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A music recognition bot for Discord. Uses the Music Recognition API.

Try it on our server!

Discord bot

How to run it:

  • Get a token from AudD and copy it to the AudDToken in config.json
  • Create an application here:
  • Copy the secret to the DiscordToken in config.json and the Client ID to DiscordAppID in config.json
  • Create a bot
  • Build the binary (e.g. go build -v ./...) or download one compiled by GitHub and run it (e.g., ./discordBot)
  • Open<INSERT CLIENT ID HERE>&permissions=277026819136&scope=bot%20applications.commands and add the bot to a server

Please note that to be able to identify music from messages you replied with "!song" to, the bot needs access to the privelleged Message Content intent.

How to use it

  • To identify a song from an audio/video file or a link, reply to it with !song or or right-click on the message and pick App -> Recognize This Song
  • To recognize music from a voice channel, send !song @mention or /song-vc slash command, mentioning the person who is playing the song (like !song @MusicBot)
  • If you want the bot to listen to a channel so it can immediately recognize the song from the last 15 second of audio, type !listen or use the /listen slash command.

How to use it with the streams

If you have a stream, with this bot you can automatically post all the songs to Discord.

Discord bot

How to run it for streams

The bot prints IDs of all the text channel it has access to when it restarts or is being added to a new server or on the !here command.


AudD music recognition bot for Discord






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