. This will only work for files with known decryption keys such as Data1.bhd-Data5.bhd.

BinderTool Data1.bhd
BinderTool DLC1.bhd

Unpacking a bnd file

BinderTool c0001.bnd

Unpacking a dcx file

BinderTool 01.febnd.dcx