3DS ARM9 code execution at boot
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arm9loaderhax for 3DS

What this is

This is a fork of delebile's A9LH implementation, this exploit is documented here and also presented in this conference, and provides ARM9 code execution directly at boot, exploiting a vulnerability present in the 9.6+ version of the New3DS arm9loader.
The exploit was found by plutoo and yellows8.


It loads an arm9loaderhax.bin (does not init the screens) or arm9loaderhax_si.bin (inits the screens) ARM9 payload from the root of the SD card or CTRNAND at address 0x23F00000.
This means that it offers a BRAHMA-like setup, and as such has compatibility with every payload BRAHMA can run.
You can also run code on the ARM11 by writing its memory address to 0x1FFFFFF8.


This fork is specifically meant to work with Safe A9LH installer.


Compilation needs devkitARM r45.


Copyright 2016, Jason Dellaluce/Aurora Wright

  • Normmatt for sdmmc.c and .h, and also for .ld files and the log from 3dmoo9 that provided some of the information needed to get screen init
  • Christophe Devine for the SHA code
  • Archshift for i2c.c and .h
  • Megazig for crypto.c and .h
  • Patois for original BRAHMA code
  • Smealum, Derrek, Plutoo for publishing the exploit
  • Yellows8 and Plutoo as the for discovering it
  • bilis/b1l1s and dark_samus for the screen init code, and for fixing shutdown when no SD is inserted
  • TuxSH for the screen clearing code and caches code (from Luma3DS)
  • 3dbrew community


This code is licensed under GPLv2 or any later version, refer to the included LICENSE.txt file.