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Ahk2Exe is the official AutoHotkey script to EXE converter, which is written itself in AutoHotkey.

How to Compile

Ahk2Exe must be compiled with itself as it uses compiler directives.

The compilation will also need to use files from a recent AutoHotkey v1.1 self-contained binary, such as an installed version of AutoHotkey.

After unpacking all the source files, run Ahk2Exe.ahk, and drag and drop Ahk2Exe.ahk onto the converter window.

Select a suitable Base file (usually a 32-bit Unicode file) from the recent AutoHotkey download (see above), then press the 'Convert' button.

The resulting Ahk2Exe.exe file should be copied to the Compiler sub-folder under the folder containing AutoHotkey.exe for proper operation.

To do

  • Handle FileInstall on same-line If* commands.